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Pre-Pregnancy Preparation

Folic Acid alone  or Prenatal Vitamins??

In preparation for getting pregnant, I am confused on what is best in terms of vitamin supplements. My doctors says to take a folic acid supplement so I have started to take 1 mg. per day. Some of my female friends tell me that I should be taking the prenantal vitamins already to prepare but I am not taking  their word for it as maybe too much of a good thing isn't good. I try and eat a balanced diet although with my busy schedule it is sometimes difficult.

I want to give myself the best shot possible at having a successful pregnancy and would appreciate an educated professional's advice on the best choice.

Thank you.
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ok thanks for the advice.im still just keeping my fingers crossed .lol
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Hello all i hope everyone is well.well i just wanted to let you know im out of the running this month,af showed up this morning.im dissapointed,but at same time bit glad,i dont have to change any wedding plans.im going to take a break from here just for a little while.as im becoming obsessed again.and im trying to relax and let it happen,but its hard when i read through posts on this forum,i WILL  be back to check in on you all,make sure your all getting fatter.i wish you all the very best,and hopefully i shall be back soon with news,take care.

Tara xxx
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I agree with you, I was ready to take a forum hike before I became pregnant and had I not, I would have taken that hike for a bit. It does make you fixate on getting pregnant so I totally get you! GO live your life and relax and focus on other things,,,, See you when we see you.

Will miss you!

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OOOhhh i'm so disappointed; u deserve all the best and i hope that it happens soon very soon 4 u :) Look at the bright side u have a wedding to plan and get ready for; it's one of the most funnest times in a person's life i think and hectic too but more fun than anything to plan 4 ur wedding. I wish you happiness, love, and congrads on ur upcoming wedding. Don't forget about us and check in from time to time.
We'll miss u a bunch.

Take good care of urself :)
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OOOhhh i'm so disappointed; u deserve all the best and i hope that it happens soon very soon 4 u :) Look at the bright side u have a wedding to plan and get ready for; it's one of the most funnest times in a person's life i think and hectic too but more fun than anything to plan 4 ur wedding. I wish you happiness, love, and congrads on ur upcoming wedding. Don't forget about us and check in from time to time.
We'll miss u a bunch.

Take good care of urself :)
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Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I am still battling the sourness, nausea etc. I slept A LOT this weekend and have been sucking on orange slices so often! They seem to really help! I also found green Jello very soothing.

Anyhow, nothing too exciting to report, tommorrow marks 9 weeks for me.. glad to be nauseated and sick as an early pregnant woman should be!

Any exciting ultrasound news or doctors news? I'd love to see ultrasound images etc. So excited for that stuff!

Anyhow, just thought I'd check in. Take care everyone.
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Hi there, like urself i slept a lot on saturday i think i really needed the sleep and relaxation i got on sat. The sourness was very light last week but yest it came back very strong i couldn't take it i had to take Tums and eat my nectariens. I'm gonna try the green jello and oranges i hope that helps too; the more we know the more we can deal with naturally then taking Tums. I'm in my 13th week this week woo hoo. I do have an ultrasound pic but don't know how to post it any ideas?
Ok question: yest evening i had pain on my lower left side and it was so bad that it woke me up from my sleep. Then after half an hr it was gone. What am i experiencing? is it growing pains u think but if so why on the lower left side? I got really scared it was so bad. Are we supposted to experience this stuff? Gosh i tell u in the first pregnancy i think u panic over every little thing.
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Oh and another thing; although i don't have morning sickness and i don't feel nausious now still i have no apeetite and cravings. I eat very little, little then i did before i was pregnant and nothing tastes good to me. I think that's why i lost 7 lbs. Why do u guys think this is? is it normal?

