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I'm nervous that I may be pregnant-- sometimes I feel like I am and sometimes not, and I know that a lot of people say intuition is one of the biggest indicators. I started bleeding yesterday, dark brown in my underwear and pink on the toilet paper, and I had sex with my boyfriend about 6 days ago. I'm on the pill, but I wasn't perfect about taking it the last few weeks. This sounds like implantation bleeding to me, especially since it pretty much stopped today. I also know that the only way to be sure is to take a pregnancy test, not ask people on an internet forum. I bought three pregnancy tests, just to be sure, but I have to wait a few days...

My real question is not whether or not I'm pregnant--and if this question is inappropriate for this forum, I apologize. It's just one of the more legitimate forums I've found. I'm looking for information about medical abortions--specifically if there are locations where I can get mifepristone for less than $350 (I know sometimes it's twice that). I do have insurance under my parents, but I don't want to claim the abortion because they'll be able to see it on the insurance... please don't tell me that I need to tell my parents and that that's the responsible choice. It's easy to say, not so easy to do. I want to take care of this myself and keep from hurting them--I'm not alone in this, since my boyfriend knows about my suspicions and supports my decision to look into medical abortion. Please help me with this--I've looked all over the internet but places like Planned Parenthood just say "It could cost blahblahblah." I can't find any concrete information... and adoption really isn't an option either. I'm a dance major--pregnancy would make classes and involvement in my company impossible and prolong graduation even longer.

I don't want to start a political argument... please don't post replies about how I should keep my baby and how I'm a horrible person... this is a very difficult decision and it's hard enough without other people condemning me. I'm just looking for some help.

Thank you,

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I just want to add one more thing... I see how joyful and hopeful everyone is on this forum about pregnancy, and I truly don't mean to offend any one or anything like that. I think pregnancy is truly a wonderful thing and I'm excited about it--later in my life, when I'm truly ready and able to be responsible for another person's life.

Thank you and good luck to you all--

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I just want to say that if you decide that the pills are the choice for you, to make sure that you do not buy them off of the internet and try to do this alone unsupervised from a medical person.  There was a girl on here awhile ago that bought them online and tried to insert them vaginally herself and ended up with the contraction like pains but not passing any of the material so she ended up having to go to a doctor after all and who knows if she had infection or if the medicine was tainted or even what the medicine said it was.
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have you taken a pregnancy test yet?  That is a big indicator.  you might be jumping ahead and may not even be pregnant.  

let me know after you take the test and what the results are:)
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i will let you know up front that if you dont want people to judge you than you shouldnt post things about abortion on this forum when ppl are here to help others through pregnancy issues like m/c's and ppl who just cant seem to get pregnant. and have been trying for awhile and no BFP.

you are your own person and your going to make your own decison but if you want to know about abortion i would ask that somewhere else .. be prepared for some nasty post back to your question .

if you are on bc and not wanting to get pregnant than why not take it like your suppose to. only you put yourself in this position, and why is adopiton not an option??? i see how your saying about your career than why wasnt ur bc important enough to take every day.

its not my place to judge you but i will give my opinion and say that no baby deserves to be killed because you were not responisble enough to take your pills everyday.

and if you have the test and you are feeling preggo than why are you waiting to test. most test (but not all) can tell you 5 days before your missed period.

and i will say if you cant remember to take the pill try an IUD or something that you dont have to take everyday...

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PS.......i would take the test . and than go from there .. this is your choice and no one elses. so good luck to you in whatever you decide........
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this is a forum about all pregnancy questions, not just getting pregnat but also choices made about after one gets pregnant.  this forum is an appropriate place and if you think it's not then don;t respond.

why does everyone think that only pro-life stuff can be posted on here.  it is not like people are going around boasting and bragging about having abortions, they are ligit women who are scared, so show they some common courtesy.
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