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Possible Pregnant, 2 months late

I am not on birth control I had my last normal period Dec 13, had sex the week of christmas, my boyfriend did withdrawl but I think to late. My Jan period came a day late and was very very light and brown the first day the next day it was only noticable when I wiped. My normal period is 4-5 days very very heavy, where i have to take iron pills and am very pale. I took 4 hpt and came up negative, one came up with a very faint positive line. i had a family dr appt and talk to her about it i took a test there and it came up negative and also a blood test which came up negative, I have made sure not to stress and be relaxed and not to worry so that I didn't delay my next period. Here it is Feb 13th and I would have gotten my period overnight. I'm never a second late, I can normally time myself to the hour. I did take a test this morning when i didn't wake up to a period and it showed with no results in the constant or test window. Is it possible that I could be pregnant? I just had a daughter 2 years ago and remember the pregnancy very clearly. I feel the exact same way, back pain, clear skin, urinating every 1-2 hours sometimes 3hours, starving gained 2lbs, breasts are tender and areolas are larger, and a tint darker, very tired. normally full of energy. feel  a little bloateeed. just to name a few. i have the same craving that i did then too? Is it possible I could be pregnant?
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I have heard from many on this forum that some women just don't get + test results as quickly as others.  I recommend going to the doctor and asking them if they can do an ultrasound.  That way you will know for sure.  Anything is possible.
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I am going through a similar situation.  I haven't had my period since December 27 and my cycles are typically 32-35 days long, so at the least I am 2 weeks over due for my period and I am still testing negative.  I have however been getting back cramps for 2 weeks straight, just like I would if I was on my period.  I have never had cramps for longer than 5 days and it is usually more like only the first 3-4 days I am on my period.  But now I have them 2 weeks straight an no period.  I have also had tender nipples.  I don't have any answers, but I hope that I do give you some reassurance in the thought that you are not alone.   Please post and let us know your outcome in the future, as I well mine.   I plan on going to the doctor if I miss my period for the second month in a row and still not testing positive.  Good luck!
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well i am just waiting through the day with no sign of a period....i guess all i can do is wait maybe a day or two if it comes a little late and if no sign make an appt with the ob/gyn
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I think the last test you took was a bad test. You need to retake one.
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When I wake up tomorrow morning that is the first thing I am going to do because no period as of today. I have a gyn appt for tuesday as well, to see what is going on, maybe i get a pelvic exam or an ultrasound or something that can put an end to everything, or a begining on a new thing. who knows.
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