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Hi there! Wow 13 weeks! I can't wait until then! I am also very nervous about every little thing! That pain you are feeling, well let me tell you.. I had so many aches and pains in my first pregnancy and I attribute them all to growing pains. There are some bad stabbing pains that happen now and again. The rule is if it persists for a long period of time without that come and go pattern and if it is so bad you can barely stand it then there is something defnitely wrong but otherwise, it'a all ligament stretching, sometimes it feels like it's more on the left than right and sometimes vice versa, it all depends on the position of everything inside which changes all the time. Maybe your ligaments on the left are more tough so the stretching was felt more. You'll find these stabbing pains will come when you are settled down.
As for your eating habits, you're lucky! I have been doing nothing but eating, I have an enormous appetite but I think it's because eating makes me feel less naseated! LOL You should start gaining now though, even if you do eat little. Your body will store fat more now on it's own but make sure you are getting enough okay? At least your 3 meals a day and make everything you put in your mouth count! You sounds just fine to me!!!

Okay now suggestions on how to send your scan..um.. let me get back to you!!!
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How come I can't click on your name to add you to my friend list?
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Yikes.  I missed a lot in the last few days.  Been trying to ditch this cold I've had, so I've been resting up as much as possible.

So, I'm sad to see tara take a break from our little group, but I know we'll see her again soon.  tara, if you're in here reading this, good luck on your wedding and have fun planning and all that.  And just know that we all expect to see you back here when you do get that good news.  :)

sc1, I agree with Charliegirl.  Those pains are more than likely related to growth and stretching of your ligaments.  They are called round ligament pains, and are quite common.  I've been getting them myself, and when you first start experiencing them, it can be an an alarming situation.  Everything I've ever read recommends alternating to a different position, anything to alleviate the pain for comfort's sake, but they usually don't last longer than 30 minutes.  They can be like a cramp, and pain levels can go from mild to stabbing.  It is normal & not harmful to the baby.  If there's bleeding, then there's a definite problem and a doctor needs to get involved immediately.  

Charliegirl, congrats on the 9-week mark.  I just hit 20 weeks on Saturday.  Yay I'm halfway there! :)  It has gone by so fast, so enjoy every bit of your pregnancy.  (You too sc1.)  

Yeah, I don't know how to download the u/s pics either.  I tried to make it my one picture on here a while back, but you can't enlarge it or anything, so no point to trying that again.  Any other ideas?

scared1988, keep us posted.  Hope you're well. :)

Glad to see that you gals have found natural alternatives to relieve that sour stomach business.  No reason to endure it if you don't have to, right?  Right.  

Talk to you gals soon. :)
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im having some clearish brown discharge..and bad cramps..
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Palanaki so good to hear from u; wow 20 weeks hah that's great. Hope that ur cold has gone away.
Charliegirl - I have no idea why u can't click on my name is there anything that i need to do to turn my screen name to blue? I'm so confused

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Hi Ladies just checking in happy friday to everyone and the weekend is around the corner woo hoo. Alhtough it's going to rain i still love the fact that we'll be home for 2 days.
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Well hello peeps how you all doing well i hope, im fine busy,busy,busy organizing things...well just wanted to check up on you all.looking forward to some scan photos ladies...speek to you all soon..
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Hello there all!  Hope everyone is well.  I'm finally over that cold.  Yay!  Hope no one else catches it.  There seems to be a new thing going around my office, some sort of stomach bug.  Ew!!!  I do NOT want that in my system, so I stay in my little corner and try not to touch anything in the kitchen or the office machines without first wiping them down with a sanitizing wipe.  A little anal of me, but like I want another virus floating around in my body, give me a break here. :)

So, hope to see some updates from you all soon.

Nice to hear from you tara! :)  Will try to scan some u/s pics soon.
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Palanaki - i completely agree with u; the last thing we need is that terrible stomach flu eeuuhh. How r u feeling? do u have any discomfort, nausea etc... i'm trying to see what i'm going to look forward to in the near future :)

Tara - so good to hear from u; hope ur'e doing well. Keep in touch we miss u

Charliegirl - haven't heard from u in a while how r things going with u? Is the nausea still @ the same pace or worse/better?

Ok ladies i gotta get back to work busy busy busy.
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Hey everyone,

It's been a while since Ive been on here. It's been tough because I have been so, so sick and I don't feel like doing anything! The bad taste in mymouth is driving me around the bend, not to mention the all day waves of nausea and never knowing what to eat!! I hate toc omplain, I really do because I truly so happy to be pregnant again but it's hardsometimes to keep things in perspective when you feel like sh-t 24 hrs a day. It gets on my nerves!

