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Pregnancy and breast feeding 10 months old

I know this is out of place but I can't get anyone to help me. I've called her pediatrician who is out of the office today. They said they would page her but she has not returned my call. I've called my local hospital and they said they can't page the on call pediatrician until after 5. My daughter is 10 months old and breast fed (well she drinks pumped milk but same thing). I am 27+2 weeks pregnant and I am getting close to nothing when I pump. I've tried formula and she is refusing. She will push the bottle away and scream and fight me the whole time. As soon as I give her water or Apple juice she's fine. She also eats solids. I know she needs milk still though. Can I give her whole milk. I know they say not until the 1st bday but it's either that (which I know she will take because she got a hold of her big sissys sippy and downed it) or she's not gona take anything. I've been trying with the formula for over a week now. Switched brands and everything. She won't have it.  I've read a big concern with switching to cow's milk is a lack of iron and babies becoming anemic but she is on an iron supplement and a multivitamin. What do you guys think??
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Its completely up to you. .. personally I wouldn't give cows milk... but some reckon formula is just as bad if not worse...
If it was me I'd let her drink water and still give formula in a sippy cup
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Yes you can. To get her belly used to it start by mixing it half and half with water first and then slowly increase milk and decrease water over a small period of time (like 2wks) to help her belly adjust and also find what amount might be too much for a while.
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I switched my daughter almost completely to whole milk by 10months just because I was already giving her table food...if the food didn't give her a reaction to the dairy that was in it I figured whole milk was just a plus...I say just let her have the milk, your goin to switch her over soon enough anyway  
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That's what I was thinking. She has had yogurt and other foods that contain dairy and never had a reaction so I'm thinking it will be ok.
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Just wanted to update in case any one else has this problem or is wondering. Her pediatrician FINALLY called me back and gave the ok to start her on whole milk. She said just to make sure she is eating at least 3 meals a day and getting plenty of calories and fluids. She also said to continue the multivitamin with iron as anemia is a common concern when starting cows milk. Thanks for the responses everyone!
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