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Pregnancy after C-Section

I know doctors usually recommend that you wait 18 months before conceiving after pregnancy but what is the shortest amount of time you can wait after having a c-section? I am 5 months pregnant now with 2nd child and would like to have one more. I am 38 now so I would rather not wait 18 months!!
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It is hypothesized that a short interpregnancy interval does not allow sufficient time for the mother to recover from the nutritional burden and stress of the previous pregnancy.  However, the impact of short interpregnancy interval is greater in young women.

And specific to cesarean delivery, a cross-sectional study reported that an interpregnancy interval within 12 months increased the risk of placental abruption by 52 percent in women whose first birth was vaginal and by 111 percent in women who had a cesarean first birth. Interpregnancy intervals shorter than 12 months were also associated with a 70 percent increase in risk of placenta previa in women with a cesarean first birth.

You would be best served by waiting 18-24 months, 12 months at the least.

Talk to your ob/gyn about your concerns.  

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Dr. Downing
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