Not even sure if I should compare myself to others because everyone is so different but when did nausea end for you ladies, palanaki and sc1? I am at 11 weeks, Wednesday is day 1 of week 12 so I am a week away from the end of 1st trimester. In one way my nasuea has been reassurance for me but in other ways it's been so hard to maintain my life. I haven't throughly cleaned my house in weeks, I am too sick and lazy or lethargic to shower some nights even.. it's horrible! I can't even cook, the smell of anything cooking sends me running for the hills! I feel like my life is chaotic andm essy because I am so out of commision!

So yes, the question stands, when do you guys think this will end?

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Hi there Charligirl good to hear from you. Not to disappoint u but honestly I don't know when all this will end; my nausea ended around 12 weeks but i have this sour stomach and the bad taste in my mouth still and it really bothers me because i don't know what to do about it - whatever i eat it's there doesn't go away even when i drink plain water. Eating is the last thing on my mind because of how I feel after i eat. I don't crave anything and i hate to cook. I feel messy too bec. like urself i don't want to complain but i don't do much around the house and it does bother me a lot but i feel so terrible that i just don't feel like doing much. I was appologizing to my hubby bec. of my lack of cleaning, cooking etc... but he's so understanding and helps me out sooooo  much.
We saw the Dr. yesturday and i'm 15 weeks this week. We heard the baby's heardbeat which was so awesome. Friday I will go in for a blood test and it will be for downsyndrome etc... i'm kind of panicking about that but trying to remain calm. Wow there's so much that we have to go through i wish that we can just feel better. I did ask my Dr. about the sour stomach and he said that's it's normal and i can take Tums.
I feel so guilty bec. I don't think i'm eating as much as I should or as they say for 2.
Just take it a day at a time; that's what i'm doing hopefully all this will go away soon. I believe that our pregnancy symptoms are very alike. The only thing is that I make myself suffer instead of taking Tums bec in my mind i think that it's still medication and i should try to avoid it as much as i can.

Palanaki - help us out here what do u think? did u have the sour stomach, etc.. and when did ur's go away?

Here's to Tums   lol    
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Gosh you know, our symptoms do sound very, very alike. It's strange how the sourness and overall yuckies are making us unmotivated to do things.... I guess it goes to show you that your health is everything and if you don't feel good, you enjoy nothing! We take this for granted usually!

So even at 15 weeks, you still have this sourness and everything tastes ****.. lovely! Well the mythis that usually these symptoms fade by 12 - 14 weeks, I guess not for everyone huh? The coming Tuesday makes 12 weeks for me, I am excited to get past that point so I can start telling people. My stomach is portruding already although I haven't gained much because like you, I am now having a hard trime eating!

Congrats on the healthy heartbeat! WOO HOO! I can't wait to hear a heartbeat! I've had no official check-ups yet, no ultrasound, bloodwork.. nothing so the only thing that lets me know that I'm pregnant is my symptoms and of course the HPT I took at the beginning! Feb 15th is my first ultrasound! SO EXCITING! I'll only be a little past the 12 week mark so not sure is heartbeat can be detected then? Can it?

Thank goodness my DH is also very supportive at this time, especially with taking care of our 2-year old. I can't change her poo diapers right now.. can you imagine? I smell anything revolting and I puke! LOL

Yes Palanaki.. did you suffer through this too? If so, when did it end for you?

