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Positive HPT and symptoms, followed by negative test?

OK, so I had what seemed like an unusually light, early period. Five days early, and light bleeding over 2.5 days. Suspected the possibility of pregnancy, so waited till my period should have been due and took a HPT. Positive. So I'm kind of obsessing. Try another HPT the next day and screwed it up. Waited till today (third day in a row) and tried again. Negative. I'm not bleeding or in any pain, and I'm experiencing a few other issues (sore boobs, exhaustion, constipation, stiff lower back, headaches) known to be common in early pregnancy, as well as increased discharge and greasier skin (stuff I'd expect BEFORE a period, not after bleeding).

I've suspected for years that I might be a naturally low HcG producer; I've never gotten a positive on a home urine test before (multiple brands). I'm in my mid-20s, don't use hormonal birth control and am not on any medications. The odds of this being a false positive are extremely low, I think.

Now for the not-so-great news. I recently finished school and my health insurance lapsed a few months after graduation. I don't have full medical coverage right now, nor do I have a regular doctor (live in a rural area and we go through them like crazy). I'm also out of home tests and disinclined to spend a whole lot on more of them. Right now my thought is to wait it out, skip a second period, then go see the public health nurse for testing and referral if nothing's happened by then.

Most of the posts I've seen describing this type of situation seem to involve chemical pregnancy, with pain and bleeding. At the moment, I'm treating this as a real pregnancy (not drinking, cutting caffeine, etc.) How concerned should I be about that second test result?

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I don't think you should wait if u can't get in to a doctor go to the ER!!! You need blood work so u know if u are or not.
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I know this can be a red flag for ectopic pregnancy so am keeping an eye on it. Will definitely go to clinic if any unwarranted pain or bleeding/clots develop.

The biggest problem at the moment is that my guy refuses to take this seriously. He seems to think that because I'm not vomiting into the toilet bowl every morning yet (despite my legendary iron stomach), that nothing's amiss. He also won't let me talk to anyone, so I have zero support right now.

What's the likelihood of chemical pregnancy/miscarriage here? Can anyone share whether they had a similar testing experience and ended up A.)  pregnant and B.) had a healthy child?

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I would start prenatal vitamins immediately and assume you are pregnant and that it is normal until you can get to public health clinic.If you are not having pain in your lower right or left side then you are probably ok to wait a little. It is dangerous and possibly deadly to have an ectopic pregnancy so you still need to be checked to make sure that if you are pregnant that it is in utero and not in your fallopian tubes.
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