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Pregnant without symptoms!! When did u find out and..

Do u have a funny story that led you to knowing that you were pregnant before taking the test?   I just want to hear those amazing stories where woman got pregnant and didnt find out until wayyyyyyy later on?
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I don't have a real funny story but I went to my doctor about two days after I ovulated and bd'd with my husband...he gave me a prescription because I was complaining that after 7 months my periods were still irregular from my mc AND I was not pregnant YET!  

He wrote me a script BUT told me that he already thought I was pregnant and this was my month and that he wanted me to wait to take the script because he thought I was pregnant!  I ended up testing at 10 dpo because my doctor told me to test ASAP because he wanted me to call him with the good news...I did, and I WAS!  

It was so crazy!  

The only symptom which I got, was about 4dpo, I got a strong cramping which I never had before so I thought that I might have been pregnant as well =)

I am almost 27w and can't wait to have my little boy!
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I don't think you can find out right after conception because implantation doesn't happen  right away.

I thought i was pregnant beause i was really tired. i went to my gyn for something else and he had to do an internal and since my period was due that weekend he said he'd be able to tell...he said good luck next month. my period never came that weekend and for 4 days i got negatves...then i got very dizzy (a symptom i had before) and just knew i was preggo. i didn't have any test left so i used a ovulation test...it was positive so i went and bought a pregnancy test just to make sure
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it may sound weird but I was SUPER thirsty - never been so thirsty in my life except when I was pregnant- well - still nursing I am thirsty...  I found out I was pregnant right away though b/c we were watching and tracking things so closely trying to get pregnant.
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hi i didnt find out i was preggy till i was 3 mnths gone, due  to me being unwell. and also my partner was told he couldnt have kids. well anyway that was wrong ovbiously!! . howeva  i took  3 hpt whic all came bk negative at 1st and then   my partners family were sayin i was pregnant. n  i dint really know  to b honest so i went to the docs  and   the day i was due to get my result  i did another hpt and it came bk possotive!  then that morning the doctors also rang me and told me i was pregnant. i couldnt believe it and my partner was so happy as was i.  and we had a gd nine mnths. now were are trying for our 2nd child and no luck as yet although   im in my 2ww. i cant test till 24th jan. so wish me luck!
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I didn't even think I was pregnant when I found out. I was cleaning my bathroom and found an old test from a 2 for 1 box and decided to pee on it, cause why not. It was to my surprise that it was already positive before finishing peeing. Now that was a shock of a life time. My hubby was home so I walked into the living room and dropped the test on his desk. He started laughing while I started hyperventilating. Now I am 17w5d and finding out the sex next friday... who'd a thought! lol
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Well, it's not a really How I found out story, but I had a dentist appt right after I ovulated.  I was having some fillings fixed and my teeth cleaned.  I told the dentist that we were trying, but I wouldn't know anything for about a week or so.  When he talked with the hygenist, he slipped and said that I was pregnant, and then had to retract it and say that we were trying.  A little over a week later, I had my BFP.  I took the test when I did, because I had gotten my DH's head cold and felt like ****, and wanted to take some Dayquil.  Glad I took the test when I did!
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