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Pregnancy mutual masturbation

Dear Dr,

I am a 37 year old male and met a lady in a bar the other night. We went back to mine and I freshened up in the bathroom including washing and therefore touching my penis. We briefly performed oral sex on eachother but she was on her period so I stopped almost immediately. We then masturbated eachother. I did not come and I never seem to produce any precum. Because i have touched/washed my penis and then fingered her a couple of minutes later I am frantic with worry about getting her pregnant and it is all I can think about. Is there a risk or am I mad?


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There are a couple of things going in your favor.  Firstly, you mention that your "contact" was having her menstrual period at the time of your encounter.  That should make her relatively unfertile.  Secondly, some recent data suggests that contrary to popular belief, there probably are NOT any sperm in the pre-ejaculate seminal fluid.  Both of these factors in combination should make it extremely unlikely that your "contact" would become pregnant.  The absolute best information would be a negative pregnancy test, of course.
I won't lecture you on the use of condoms--I'm sure you know their advantages.
Hope this helps!
Dr B
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