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Question- What is your opinion of Marajuana or Weed during pregnancy?

Ok, no one freak out or start yelling at me. I just want opinions... What do you think about weed during pregnancy to treat Nausea?

The reason I ask is I've been on SEVERAL midwife's sites that reccommend weed or marajuana as a way to help perk up the appetite. Not enough to get completely baked, but enough to relax you and help your appetite.  and YEA, I know it's illegal... but I'm one of those who think it should be legalized so that at least ppl won't be getting it laced or whatnot. (and it'll lose some of it's appeal to younger generations)

Also, my friend was talking to me today, and she had the same issues I've had with my pregnancy: Bad M/S during the first 1/2 of pregnancy, and lingering m/s or no appetite during the rest of her pregnancy. She had a problem eating enough and putting on weight.

Her NURSE at her doctors office suggested it to her, and she said it helped alot. And it turns out her mother also did it a little for the same reasons when pregnant with her. (like 2X a week or so only in the AM to boost hunger)

I have NOT smoked it during pregnancy, but have seriously considered it. Yes, I know the risks to MY lungs, but to my knowledge there have been NO studies showing harmful effects to the baby. and I've looked.
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well they havent PROVEN that any harmful effects have come from it. but if theres a chance, id say NO. and there is a chance. because anything that enters your body and alters your mind obviously has the same effect on the fetus. and they should be able to make that choice for themselves one day outside of the womb. =)
thats just my opinion. i dont know everything, i sure wish i did. your body should only have the best of everything entering it right now. plus there are other ways of treating morning sickness.
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Well, here is one article that I found.  Might be of interest...

www sciencedaily com /releases/ 2007/ 12/071217110328 htm
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they say smoking one joint is like smoking 20 cigs as far as the harmful chemicalsss
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Marijuana is illegal for a reason and it can impair your judgement. I'd say stick to other remedies for nausea, especially since there is no study done to see what the affects (short or long term). They can't do the studies because no one wants to risk legal suits from pregnant women who experience problems. So unless prescribed by your doc... try someting else! Sorry you're feeling so nauseated!!!
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I don't know...My opinion is this:  becuase marijuana is illegal it has to be bought underground so to speak...in doing so you risk things having been added without your prior knowledge and there's no way for you to know what's in it.  It could be laced with pcp or lsd or any number of other things.  UNLESS you grow it yourself, in which case you DO run the risk of getting caught, being charged and having it on your permanent record and it could get CPS involved.  I'm not sure what risks of the marijuana THEMSELVES are but I can't help but think of other worst case scenarios.
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I know they suggest it to cancer patients to help with the nauseau and try to boost there appetite....The main thing is what you want to do because its you that has to deal with the consequences if there are any....I know people that smoked pot during pregnancy, fortunately I dont need an appetite inducer, maybe a reducer...lol.
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Well, I don't plan on smoking it now... if it became legal I would.  And yea, I know it impares your judgment.. but so does alchahol (sp?)(and that's legal, even if IT is unsafe during pregnancy)
And I DO know about the chemicals it has.. and being as bad as 3 cigarettes (for 1 joint).. that was a fact I learned in Health class in H/S.   1= 3 . lol  Yea, I don't want to risk TJ's health, esp. with the problems he's already gonna have. But I also know that some women have smoked occasionally during pregnancy and they're babies were born fine, as well as that 1 glass of wine alot of doctors say is alright.  (every once in a while after first trimester) IDK... I guess I"m not terribly paranoid about stuff like that. :) Even if my mom is... my hubby has a similar mind set as me. thankfully.

And Honestly, I only wish they could legalize the THC part of it without the harmful chemicals... I believe it IS legal here in Cali... but only for Glaucoma(sp?) and cancer...

