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Possible Ectopic Pregnancy`

I was admitted to hospital on saturday night with what they assumed was appendicitis, they sent off blood work, and it came back that i was pregnant with a HCG level of 72, they then started assuming possible Ectopic Pregnancy! They did a scan, but couldn't see anything in the tube, or the uterus, (and couldn't see my appendix either doing abdominal and transvaginal U/S! they claimed that it was possibly "too early to see" and did a repeat blood test first thing monday morning, my HCG level was now 112, i'm going in sane not knowing if my baby is viable or not :( what do you think?
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When was your last cycle? They couldn;'t see you apendix?
If you are at the beginning of a pregnancy then it is likely too early for anything to be seen. Hcg roughly doubles every 48 hours, so your numbers look ok.Especually since you had one drawn in the evening and the second in the morning of the second day.Really it wasnt even 48 hours then.
I would request seeing a different doctor. How are you feeling? Are you in alot of pain, if you are a repeat visit would do you some good.
With my last pregnancy we were unable to see anything(baby) until I was nearly 9 weeks. Some see the baby earlier than others but usually around 6 ish weeks.
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it could be to early to tell i had a ectopic before ( very painful ) but i didnt go to the dr till i was about 2 months into the pain and it had just become to much for me and i was bleeding to death when they did the u/s you could clearly see it but like i said i was 2 months into the pain
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They said they were unable to see the appendix in the scan, i was rushed to emergency because i had severe lower right quadron pain radiating through to the back! they said what they did see on the ultrasound was that i had a rather nasty cyst on my right ovary that had popped, they assume that was the nature of my pain. from about noon on the sunday i have been in no pain at all... just the occasional cramp, but no real pain and no bleeding.  and my nausea has just kicked in! my LMP was 1 Nov, 2010 and i'm normally on a 28 day cycle.

thank you for your help
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i also appreciate your response, i know it may seem weird and alot of people are saying, why is she asking if she already has a child, well my first pregnancy was completely different! i had all the symptoms of pregnancy, and was growing quite a baby bump, but the doctors kept on doing blood and urine tests, all of which were negative..... i finally started to believe the doctors were wrong (please bare in mind i went to 6 different doctors) when i could feel my baby moving, however upon return to the hospital, to explain that i could feel movement, and on careful examination, i was told that my daughter moving was merely Gastro-intestinal upset!

so it wasn't until 36w 5d when i started getting quite severe pain and returned to the hospital yet again that they did ANOTHER urine sample test and discovered that i was in fact pregnant :S

so there we have it.... that is why this one has me stumped.

Also this time the doctors are saying that they want to give me a laparoscopy to check for ectopic if they can't see the baby on the scan in 2 days....can you tell me do you PERSONALLY think that i would be safe enough to wait (whilst i'm not in any REAL pain) just a couple more weeks to try and see the little one before i allow them to invade it's space!
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Hi again,
So really you have just conceived then, right? Your period would have been due today? I would personally hold of on the laparoscopy and have another ultrasound done in a couple weeks, 6 weeks should be good timing to look for a baby.The baby is so small right now and difficult to pick anything up via ultrasound.  I dont think that waiting would cause a rupture of your tube before then. I am not positive so dont quote me on that. Ava could better describe that, having been through one. However, if the pain returns then I would go back in.
I used to suffer from rupturing cysts on my ovaries and It was extremely painful.I could see why you ended up in emerg for that!
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well that's what i was thinking too..

