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Pregnant during the holidays?

What stage of pregnancy will you be in during the upcoming holidays?  What kind of challenges are you dealing with that might be complicated by the holiday festivities?  
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I'm not currently pregnant, but two of my children were conceived shortly before Christmas, just in time to have full-on morning sickness for the holidays!  Ugh.  Of course it was early, and we weren't ready to tell anyone yet.  I had to pretend I was sick, sick, to explain why I couldn't eat any of the delicious food.  It was a bummer, because everyone kept their distance thinking I had a virus, but it kept our secret intact until just the right moment.

I'm thankful I wasn't hosting the holiday festivities, because there was NO way I could have prepared food at that point.
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I waddled into a New Year's Eve party in my 39th week. The host insisted on taking my photo (because my dress was low cut and he liked my boobs, probably) and I look at that picture now and think how fat my cheeks looked. My mom also said that she can tell now by looking at photos if she was pregnant at the time even if her stomach is not showing, because of how her face looked, so I shouldn't be surprised. I had a great time at the party, didn't drink of course but was very comfortable and didn't have any cramps or aches. Went into labor two and a half days later. I remember that party with fondness especially by contrast to the Christmas a week before it, because I was being monitored in the hospital overnight and missed all of Christmas. Also, my husband "helped" by cleaning the house when I was in the hospital, and hid all the Christmas gifts in the garage closet and I didn't find them until April. Too bad, some of them were calendars and you just don't give someone a calendar as a present in April, with three months already elapsed.
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Oh!  oh.  My first son was due before Christmas.  This was a long awaited for baby that I spent years trying to have!  I was just a little excited.  While he was due before Christmas, he didn't come until after . . . kid was 10 days late. I remember having to go to the grocery store for a family gathering and taking like two steps with my cart and having to stop and lean on it as that baby felt like he was sitting at the edge and about to fall out.  I DID get lots of things done trying to prepare myself for having a newborn at home so had shopping generally done but oh my.  It was strange. I couldn't eat due to horrible heartburn, I had the intense itching that some people get and wanted to rub myself up against the brick exterior of my house for relief and had calves and feet that blew up off and on all day and night long.  Joy.

But here is the plus side . . . I sat with my feet up while everyone else did dishes!  

I got home from the family thing on Christmas . . . about midnight.  Started my first labor pains.

But didn't have my bundle of joy until 3 days later . . . latent phase labor.  Three days of pain but worth it.  

The one thing that I was bummed about is that I had the cutest Christmas outfit to bring baby home in and for the actual day.  They look silly dressed in it in January. :>)  But I have a picture of my son in that dang outfit . . .  I had it washed and ready like they tell you to do with the baby clothes . . .   so couldn't return it.  lol

Fond memories! Get as much as you can done early mamas!
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No currently pregnant, but my first was born just after midnight on Christmas day! Went into labor on Christmas eve. Got out of the hospital on boxing day. It kind of sucked spending Christmas in the hospital, but we sure did get the best Christmas gift.
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I don't have a current pregnancy, either, but both of mine were born at the end of January, so at Christmas, I was 8 months into it both times.  I had problems with swelling/edema with both of them so had to spend lots of time off my feet.  

Since I had to be off my feet, sitting I decided I might as well learn something constructive... During my first pregnancy, I learned to make a quilt, sewing the pieces together by hand.  During my second pregnancy, I'd learned a new crochet stitch and crocheted my MIL an afghan for Christmas, right in front of her.  She saw and admired it every day, but had no inkling it was for her until she opened the box on Christmas morning...

My brother in a different state passed away just before Christmas when I pregnant with my second one, so we had to make an out of state trip for the funeral, traveling with a 3 yr old.  My husband's family were planning to come for Christmas; fortunately, my MIL was able to come early to travel and stay with us to help with our son as my brother's death was very stressful for me.  My daughter ended up being born on her due date, healthy so it all turned out well.

In spite of everything, I was able to make Christmas preparations both times for my husband's family visiting from another state... I haven't thought of these things in a while.
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