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Pregnancy Weight

Ok so far in this pregnancy i have gained 26lbs..I asked my Ob if this was bad and he said he wasnt concerned because i always go back down to a size 5 within 3 months postpartum anyway. But im wondering if i keep gaining weight this fast will it increase the chance of me having a big baby? I have a little frame and dont want to risk having a c-section. But i cant help it i want to eat literally every hour and if i dont eat a meal im snacking all day. Is this bad for my baby? when i had my 18 week sono he was already 1lb..is that heavy for 18 weeks??
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Usually at 18 weeks baby will weigh between 5-7 ounces. Baby is a bit bigger than the average, and your weight gain is also quite high for your point. Most gain around 10-15 pounds by this point and you're almost double that. If you're not careful, you could gain quite a bit of weight by the end of the pregnancy, regardless of how fast you normally lose it in others. You only need around 500 extra calories a day, so you can just add in a snack or two to the 3 meals you eat a day or 6 smaller meals you should have.

In regards to if it will hurt the baby, I don't think it would unless you ate nothing but junk foods.
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18 weeks 1lbs? That seems big at 29 weeks mine was 2 lbs I don't know what's normal because ive been told mines on the smaller side. But I watched this programme called obese and pregnant and they were in the sum off 300+ pounds and eating junk food and everything and one ladies baby was only 6lbs4 so i wouldn't say what you eat nessiserily means you'll have a bigger baby because they didn't
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I dont eat junk, i snack on fruits, boiled eggs, things like that I was normal weight when i found out i was pregnant and my BMI was normal. I just dont know if my weight gain will effect the baby.
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at my 32 week app monday i have gained 33 pounds so far and my OB hasn't said one word about my weight so i guess im doing ok.
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I eat when im hungry but it seems like im always hungry. could there be something wrong with me as far as that goes?
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no. your body has more to do which means it needs more fuel to burn. Plus as long as ur not cramming down the junk food (which was alot of my problem) then its natural to be hungry again soon. they even say that 6 small meals a day is the best way to go. so with snacks that about 8 or times eating a day ya kno
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ive gained 30 pounds already and im almost 16 weeks pregnant, this is my third child and no matter how controlled my eating is i still gain alot of weight, my first 2 for the entire pregnancy was almost a very gross 80 pounds I gained i lose it right away but i just seem to put on alot of weight, i start thin, and get very heavy, this pregnancy seems no different then my first 2 :(
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If you go to your My Pregnancy app, there should be a graph of normal weight gain for each week of your pregnancy. What does that say?
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i'm totally opposite! i'm 25wks today and have only gained 1lb! I keep asking my doctor if it's okay and he doesn't seemed concerned. my baby is growing fine and weighs a little over a pound. i do eat, but just can't seem to gain weight!
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like when i posted i was eating :) one of those deli creation sandwhiches and now its 4:39 and im hungry again! like thats what i mean its annoying i cant even leave the house with out taking a snack with me because i know im going to get hungry lol
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I gained 50 lbs my first pregnancy and my daughter only weighed 7 lbs 5 ounces. She was my smallest of all my three girls. With my second I gained 26 lbs (I think, or around there but no more than that) and she weighed the heaviest at 8 lbs 8 ounces (though this is still an average weight for baby; this is NOT a large weight for a newborn).

I don't think your weight gain has anything to do with baby. But I think smoking, taking drugs (prescrip or street), drinking, gestational diabetes, etc. would have more effect on the weight of your baby than what you're eating.

I've heard of tiny, tiny women having 10 lb babies and I've heard of obese women having little 6-lbers.

That being said, so long as you are eating healthfully and drinking plenty of water you are doing what you can. Some women just gain more weight than others no matter what they do. AND I just want to emphasize that you gaining more weight doesn't mean your baby will be huge.