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My god heartbeats scans,wooppee !!!!!!! god im so pleased it seems only couple weeks ago we everyone was on the 2ww....
charlie,yep you should be able to hear heartbeat 15th feb.they say around 9weeks onwards.

well for me no news,well not as such,my doctor decided she wanted me to go on clomid again.this cycle.so i was on it this time cd1-cd5 now cd 18 not expecting to be pregnant,but she wants to improve the quality of my eggs,as latest tests,showing poorish eggs,so last weekend i felt like mother hen laying her eggs.so that was good result..as i say i dont expect to be pregnant as i have been on these before,personnally didnt think they work,but who knows,dont mind either way,im happy at the moment,my wedding is all sorted.paid for,got dress,boys got suits....now trying to find venue here in uk for reception,for all friends etc,wow so expensive....
nothing else to let you know but will keep you informed.

still waiting for scan pics,
sc1 i notice your name shows up in black,have you registered,to this site or just posted.if so maybe try registering again,that way your name should be blue then,then you can upload your scan pic,well ladies,i love ready your news.keep it coming.love to you all.xxxxxx
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Charliegirl - when i went in @ 10 weeks Dr. said that he can't hear the heartbeat yet bec baby is too small so we requested an ultrasound and paid in cash $75 i wanted to make sure i can see the baby etc.... i was so glad we did that bec it re assured me everything is good and the ultrasound actually showed the heart and the beating so we didn't hear it but saw it - it was truly amazing. I was 14 weeks when we heard the heartbeat.

Oh i forgot to tell u that i was having a hard time taking showers because the water was making me sick and more nautious it's crazy and i couldn't understand why but that's gone i guess that's a good sign and something u can look forward 2 if u're having the same problem. I think i ate over 10lbs of nectarine by now but they say it's good the baby will have a nice smooth skin   lol
ur visit to the dr's on the 15 will be awesome i'm sure they will do an ultrasound.
i have 2 go in for bloodwork tomm. where this test is for downsyndrome, etc.......
at 28 i didnt think i need to take one but i guess it's mandatory and good to know.

Tara - it's so good to hear from u; it's the times when u give up and then booommm it happens and u're preggo. It's gonna happen soon 4 u and we cant' wait to hear the great news. I'm so happy 4 u and ur wedding plans. It's so exciting planning 4 a wedding.
I don't know why my name is not blue :( i have to check things out i know i registered to the site maybe i didn't fill out enough questions to turn blue   (haha)
I will look into this matter as soon as i get some time from wrk.

Hope u guys have a great day.

ps: I'm starting to get real heartburn now; i guess this is the next stage. It woke me up last night and i couldn't sleep.
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Wow!!!!! its sure some experience i must say...im ttc and cant wait to feel my little angel inside...hope soon ill be able to share my 1st pregnancy experiences too...goodluck to all u wonderful ladies out there who i know for sure will make great moms...god bless...
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Ladies i think i discovered the secret and made myself blue (that's my name i'm talking about)  :) lol
now i just have to figure out how to download the ultrasound pic

Good2bhere - welcome; the ladies here are very supportive and great; good luck with ttc and we can't wait to hear that u're pregnant. I beleive that prenatal vitamins helped me a lot with the whole experience. That would be my 1 advice to u.
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Hey guys! Tarajanes.. nice to hear from you young lady!  So Clomid.. my sister in  law was on that two months ago and she felt awful.. did you get bad symptoms from it? OMG, your wedding plans are done? Gosh you work fast! You sound really organzied! Congrats on getting that all in order.. that is very exciting! I still have to get married! LOL

Sc1, you're blue! Yeah!!!!! I still don't know how to upload photos!

I certainly hope I at least get to see the heartbeat next week. I will be just over 12.5 weeks by then. That will truly make it real for me! About the shower thing, can't say I get that but I do gag when I brush my teeth or smell perfume!

I was also 28 when I had that test for downs.. they give the test to everyone now. Please just don't panic if you get an abormal read.. SO COMMON!

Here in Toronto they released a report lastnight that some of the most popular plastic baby bottles are dangerous to infants health. Playtex, Gerber and Avent were the top three mentioned. They apparently release a toxic cancer causing chemical and the chemicals are also linked to another host of health problems, namely, early puberty, ADD, hyperactive disorder etc...   They recommend switching to glass bottles and so I went on my lunch to get some and they were all sold out! They're flying off the shelves!
Did you guys hear about this?

Welcome Good2behere, like sc1 said, you'll enjoy chatting on thus forum, the ladies are so unconditionally wonderful! No matter what stahe we're in we support one another. Good luck to you.

