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Possible pregnancy on ovary.. :'(

On Tuesday night, I experienced a very very tiny amount of spotting. It was brown & only lasted maybe an hour. My right side was also aching just a little bit. Barely even noticeable. They checked my cervix & everything appeared to be normal. No vaginal bleeding or any sign of bleeding. They drew my blood & my HCG levels were in the 5000s. I should be 6 weeks pregnant. My last menstrual cycle was January 28th & everything with my period & ovulation is very normal as far as I know. They did a regular ultrasound & a vaginal ultrasound but what they saw didn't appear to be normal. I had an empty sac in my uterus. They also are concerned that my baby is attached to my right ovary. They said that the sac could be a pseudo sac or that possibly my baby is just too small to see yet but they're not 100% sure yet. I go to the dr's tomorrow for blood work & more tests. Has anyone else experienced this & went on to have a healthy baby? Like, was there an empty sac at your 6 weeks ultrasound? I'm just so worried
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I'm not sure about the pseduo sac never heard of that but I do know usually 6 weeks is a little early to see anything in the sac...if your levels have rising (HCG) then I would try not to stress until they have another look. Good luck though!
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Basically a pseudo sac is something that mimics a regular sac in ectopic pregnancies. They're very rare though from what I read online.

Thanks <3
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It is probably just be too early to see anything, and hopefully what they're seeing on your ovary is just a cyst where the egg had ruptured. Good luck hun
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I hope you're right.
I read something about corpus luteums (I think I spelled that right) forming during early pregnancy. I'm hoping that's what they're seeing. My levels have been rising just fine so I really hope my little bean is okay.
Thank you. (:
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