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Pregnant while on the Nuvaring?

Well I started the Nuvaring on the 17th of February... the first day of my period which is what the doctor told me to do. Its now the 8th of March and Im still bleeding. Very lightly, but its enough to have me wear a liner every single day. Last night I woke up feeling extremely sick. Today, this morning, I started vomiting. Could I be pregnant? Is there a chance? Its so confusing because there have been so many women who have gotten pregnant while using a birth control contraceptive.
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Have you been bleeding from the 17th of February to now, Saturday March 7th?  

Or did you bleed for a week and then stop and now you are bleeding again?

It doesn't sound like pregnancy but rather your body getting used to the nuvaring.

Irregular bleeding, menstrual irregularities as well as vomitting/sickness are all side effects of the nuvaring.  Here is some info right off of their website:

he common side effects reported by NuvaRing® users are:

      Vaginal infections and irritation
      Vaginal secretion
      Weight gain

In addition to the risks and side effects listed above, users of combination hormonal birth control methods have reported the following side effects:

    * Vomiting
    * Change in appetite
    * Abdominal cramps and bloating
    * Breast tenderness or enlargement
    * Irregular vaginal bleeding or spotting
    * Changes in menstrual cycle
    * Temporary infertility after treatment
    * Fluid retention (edema)
    * Spotty darkening of the skin, particularly on the face
    * Rash
    * Weight changes
    * Depression
    * Intolerance to contact lenses
    * Nervousness
    * Dizziness
    * Loss of scalp hair
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Sweetangel took the words right out of my mouth. Most likely it is side effects from starting new birth control. If you're concerned take a test since it should be accurate by now.
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aaronsgirl~ I agree with both of the ladies who replied. It sounds like side effects.
I took Nuvaring for 3 months, and altho the side effects were NO WHERE near as severe as Depo (i was on Depo for 3 YEARS) I still delt with Nausea, Weight gain, headaches... and other stuff
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Are you sure you were supposed to start Nuvaring on the first day of your period? I ask because Im on Nuvaring and was directed to put it in the Sunday AFTER the first day of my period.  Then leave it in for 3 weeks and take it out on Sunday and leave it out until the following Sunday.
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Yes, Im sure. When I was on the pill my doctor also told me to start on the first day of my period, although some doctors say to start the pill on the sunday after.
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oh okay. Was just wondering why your doctor would tell you that, because the hormones in the b.c will make your period messed up, so I dont know why she wouldnt tell you to wait until the end of your cycle or at least a few days in.  Im no birth control expert though just thinking maybe thats why your cycle is mixed up now?
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MJ~ You can start it the 1st day of your period, or the sunday afterwards.... either.  I was on the 1st day of my period when I started it.
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oh okay.. never knew that.
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