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Possible Pregnancy? Discharge Questions?

Ok, my periods about a week late, I've had nauseua that turned into full out puking -- back to nausea, general morning sickness, metal mouth, achey lower back ect for about a week now as well as a cremey milk like colored discharge. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant at this point, but when I took a shower this morning and was washing myself down there/ect I noticed I had a cremy pinkish discharge? Is this normal? I've been googling it without much luck. What does it mean? It's kinda scaring me. It wasn't much, just a tiny bit -- but still.
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You've gotten good advice already.  I suggest you see your physician to have a pelvic exam and a pregnancy test in the office (urine and/or blood).  Also, remember, some answers come with time.  Be patient and this will all sort itself out.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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Some times you can have spotting,light or a full blown period during the first month or so of your pregnancy.I would wait  a couple of days take  a test if it comes out neg.then wait another week or so.and if you really think that you are and it says neg. then go to the doc and tell them what is going on and tell them you want a blood test cause the home test are all coming out neg.
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One was positive, one was negative. But now pinkish discharge went away and there's slight..bleeding? It's not enough to wear a pad or even stain underwear... it's just inside and toilet papers slightly pink when I whipe after I pee.
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In that case you could have a Urinary Tract Infection,with that you can also "spot" and some times you may not feel burning or any pain when you pee.Was the first or second on positive?let me know something
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Sounds like implantation bleeding. Get a blood test done
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Second one, going to a doctor early this week. Making appointment today, thank you.
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