Tarajanes, I wish you much luck conceiving of course.. I am sure your day is just around the corner!

Have a fantastic weekend ladies!

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Hi. If your pregnant you should be on at least 400mg of folic acid. Find a pre natal vitamin that has that or more and you shoul dbe all set. You definatley need to be on vitamins at least 3 months before conception. I was adviced the same by my doctor and all my friends and family who have been pregnant as well. eat healthy, excercise and take pre natals and you will be ok. good luck to you
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Hi. If your pregnant you should be on at least 400mg of folic acid. Find a pre natal vitamin that has that or more and you shoul dbe all set. You definatley need to be on vitamins at least 3 months before conception. I was adviced the same by my doctor and all my friends and family who have been pregnant as well. eat healthy, excercise and take pre natals and you will be ok. good luck to you
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Hi. If your pregnant you should be on at least 400mg of folic acid. Find a pre natal vitamin that has that or more and you shoul dbe all set. You definatley need to be on vitamins at least 3 months before conception. I was adviced the same by my doctor and all my friends and family who have been pregnant as well. eat healthy, excercise and take pre natals and you will be ok. good luck to you
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Hi. If your pregnant you should be on at least 400mg of folic acid. Find a pre natal vitamin that has that or more and you shoul dbe all set. You definatley need to be on vitamins at least 3 months before conception. I was adviced the same by my doctor and all my friends and family who have been pregnant as well. eat healthy, excercise and take pre natals and you will be ok. good luck to you
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Hi there,
I wanted to answer your question regarding the sour stomach thing.  I didn't really have that, but I experienced really bad heartburn with my first, and now getting it again with this pregnancy.  I think I will try the ginger tea as it is supposed to be a digestive aid.  Otherwise, I keep Tums next to my bed so when I wake up in the middle of the night with it (very typical for me), I pop some Tums and get immediate relief and go back to sleep.  
Today is my glucose screening for gestational diabetes.  The fun never ends.  Anyway, baby movement is getting stronger everyday, which I'm so excited about.  Also, I've been getting Braxton Hicks every few days or so.  Wasn't sure what the heck it was at first because I never got them with my first baby, but it freaked me out.  Once I had a clue, I was very relieved.  Also, my feet started to swell.  I tell ya, this pregnancy has been much more eventful than my first, so it's pretty much like my first time.  
I noticed a comment regarding shower usage and getting sick from it.  I got sick in the shower too!  I would always smell this chemical odor and it would make me take the quickest showers.  It went away though, thank God for that.  It can't be the water because I installed a filtered showerhead in there to eliminate all the minerals & chemicals last year.  Although, now that I think about it, it's probably time to change the filter.  Uh-oh...
Okay, so what else is going on?  Sounds like you 2 are making great progress, discomforts aside.

Hey tara, glad to hear that your wedding is pretty much set & ready.  That will eliminate a lot of stress down the line.  Yay!

Okay, well I gotta get my Monday started.  Talk to you later. :)
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Hi there, wow sounds fun feet swelling what we have to look forward to. How far along are u now?
What is Braxton Hicks?
OOhh and i wanted to know if u remember at what week u first felt the baby movement. I think i felt the baby move once back in January and i have a strong feeling that it was flipping that's why i felt it, but i don't feel it yet and today i'm in my 16th week. What do u think?
I'm full of questions today 4 u sorry :)
I took the downsyndrome and other disease testing blood test, kind of scared about the results; how long did it take for the results for u?

ok i will stop now with the many questions. Take care and good to hear from u :)
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Thanks for the info palanaki! Oh yes I remeber my feel sweeling when I was pregnant withm y daughter! I didn't remember when that began! I kind of dread that swellingnow because it will be summer and it's time for sandals and pretty feet not ugly Paul Bunyan feet! LOL  Oh well, the joys!

Braxton Hicks are like painfuil contractions sc1, they are normal but not felt by everyone or in every pregnancy! They get quite painful and can alarm some people but it's all the baby movingaround, growing, your uterus adjusting to all the change etc...

