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Pregnant 30 weeks back and side pain

I just had a few questions. I am 30 weeks preg with my 3rd child.My 1st 2 pregnancys were great from what I can remember.All I ever had was headaches and your normal aches and pains..Can't remember how much or how bad the aches and pains.Then 3 weeks after my daughter (2nd preg) My uterous collapsed and I hemmoraged.But I am guessing my hemmorage wasnt that bad because I did not need blood and the hosp sent me home the next morning.This (3rd) pregnancy I havent had to many problems.Headaches but they seemed to have finally given up. The normal tired and sore.I did find out I had a seperated pelvis which makes it so hard to ROLL out of bed or sometimes walk but I manage. My concern or worry is for about the past 1-2 months if I stand to long or bend over to much or get iratated and have to get on to my kids or start reaching etc i have this sharp pain like a stabbing or dull ache,strecthing pain discomfort  in my right side near my rib but a little ways under my right breast.It really started when we moved into our new home 2 months ago I was hanging curtains and putting stuff on high shelves and I'm right handed so I had been reaching up and stretching with my right hand and arm and seems to be when it started .I told my DR about it last month and she said nothing about it and my ultra sound was good.also 2 weeks ago I had a back pain felt like someone was pushing there fist in my back on the right side kind of in the middle like a fist or a knot. it came on that day and then I was fine for about 2 weeks and it started again yesterday. Tylenol seems to help but after 4 hours I have to take it again.I remember having the back pain a month ago and again the ultrasound was good.baby moving great and growing great and heartbeat was great and I was not dialated.But was checked for a bladder infection and it was + she put me on a 3 day antibiotic and this was the 2nd time in a couple months I had a bladder infection.I have no bleeding Help ?
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Congratulations!  If you were my patient, I would want to do an ultrasound to rule out gall stones.  If you do have gall stones, the symptoms will often be worse after eating, especially a fatty meal.  The gall bladder is located underneath the liver edge on the right side, and if it is blocked, the painfrom it stretching can radiate through to the back.
Another possibility is a kidney stone on the right side.  The area you are describing is right where the kidney sits as well. An ultrasound would rule out kidney stones too.
If your gall bladder and kidney looked OK on ultrasound, I would then probably suspect some kind of  musculo-skeletal pain.  It sounds like your doctor is on the ball with ruling out contractions/preterm labor when you have the pain.
If it is musculoskeletal ( a pulled muscle from moving?) you are on the right track with Tylenol and rest.  Heat is OK too.
Hope this is helpful!
Dr B
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