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Question for those who've recently had a baby (last 6 mo)

Ok, this is for those of you who have had a baby or been preggo in the last 6 months.  Did you get on any form of BC. and if NOT,

Has your DH or BF or significant other gotten paranoid that your gonna get preggo again soon?

I'm only on the VCF (foam)  and have used it religiously. I have begun to take more vitamins, simply because it is helping my back pain. I am taking prenatals (since there are more vitamins in them, and Calcium supplaments)
Yesterday DH pops off with "I don't want you drinking any alcahol in case you get pregnant. and I won't drink it either"

I said, What do you mean? I'm not pregnant and don't plan on being preggo anytime soon.  then he said "JUST Incase, I don't want you drinking anything... if you do get pregnant I want the baby as healthy as possible."
TheN I asked him if he thought I'd done something to cause TJ to have the problems he does and he said definitely NO.

Today I asked him" Do you think I'll end up pregnant here soon?" and he said YES.... I asked why and he said he just does... He didn't seem mad or scared, but it was interesting to say the least. My son TJ will be three months old the day after tomorrow. I had a csection (and already have a %50 of another one for health reasons) but want to officially try for #2 in June or July of 2009.
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Ok, so I haven't had a baby or popped in the past 6 months.  But I just wanted to tell you, you may want to get on some birth control if he is thinking like that, and you want to wait till June or July.  I had 2 back to back pregnancies, and it was awesome, but a bit hard!  

But to say the least, it sounds like he cares a lot, and just wants to make sure everything would be perfectly fine if you did get pregnant!  Sounds like you have a good man!
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Well I had a copper IUD and I honestly think that it was wonderful while I had it.  The best is that you don't have to remember to put anything in, no side effects since there's no hormones or bad chemicals involved.  
I wouldn't trust the foam plus, if you do get pregnant, there's some harsh chemicals there that could affect the pregnancy, in my opinion not based in fact.  I'm always paranoid of chemicals.  I switched to natural deodorant because of "chemicals".
I know they say that the pull out method doesn't work, but it did for me for two years before I got the IUD.
I think its normal for him to be a little paranoid, I don't think that he would hate it if you got pregnant again, maybe that's why he wants you to stay off alcohol, but its been an intense time for you both so I'm sure he wants to take every extra precautions.  All men are paranoid anyways.
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i had a baby in may, she is 6 months. well to my suprise in sept i found out that we are again expecting. huge suprise to us!! we are happy and we welcome it but we were not trying for another baby so soon. we actually used a condom, i was not on BC. after i have this baby i will probably get an IUD. i had a lot of problems in the past with BC so i would prob not go that way. hopefully all goes the way you'd like. congrats on ur new baby!! take care!!
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ashiepooh~ Hormonal BC is OUT of the question for me. I gained 50 lbs on Depo shot and another 15 or so on the Nuvaring. They tried nuvaring on me for 3 mo. to see how I liked it before I had TJ.  and it was ok, but I hated gaining weight. (my highest was 192 at about 5'7)  and Supposedly the Nuvaring has even LESS hormones than a LOW dose pill.
Plus, I get migraines and they just get worse on it. Among other things.

my OBGYN will NOT put an IUD or mirena in until I've had at least 2 kids, and preferably 3.... I'm fine with that. I want to have 3 babies total.
I know he cares, but he'll REALLY stress out too. (he said "oh god my life is over with tj")

As for condoms we BOTH hate them. I can feel it and it makes things harder on himd... in a not good way. :)

same for pull out. it's just not asmuch fun. I wouldn't mind if I get pregnant in the next 7-8months.... But it may be tough on my body.

and it's not lke I'm a teen.. Ill be 22 saturday, and we've been married 3 yrs together almost 6!
I figure if it fails it fails. I dont' want to use anything else, AND i'v e been using it PERFECTLY. :)  But I don't think DH would take it too great. :) he's even threatened that after baby #2 or 3 he's going to get a vasectomy.  at least those are more easily reversed.
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wow i can not beleive your doctor will not do the mirena.  here is MASS a doctor will use the mirena after after one baby.  would you think about getting a second doctors opinion or even your regulars PCP's advice?  
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We used a natural family planning method and have never used anything other than condoms during the times we REALLY didn't want to get pregnant.
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