It took me about a week to get thr results for the triple screen so you should hear back soon.

Everyone says the baby can be felt moving anywhere from 16 - 22 weeks and nothing is normal or abnormal and because this is your first it may take longer for you to feel anything! Sorry wish I could tell you that there wa sa textbookanswer but you will see if you google your question that this is generally the rule of thumb!

Anyhoots, I'm still nausetaed but milder, still have that damn sour thing though and major fatigue! I am 12 weeks tomorrow.. I can't wait for my ultrasound on Friday!  I hope the technician is nice enough to point out the heartbeat or other normalcies! Some techs are so by the book and won't say a word!

take cate ladies!
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Hi Ladies hope all of u are doing well.

I noticed this morning that in my belly button i have little pimple looking things; have u guys ever experienced this? is this something to worry about or not? Need ur opinions.
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Hi Ladies, how's everyone?  Charliegirl any updates i think u were to see ur doctor on last friday right? Palanaki how r u doing? Tara if u check in hope all is going well with you.
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I also take the recommended dose of folic acid.  It won't help with the chances of becoming pregnant, but it does help with the neurological development of the fetus if you do become pregnant.
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Hey you, been a while huh?

yes you're right, I had my first portion of my IPS test on Friday so ultrasound and bloodwork. I saw the heartbeat and that was so reassuring.

I am so thankful I am at this point, past my first trimester, everything looks fine. I am still feeling awful though and I am so, so tired of it. I really don't know how much longer I can stand this. I get very down some days because I just want to feel normal. All I want to do is sleep so I don't feel this feeling, this God-awful feeling!

How are you Sc1, how are things proceeding? Will you find out the sex of the baby?
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Hi Charliegirl wow i'm so happy 4 u it's really amazing to hear the hearthbeat huh i was in shock when i heard my baby's heartbeat.

So now that ur past ur first trimester did u tell family, friends, co workers yet? if so what was their reaction like?

Things are good with me i'm starting to eat more although i do have the sourness still not as bad as before but i do have it; the last 3 months i lost over 7 lbs so i guess now i'll be adding the weight back. The ultrasound was good the baby is growing normal which i was so happy to hear; the downsyndrome and other tests that was taken came back all negative which we were extatic over and the baby was kind of in a sitting position so it was very hard for the Dr to see the sex but after a while he thought that it's a GIRL   WOO HOOO!!!

So he wants to do another ultrasound in a month to check again to confirm, He said temporarily it's a girl   lol

Were very excited can't wait to know for sure before i start going crazy and shop till i drop  haha

How r u doing?
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Hi ladies checking in to see how u guys are doing
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Hey ladies,

Things are okay here I am just over 15 weeks now and nausea is decreasing as time goes on. I had my first ultrasound, heart the heartbeat (LOVELY!) I also saw my baby jumping around like crazy! So cute!

OMG sc1, a girl.. LUCKY DUCKY! That's wonderful, you will love having a girl! I think I am also having another girl,not sure yet though, I will find out in 4 - 5 weeks.

Anyhow, I hope you're doing well!

Hi Palanaki!