i went to see my GP today because i was really feeling ill, and my blood pressure was slightly raised....he assured me that if i was indeed suffering from an ectopic pregnancy, that my blood pressure would be down as it sends the body into shock .. i don't know how reliable that info is either! but here's to hoping hey :D

thanks for your help love :D

Happy holidays
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I had a cyst that ruptured and OMG the pain was horrible I went to the ER they also thought appendicitis. But anywho id wait and see what happens just gave your dr monitor your BP and such closely. I wouldn't personally do the laperscopic yet.
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I think I would hold off on the lap surgery too. I've had a cyst burst AND and ectopic pregnancy. The cyst bursting caused immediate sharp pain, and then was a dull pain in the same area for a week or so.
The ectopic was sharp pain for HOURS, would ease up for a few hours, then would return with a vengence. I thought the extopic was a cyst or really bad cramps. I finally went to the ER for the pain because it was so bad after a week or so. The cyst pain was not that bad for that long (it was bad for only a few minutes).
It seems too early in your pregnancy to see anything yet. Wait. Monitor your HCG numbers. If they continue to rise each time, hang on. If they tend to go up and down, I would consider other options.
Good luck hun!
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Just checkin in to see how your doing?? Make sure you keep us posted....
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ok, so i have had my first appointment with EPAU (early pregnancy assessment unit) for those that don't know,

my HCG levels are doubling every 24-36 hours instead of 48-72hours (which apparently is EXCELLENT) my pain is relenting, i get the occasionally QUICK sharp pain in lower left side which they say is most likely a cyst problem.

i've been struck with a nasty bout of diarrhea so am very dehydrated because regardless of how much i drink nothing stays in at all :( has been going on for 4 days nearly, but they are making me wait till my next EPAU appointment (monday coming) before they'll look at doing anything for that, in the mean time i just have to keep waiting.

The EPAU doctor seems very confident that the baby is going to be ok, and i'll be going for another scan in 10 - 14 days :D

Thanks for all your help :D
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I'm so glad that everything is going well!  Well except the poop&dehydration. Hopefully the pain eases up and the poops slow down and you are able to get hydrated. Good luck and Congrats again on baby!! :)
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Thanks for your congratulations and well wishes..

after being in hospital thursday night for a dose of IV fluids things went well... i've been healthy (but tired), and i went for my EPAU appointment today, and my levels were 1400 :D

Going for a scan this week sometime. only real issue now is that my liver enzymes are high.

Fingers crossed aye!

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just a quick update.

everything is still going well, according to LMP, i am exactly 6 weeks along today.

i'm going to be going for a scan on the 29th of december, by then i should be 8 weeks 2 days so we should definately be able to see baby :D

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Thats wonderful!
I am glad they are waiting til then for the scan...it took me til 8.5 weeks to see my last little girl...
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we ended up having to get it done 2 days after that post due to extreme pain, but the baby was fine and had a good strong heart beat.... and i was apparently 6 weeks exactly on the day of scan (so 2 days difference with my LMP which is pretty good) i'm now 12 weeks (either yesterday or tomorrow depending on wether u listen to scan or LMP) and am going for my 12 week scan on friday :D
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Thats exciting! Glad to hear your doing well.
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Hey hun, and all the other commenters here, just thought i'd drop by and let u know that i'm now 20 weeks and we are expecting a bouncing baby boy :D

thanks for all your support
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Thanks for the update! It's rare we get them and get to know that all is well (or not)!
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omg i,v just read about your wonderful little story your good news brought a real smile to my face and a tear to my eye and all the lovely comments you recieved i'm so happy for you xx
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Congrats on your baby boy! I read your posting and i wouldnt have had the patience to wait for all of that to be determined as a happy healthy pregnancy. Best Of Luck to You and your family!
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Thanks very much for your well wishes!

this has certainly taken alot out of me health wise, and it's still not all been smooth sailing!
we are still having ups and downs. (currently he is alot bigger then what he should be :D)

I have a beautiful 18 month old girl and she along with my beautiful partner is whats keeping me going!

I shall keep you all up to date, and good luck to all the expectant mummy's!

Watch this space for photo's :D
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Thats good news, Congratulations on a little boy. A perfect family in the making :)
With this pregnancy I was measuring 6 weeks ahead but things eventually slowed down and now just 2 weeks ahead.
All the best in the last 20 week stretch :)
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