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Alright, this is worrying me.

Previously, I have received 3 injections of Depo Provera at the regular three month intervals, with my last injection being in the middle of June. I was due for my next injection in September, but my health insurance ran out, and my new coverage didn't kick in in time. After stopping the injections, I realized just how crappy they were making me feel, and opted not to get back on them. I haven not been on any other method of bc since then.

My first period since stopping the injections started on Nov 22. It was a normal period, and from what I've read, came pretty quickly for only having been off of the depo for (basically) two months.

The bf and I had (quasi) unprotected sex on Dec. 21st (no actual ejaculation during penetration, but hey, we all know it only takes one...).

It's now Jan 01, and my period still hasn't started. I've taken several hpts, and all have been negative. I've been getting odd cramps in my lower abdominal area (these don't feel like the normal light cramps I get w/ periods... these cramps aren't exactly painful either... just odd...), my breasts are a little sore (but nothing I wouldn't expect if it were a normal period), I've been getting lower back pain, and I've been getting random waves of nausea.

So... would a hpt really be negative after this long? I know I need to see my gyno, but it takes WEEKS to get in to see him. Anyone had anything like this happen to them? Is it just some weird aftershock of the depo causing this?

Thanks ladies!!
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You'd have to test two weeks from the time you ovulated or believed to have conceived. I'd count two weeks from Dec. 21st to get a date on which to test and have it be accurate.
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go to your doctor and get a blood test! to see what the HCG hormone is in you body! if it's high of course you are, if low then your not! i was on the depo but the same thing happend it was just my hormones! go to the doctor to be sure.

hope that helps..
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well **** I don't want to wait another 5 days to test again... LOL!

Is it even possible to conceive so close to when my period should have started? Shouldn't the egg have been deteriorated or whatever by then?

Kuteshortyk2, the same thing happened to you? Off of depo, one period, then late for the next?

Thanks for the advice ladies, I appreciate it.
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bump... anyone have anything else to add?
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i know getting off the shot or anything can mess up your period, maybe thats your case.
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You were really close to your next period, so the only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test or wait it out. Honestly, it is probably just coming off the Depo that is messing with your periods.
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Alright.. update...

Still no AF, and hpt was negative this morning...

I'm getting cramps, feel a knot, boobs hurt, nauseaus, don't want to eat hardly anything, and getting some fatigue.

Wtf is wrong w/ me? AF is now almost 2 weeks late...
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Is it possible to get a negative hpt with AF being two weeks late? Wouldn't it have shown positive by now if I was? I'm calling right now to make a Drs apt...
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Ok, took another hpt this morning; it said negative. Went back in an hour later, and it's positive?!? Is it really a positive or could it be one of those evaporation lines? It's the "equate" (Wal-Mart) brand hpt. Are those more prone to evap lines? Help!
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It could be an evap line. You really have to read the test within the timeframe they give you in the directions. You should call your doc and ask for a blood beta HCG level test because that'll actually show what level your HCG is at to determine if you are indeed pregnant. Anything over 5 is considered pregnant.
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Well, I just read that most evap lines are white; this line is most definitely pink. Ugh, I wish I could just get this figured out! LOL!

I didn't have time to make an apt yesterday, I'll make one today if they're open...
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Awesome! Let us know what happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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