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Pregnant, miscarriage or early period???

My periods have been regular ever since I first I had them and my period (or at least it looks like it) came a week early.

As my fiance and I have been trying for a baby, I came off the pill and had my period as normal which ended on Tuesday 27th April and for the next week my partner and I had regular unprotected sex.

The bleeding started about four days ago and, for now, it seems to have stopped but it's been on/off quite a lot and when it does happen it's very heavy, thick and clotty.

A week before the bleeding started I had been having weird dizzy spells, constipation, needing the toilet a lot more, breaking wind, sore breasts, headaches, tiredness and just the feeling of maybe being pregnant.

Because I wasn't sure if it's my period come early, implantation bleeding or a sign of miscarriage, I spoke to NHS Direct last night and was told to go to the hospital where they did a pregnancy test which was negative. I know a test stays positive up to three weeks after a miscarriage but am confused as to why she took it last night when I'm not due on my period till next week????

She told me to take a text next week and if it's positive then I still need the doctor to confirm whether I am pregnant or have had a miscarriage but if they tell me I am pregnant then why was I bleeding a week early?? And so much???

I'm really confused right now, any advice or similar experiences would be appreciated endlessly.

Thanks xxx
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After my miscarrige last month, my test came back neg after a week. I found out i was pregnant 4 days later it was gone, I am so sorry for what you're going through I really am.

Ask your doctor for a blood test it will tell you alot more, It could be either thing as you can have periods during pregnancy as my mum did with my brother. ALSO! You could of been pregnant and lost a twin as that can happen too and your other baby can be perfectly fine, The reason you miscarry is NOT YOUR FAULT, your body detects something wrong with the baby and naturally gets rid of it, if you are miscarrying I am so sorry, but there is nothing no one can do, they are unable to stop and prevent.
the Doctors can also check if your cervix is closed or ready to open.

Your period Might have come early? Take a the advice you have been given and take a test next week if it comes back neg but you;re still unsure, see your GP Because you CAN have false negative pregnancy test results.

good luck and I am hoping for the best for youu.

Try not to worry too much okayy :) xx
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Thanks hun, trying my hardest not to worry as my fiance and I are both concerned. But just to clarify even if the test comes back negative, still go to the doctors to speak to them about it and get a blood test for more accurate results yeah???

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yeah if you are still concerned and still feel like you're pregnant. after a miscarrige you feel like it for a bit after and sometimes carry on with the symptoms.
Did you have very big blood clots the size of 50p's or bigger? and did you get VERY bad cramping like period pain but worse? Also, you could be having an ectopic pregnancy. (growing in your tubes) they WILL have to remove this though if that is the case, I am sorry. i know what you are going through is hard but PLEASE DO NOT BLAME YOURSELF! My partner did becase he thought it was cause of my termination, but NOTHING you do makes you have a miscarrige, It is natural causes your body detected something wrong. is all :).

Im here if you need a chat okay :),

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Thanks again hunni, they were quite big clots but not the size of 50p''s... but I did get really really bad cramping in my abdomen and felt nothing like a period I've ever had.

I understand a miscarriage is natural so don't or won't blame myself but not sure how to take it as I don't even know if I am or was pregnant in the first place x
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well the blood tests will tell if you were ever pregnant or not, it will also see if you HCG levels are going up or not. You might have lost a twin that can happen also.
I was sat in the Hosp for 5 hours and I was the only one there through mine, my clots where VERY big bigger than 50p's.

I sugggest you see your GP Monday and ask for a blood test, explain your situation, and what has already happend, but you would like a blood test too see if you were ever pregnant and if you still are and to test your HCG levels. You might be having an Ectopic pregnancy do you have a constant pain in your lower abdomen constantly that doesnt go away? if you get me?

I am here anytime okay :)

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Thank you for all your help hun, it's really eased my mind a little... at least I know what I have to do now and it's clear lol....

And I'm so sorry for what you went through too, I wouldn't wish that on anyone. But you're still young so plenty of time :D

I'll be sure to let you know how it goes obviously to, again, thank you for your help

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