However, i could use something to boost my appetite. at least a little bit on my bad days.  
I gotta say, I wasn't sure this would get many responses.... I was pretty shocked that I had so many in such a short time!.lol
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It is legal in i believe 8 states and one of those being here in Cali. My boyfriend has a medical license and he makes butter out of it and outs it in brownies and cookies and stuff and it makes his appitite alot better. He had a cyst in his lungs that is gone now. I dont smoke it or eat it but he does and it helps... i dont think it would harm the baby. You can get the license for MS cramps/ headaches/back pain basically anything. If you want to get a license PM me anad i will give you the name of my boyfriends doc. we are in LA though. I think there is even a number you can call... 1 800 got kush i think...
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In my opinion with it being illegal, IF you decided to do it and got caught, your baby runs the risk of being handed over to CPS and put into foster care. My sister did the same thing as it does help, but she got busted by an under cover cop and her daughter and the baby she was pregnant with got rewarded to the state of texas and she hasn't seen them since, this was 2 years ago.

Not only is there health issues to yourself, but there are health issues to the baby, and in my opinion you would be better off smoking ciggerettes while pregnant. I do believe there are medicinal reasons to have it legalized as well, but the point is, it isnt legal in most states. You can get a medical license in any state I do believe.

I would speak to your doctor if you are considering it. Not only is it harmful to babies period, but I would be extra careful beings TJ has DS, and DS babies can have respritory(sp) issues as it is. I wish you the best of luck in your decision, but I really hope you consider talking to your doctor first about it.
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BTS1022~ Well, I definitely know about the whole CPS thing... they were called out on my family alot when we were younger. (my brother had a thing when he was a baby where he'd sit on a step, then stand up and fall on his butt on the next step below.. FOR FUN) and ppl saw the bruises and called cps.... then the ppl at CPS got to see him do it!

Actually.... It depends on the doctor you speak with and if the doctor is supportive of legalizing it.  it has NOT been shown to cause ANY harm to babies in utero.
The only way it'd cause respitory(sp?) issues is if he was already born and BREATHING it. lol,

I am self-educated enough to know that.. (no I'm not downing ANYONE) BUT... I do plan on calling some midwifes in my area.. My doctor as far as I know is NOT a supporter of legalized marajuana.
And there are other ways to use it other than SMOKE it. You can EAT it as well as get the HCG PILLS to take. Those come without the pollutants that smoking has.  
It was just something that was suggested to me, and something I had considered, I literally have NO appetite almost 24/7... and if I didn't force myself to eat as much as I do (2 meals a day plus a couple snacks on a good day. On a bad day 1 big meal and 3-4 snacks) but only if it was shown to me or research had shown me that it'd be OK and not harm TJ.

Thanks for all your opinions, I appreciate it. And thanks for no one going overboard and "mean" in response. I knew I'd get varied responses, and respect all of your opinions... I had just wondered what other ppl thought of it. :)
I do wish more studies had been done on the benefits and downfalls of it. I think there are several studies going on currently but results won't be out until later this year or in "09".... :)
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The main thing is, like you said, being it's illegal, who knows what else is in it?  That would be the one thing that would scare me away from it......You never know what your getting when it's a substance that isn't controlled by the FDA.  
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My friend is 37 weeks pregnant & for the 1st 5 months she smoked Marijuana to ease morning sickness & nausea. She said she would only smoke one puff & it would take it away & make her feel better. She had to put down on the pregnancy records that she previously & currently smoked it & the doctors & midwifes are keeping a close eye on her & they are even coming out to her house once the baby is born to make sure that this doesnt continue once bub is here. I guess the advantage is that her partner grows it & also his bestie grows and gives it to her so she knows that it is all natural.

She recommended it to me when i eventually get pregnant but she said that the best way would be for someone else to smoke it, and then blow the smoke in your face, so that your not getting it too strong, but still getting some allowing it to take m/s & nausea away.

I would be 50/50 on it as i am unsure about harming the baby (i know the only known effect is the bub being smaller at birth) but also i dont want people to think i am an irresponsible mother.

So i would have to think about it.

In the end though it does help m/s & nausea, but i would feel guilty of doing something illegal & couldnt help but think it would harm my baby (even though it doesnt).
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