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Hi, i have several questions. I have been trying to get pregnant, and recently
took a home pregnancy test that was positive. My first question is: Should i
repeat the home pregnancy test to make sure, or should i see an OBGYN soon to
confirm the pregnancy?
Second question: Should i start taking any supplements besides folic acid, which
i am already taking? Recent blood work showed that i had low levels of iron and
vitamin D and my PCP recommended taking supplements before she knew i was
pregnant, but i haven't started taking these yet.
Third question: The reason that i saw my PCP was because i thought i might have
an UVI. I was experiencing frequent urination and urgency and i noticed a strong
smell when i wiped. She took a dip stick of my urin which was neg. but
prescribed a 3 day course of Pivmecillinam Hcl anyway, and said that i could
wait and see if the symptoms got better before starting the antibiotic. The
symptoms seem to come and go, and now i might be pregnant, so should i take the
antibiotic or not?
Fourth and last question, i will be away from home for 5 weeks, should i see
OBGYN during this time or wait til i get home and see my own doctor? Thanks for
your help. :)
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If you were my patient, I would advise the following:
1) It can't hurt to repeat the test, or your doctor may want to, but its not necessary--call to schedule your ob appointment well before your 12th week of pregnancy.
2) I would advise a good prenatal vitamin with Iron, folic acid and vitamin D
3) I would probably repeat the urinalysis and a culture if necessary before recommending the antibiotic
4) you can probably schedule your ob appointments around your travel unless you develop a high risk condition
Hope I got them all!
Good luck and congrats!
Dr B
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Thanks! :)
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U can take materna it has iron and vitamin most recommended that's for ur second question
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Hi i am 24 with two boys of 5 and 6 i've been on the iud for two years now and i had never.  Missed my period now im 2 weeks late my last period was may 28 2014 . I took a pregnacy test a few days ago and it came out negativive. but i have been feeling dizzy. With alot of pregnacy symtoms. i dnt now wat else to do do you think i can be pregnant???
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Hey guys ...this is my second pregnancy. I was pregnent in jan where I lost the bby at week 4.now im pregnant but there has been issues thet are tearing me a part. So  my firsr hcg 2 weeks ago was 73 then nect one 11 days ago was 321.my doctor was okay with it.byt yesterday I started spotting when I wipe only.started of with brown then bright red.went to er.they did hcg it dropped down to 257 but my ultrasound found a live gestation crl 3mm. Im still spotting little heavier bt nt bleeding like period im seeing the obgyn tomorrow did another hcg test.result r gonna b tomorrow.my baby was doing fine till yesterday. I donno whats happening now.any success stories out there? Any hopes for me not to lose my lil muffin again?
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My last period was June 14 stopped around the 17th. I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend sometime after that I'm not exactly sure when. Then I cheated on my boyfriend and had protected sex with a ex boyfriend on july 5th. Who is the father? Im so confused. I took a clear blue test last night and it said 1-2 weeks which I dont understand because I has protected sex on july 5th. Please help sorry I only know how to post a comment.
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Hey, i have a question. I have 31weeks pregnant, and  i feel more pressure in my uterus  and feel the baby moving down, pushing down. The doctor say the bby have the head down but she isnt ready to born so i have to do rest. Is normal that my bby is already head down ?
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Hi I need some advice.  I had my last period in December 2013 I took a home pregnancy test in February and it was positive,went for a 12 week scan and the nurse couldn't see anything. I have every pregnancy symptoms including producing milk.  Since I had had 2 urine test and 1 blood test and all negative. My stomach has grown and even my belly button has come out. I went to the emergency room due to server back and groin pain s and was told I might have cyst or vibroid.  I don't know what to do or want to know has anyone had this happen to them and is there a chance I could be pregnant I swear I can feel it kicking.  Thanks
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