Take care.
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Hi there ladies!  Sorry it's been a while. Things have been hectic around here lately.  Anyway, I have some updates for you...
I had to take the 3-hour fasting glucose test, which revealed gestational diabetes.  However, after my first week & a half of monitoring my sugars and documenting a very boring diet, the dietician was very pleased with my readings and cut back the number of times I test in a week from 4 times everyday to only twice on Mon/Wed/Fri.  So, the good news is I don't have to do the dreaded insulin shots that I've been hearing so much about.  I do have to remain on the diet, but it's a good idea anyway so I don't have a problem with it.  Cutting desserts out is the only real hard part, but I keep telling myself that it's for both my & the baby's health, so suck it up!  
What else?  Oh yeah. My husband & I continue our arguement over what to name the baby.  You wouldn't think it was a difficult task, but for us, it has been.  
So, are we all having girls???  How cool!  What about movement? You guys feeling anything yet?  My little girl is all over the place.  The movement started around my 15th week or so, and has gotten stronger & crazier ever since.  It's awesome!  My heartburn is becoming a nuisance more & more these days, my back is starting to ache, I'm always blowing my nose, and I think I've developed an incontinence problem. Sometimes, my undies will be damp despite the fact that I'm wearing a liner and it's the grossest thing ever. But I'm actually getting worried because I'm afraid if I'm not leaking urine, that I'm leaking something else, if you get what I'm saying.  Anyway, I will mention it to my doctor at my appointment on Monday. Anyway, sorry for the detail, but it's just gonna get grosser from here on out.  I can remember the day I had my son, I kept saying that everything I was experiencing was gross.  Everyone thought it was so funny.  Not me.  I was so annoyed, between my water breaking to the excessive bleeding after birth, and all I wanted to do was take a frickin shower.
Sorry, I really got carried away, didn't I?  Hormones.
Okay, so I hope you're all doing well.  I'll check back with you soon...
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wow so good to hear from u guys; i heard about the glucose test. So that's mandatory?
at which week do they make u do this?
i'm almost done with my 19th week halfway there woo hoo although when i think about the labor aspect i get so scared; first one u know so i dont know what to expect.
palanaki i feel the same with the names except i just throw names out there 2 get my husbands reaction i dont want to push anything since were not 100% sure on the sex yet.
I haven't felt too many movements i think i only feel the baby when it shifts positions.
Is this normal?

Guys i wanted to say that life is so short we should all enjoy it to the fullest. My coworker just died yest. age 49 from cancer and it all happened sooooo fast. Were all in shock and it just made me realize that we need to enjoy life to the fullest.

Take care guys and hope to hear back soon.
Charliegirl i'm glad that ur nausea is going away slowly; mine is sooo much better than before. I'm loving month 4  :)
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I don't think the Diabetes screen is mandatory, just highly recommended because if you have it and don't monitor yourself, you & your baby could suffer from various consequences.  For example, your baby could end up being larger than the norm, which means a C-section would be in order just to get her out. Or, the baby could be born with low blood sugar from having to compensate for your high levels while in the womb.  There are just so many risks when you're dealing with pregnancy & diabetes, so it's better safe than sorry.  I think I took the test at like 24 weeks, somewhere around there.  The diet is very basic, but it's really easy to get used to.
We decided to name our little girl Okalani Kai, and just call her Lani.  Cute little Hawaiian name, and hopefully she won't get teased too bad in school.  
As for movements, everyone is different, but if you're nervous about it, talk to your doctor.  My little one gets crazier everyday.  My first didn't move a whole lot, just enough to let me know he was doing fine.  This one is all over the place, so I guess I know what I get to look forward to.
sc1, I'm sorry to hear about your co-worker.  That's so sad.  I have a co-worker who just lost someone to cancer just yesterday, and I lost my aunt who I loved dearly to cancer just last year.  Such a scary disease, my stomach gets all weird just thinking about it.  
Anyway, I'll check back soon.  Until then, take care.
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Well Hello you guys,how you all doing,lots been going on aye.i cant believe how quick your pregnancys have progressed,it only feels like yesterday you all found out.
well no change for me,still trying but content not acting like a mad women trying to concieve,bit difficult at the moment my other half works away and only home weekends for few months,um wonder if there special courier service to deliver sperm........lol..well 7months till i marry now.getting nervous already,see im the one that said i would never marry,sadly we just lost our best friend,he took his own life,at age 30,gutted.so i have his wife staying with me at the moment,its so difficult just dont know what to say,she is taking to drink at the moment,trying to keep her out of pub,but soon as back is turned she down the pub,dont want another funeral to go to,

so any scan photos up yet.cant wait to see them..check in soon,all the best...
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Hello ladies hope all of u are well.

Palanaki - what a beatiful name that's very neat. Were going to Maui next week we figured we need to relax and celebrate our 1 yr anniversary 1 month early lol since i don't want to travel much after 6 months. I was told by my Dr that they will do that test at 24 weeks just like u said. I'm so sorry about ur aunt it is a terrible disease and sad that with all the money that goes to research we don't have some type of a cure or something that would allow ppl to live longer even with the disease.