Finally I want to say that sonograms can be off on measurements of baby by a couple lbs either way. It's difficult to measure solids floating in liquid as the water is constantly moving and changing. It does affect the measurements. If you do have a larger baby I want to encourage you that they can still be born vaginally. Large baby doesn't mean automatic cesarean. Get into a position that is optimal for opening up the pelvis wide and womens' bodies can do some amazing things to birth larger-than-average babies.
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TO: nic374
How big were your babies when they were born? average or were they heavier since you gained alot?
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Thank you JoyRenee. That is just my fear. i dont want to keep indulging every time i get hungry even though im eating healthy and risk having a big baby. My first was 7lbs 3oz he was 2 weeks early my little girl was my biggest at 8lbs 8oz she was 4 days shy of her due date and my youngest was 7lbs 13 oz he was also 2 weeks early and i was about 140 at the begining of my pregnancies and when i delivered i was between 180 to 185 w/ all three but i never gained so much weight so fast

SK123: i did it and it said "high" what does that mean?
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my first was 8lb 12oz 21inches noelle my first was born on her due date she was the one i gained the most with , and my second brooke was 8lbs 14 ozs 20 inches and she came 7 days after her due date, i think some of the reason was noelle would of been bigger than her sister if she came 7 days after her due date i quite smoking with noelle at 12 weeks (I know bad), brooke i quite smoking at about 15-16 weeks it might of affected her birth weight a little bit, I know the size you are now i was about that size at 5 months with both of my girls. Dont stress i know it doesnt feel good gaining alot of weight but its seems like your babies are getting bigger with each one u have
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I agree with joy, My mum has had 5 kids, and all but 1 (who was premature) were over the 8lb mark and she did all them vaginally, she always insists that the bigger the baby the easy it is to deliver because they are able to kinda push themselves out more, where as smaller babies, you have to do more work for get to them out!

I'm not pregnant but my SIL is at the moment (this will be her second). she is tiny, and stayed that way throughout her pregnancy...didn't even go up a dress size (she was a UK size 8 and still is) and she gave birth her daughter who was 7lbs 10oz.
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My little girl was 8lbs 8oz and when she was born she had a fractured collar bone because i was having difficulties pushing her out. her poor face was bruised all over and my doctor said its because of her size as well as mine.I just dont want to risk doing that to my baby again. I know regardless of what i eat my baby is going to weigh what he weighs i just dont want my over eating to play a big roll in that.
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Perhaps it was the position you were in when pushing her out? I know from what i've heard that lying on your back when pushing a baby out, can carry that risk as it's not the best the position for widening your pelvis? Then again, you cannot help the position you in at times eh, when it's time to push you don't have much choice but to try push baby out! LOL.
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LOL i know! they kept telling me dont push and i was like "are you serious?" i could not help it she was right there and there was nothing i could do not to push! I just want my baby to be healthy and i dont want to do anything to increase my chance of having a c-section. i was induced with all three of my babies because of how far i live from the hospital (almost an hour) and i have to take a chance of hitting traffic. which terrifies me! but i want to try and go into labor on my own. but ive never gone into premature labor or had any complications or anything, my little girl was 4 days shy of her due date and i wasnt even dialated to 1cm. so im worried that if i go passed my due date, which i put money on, he will be a big baby.

AND what was the name of the show you were talking about? i want to search for it on my DVR.

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its called "one born every minute" it comes on lifetime.
My weight tracker says ahigh too so dont feel bad lol
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Yea i have my DVR set to record it. It comes on on Tuesdays @ 9.
But yea my weight app says mines high but im not even going to worry about it anymore im just going to go with it and eat when im hungry and just as long as im eating healthy im sure my baby boy will be to!
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yup yup. thats what i say. i just hope i go back to preprego size like you do lol
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its hard only because afterwards i really become strict with what i eat. and as soon as im cleared at my 6 wk check up i start working out. its honestly the easiest time because your tummy muscles arent tightened back up yet so its a little easier to get them were you want them! I learned that the hard way after my first, i waited till he was like 5 months to start working out and it took me twice as long as it did the second time around when i started at 6 wks post baby.
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well i def need to remember that then lol i cant wait to get my body back. so many stretch marks and just feel ugh... but its all for baby! lol
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theyll go away dont worry. theyll always be there but theyre new thats why the look ugly, but once you get used to them you wont even notice them! trust me!
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