Tara so good to hear from u. I'm sorry about ur friend so young it's very sad but u're doing an awesome job being there 4 his wife. Wow how exciting ur wedding day is getting closer; i felt the same way i was so nervous and that day it was like oh ok i'm just gonna enjoy my day and sadly it goes by soooo fast so make sure u enjoy every second of it bec it will fly. I'm glad i have my video to refer back to and we watch it all the time and say oohh so and so was at our wedding oh we danced to this song? so it's great for memories. As far as the baby - i have good feelings for u this year and it's going to happen when u least expect it; enjoy ur life and be happy and it will happen!!!

Charligirl haven't heard from u in while; hope all is well.

I saw my Dr today and he didn't do another ultra sound; he said i should wait till next month and he'll do 1 at 6 months that way the chances of the accuracy for the sex of the baby will be much higher. So we'll be waiting 4 another month. I hate this waiting time bec. i'm so inpatient when it comes to things like this; i wanted to know to shop
for the baby from Hawaii. Oh well :(

That's all from my end i'm starting to feel little very little kicks from the baby. Hope it will get stronger and more frequent. Cant wait.
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Hey all,

Hope all is well!

Sorry I haven't been writing but I started to get impatientwith this site because it takes forever to upload so wth my patience  and hormones and patience, I am not surprised!

I am doing well, just over 18 weeks now and feeling better finally.I went form y last ultrasound at 12 weeks and also did my IPS test wihich all came out negative for problems thank God! My next ultrasound will be anywhere from 20 weeks onward, I'll find out next Tuesday when it is.  

I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and tarajanes it is nice to hear how you're doing as well.

Some tragedies have been reported from yougirls, pretty sad but also makes you think twice about your own life and to appreciate what you've got huh? Life is hard on some.

So you're all having girls huh? I'll know what we're havingsoon and will keep you posted. I have a feelingit's a girl but everyone else around is telling me it's a boy, I'll bet that's cause I already have a girl.

I'm still really tired, low energy. I don't have anemia or anything but it's still present! Most have energy second trimester right? Well where's mine? LOL

So anyway.

Keep in touch and Sc1 Ihope youhave a great time in Maui!!
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Hello Ladies, wow it's been a long time and we haven't heard from Palanaki. Hope all is going well. U don't have too many more months hah?

Charliegirl i'm so glad that u feel better now. I feel really good esp in the last couple of weeks. I have appetite i eat, and don't feel too sick which is so great for a change. I'm in my 23rd weeks and i cant believe that next week i'll be 6 months wow. Time is really going by fast. My next Dr's appt is on the 8th i'm hoping 4 another ultrasound.
Maui was great but coming back and going back to wrk i feel like i'm back to square 1 tired again and stressed. I feel like due to the pregnancy my efficiancy is not as good as it was before at work; do any of u feel like that or is it just me? I don't know if the baby is taking all my brain cells away but @ times like this i wish i wasnt working and didn't have too many responsibilities.
Oh i feel the baby movement now all the time; at times he/she plays so much that it's non stop and very strong but i love this feeling; there's nothing else in the world like this wow it's amazing. My only concern and i dont know why i'm stressing over this now is the labor. I'm so scared of it. Any advice from u gals since u already have 1?

take care and stay in touch.
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Hi ladies i see that no one had a chance to give us any updates.
I hope all of u are doing well.
I wanted to give u an update and let u know that we did another ultrasound and the Dr said that we are having a GIRL. Were so excited i'm planning and started shopping around for cribs, decorations, etc......
Keep in touch
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hi ladies i'm signing in to see where everyone is?
how's everyoen doing?

Charliegirl - what's new?

Palanaki i think u had the baby or ur'e due anyday right?

i'm doing well things are good; growing by the day i'm 7.5 months now woo hoo,
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hey have you had your baby yet??? I'm also having another girl!!!
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Hi my baby was born on 7/7/08 wow she's our miracle healthy and beautiful baby girl. She's 3.5 months now. How about u? did u have the baby yet?
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