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Question on multiple miscarriages

Hello there.  I posted a question to you in Feb. of this year with regards to having experienced 4 miscarriages since Nov. 2007.  I am a healthy 40 year old women and my OB has performed every test imaginable, including genetic testing between my husband and myself.  Sadly, I am just at the very tail end of my 5th loss.  I had one loss at 10 weeks, 1 at 8 weeks, 2 chemical pregnancies and this one was at 4 weeks.  The two at 10 & 8 weeks never had a heartbeat show up on ultrasound and did require D&C's.  In this most recent case, my first HCG test was only 19, the second 12.  I have a couple of questions I forgot to ask my OB.  Would this again be considered a chemical pregnancy?  If so, does that really count as a miscarriage (it does emotionally, but I wonder if the medical community looks at it the same way). What I mean by that question is all the info I find on the internet talks about anything more then 3 losses being a real issue...should I only consider myself as having 2 or 3? Or is it actually 5?  And my last question is...is it possible there is a genetic link here?  After my birth, my mother had 7 miscarriages (I am an only child).  However, these all took place in her 20's and early 30's, where again, I am 40.  Is there anything I should be asking my OB given that both my mother and I seem to have trouble?  I am on the waiting list to see an RE, however, being Canadian and in a relatively small city, this could take anywhere from 6 months to a year.  And lastly, should I insist my fibroids be removed? (My OB feels they are not the culprit and prefers to leave them alone).  I am incredibly frustrated..it seems a nasty trick that I get pregnant so easily, but can't seem to carry...I would be so grateful for any thoughts or ideas you may have.  Thank you so much.
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Yes, I think there could be a genetic link.  There are probably MULTIPLE genetic links to reccurent spontaeous pregnancy losses.  Unfortunately, we don't know what they are yet, and are not great at treatment.  If you were my patient, I would remove your fibroids.
I would definitely start you on a baby aspirin every day, and possibly on heparin--low dose.  I would also start you on accupuncture treatments to improve blood flow.  As well as fish oil and lots of vitamins!  I would supplement with progesterone as soon as you conceived, regardless of your progesterone level.  And yes, I would lable you a "habitual aborter"  (What a lovely term!--If you conceive you will be an elderly primagravida--it gets better!).  I would count all the pregnancies.

On thing that will very likely come up, and you should seriously consider if you are desparate for a baby, is donor eggs.  You might very likely carry very well if you had donor eggs.  Really, once you hold the baby, you completely forget about the DNA, so don't rule it out!

Hope I answered all the questions!
Good luck!
Dr B
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Hello, I just read that fibroids could be related to infertility.  Well, I am sending you the website, hope it helps.
M/cs, chemical or not are mcs and count.  Has your doc prescribed any meds?  Has he checked your cardiolipin, that is the coagulation of your blood.  Here is another site.  http://www.sharedjourney.com/define/aca.html
I am taking the baby aspirin and hope this beans stick all the way to term.  I have had 3 DNCs and with no explanation either.  I requested my OB check the CL level and only did one test with slightly elevated results.  They recoment to have 3 at I don't remember what time intervals but that is all it took for me to start on the 81 mg aspirin.  We are at 6 weeks tomorrow on a frozen transfer.  We tried fresh November of 07 and ended at 6 weeks and a DNC on Jan 9 of 08.  We had 3 embrios transfered and hope we make it.  My cousin lives in Canada and has dificulty with Dr appointments taking so long hope you are able to see him soon.  
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Hi, also progestrone is very important at the first 12 weeks of gestation.  Your ovaries are supposed to keep it coming to keep your uterine wall in good welcoming condition for the implantation of the blastocyst, and if they don't that might result in a mc.  Prescription for that is necessary as well if monitored for pregnancy.
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Thanks Trixie.  I actually do take baby asprin, prenatals, iron and progesterone.  Only my first pregnancy was I not on progesterone supplements.  And yes, I have been checked for blood clotting disorders.  Thank you for your advice and information though, I appreciate it.
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I recently had a miscarriage on march 28-09 due to fibroides.  i'm due for a myomectomy in June the only problem i am so scared that it will affect my chances of getting pregnant again as some pple have already experienced.  U have given me hope in the sense that nothing beats a failure but a trial. after i have my surgery i'm gonna try again.  But dont give up just yet a baby may just stay for the full term.
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Hello, ladys sadly i share the same story 3 m/c
3.11wks5days in jan 2009
I have never been on progesterone, with any, but i have started on baby asprin for mth now just waiting to get pregnant, and dr will start me on injection, i dodnt have clotting disorder, but dr is being causion as no reason for m/c
But i plan on asking for progseterone even tho dr says my levels are fine...cant hurt anything.
Injection are Clexane.
So all i have to do is get pregnant, im 8dpo right now.
Anyone of you ladys like to talk:0
Im happy to comunicated
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Also why would you remove fibroids?
I am also 40yrs old
And im very interested in this post , any help apprecitated:)


Will asprin hurt if no blood clotting disorder?
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I have rectume sharp pain and stomach cramp
doring my cycle, what you think is that?

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I had 4 m/c, 2001 was at 9 weeks, 2002 was at 10 weeks, 2004 was at 9 weeks and 2006 was at 9 weeks I had to D&C with all of them. After so many tests and too many doctors nobody found anything related to my miscarriages. After I gave up the idea of being pregnant and carry to full term, I went to a new Re in town for last chance and he repeated all tests related to genetic and blood diseases finally he found that my Anti-Cardiolipin level is pretty high (3 tests in different times) I was so happy and sad at the same time because finally I  know what was wrong with me and sad because if I knew before they could save my babies. I went thru with IVF first try and now I am 12 dp3t my Re put me on so many meds: baby aspirin, heparin, prednisone, progesterone (injectible and insert endometrin) and prenatal vitamins my Re says I have now higher chance to keep the pregnancy in case I become pregnant. He told me heparin and baby aspirin and even progesterone won't hurt if we take them but they help. Ask your doctor for testing your anticardiolipin again for more than once I did it once before and it was normal but they need to repeat it, it won't hurt to ask after all we know our bodies more than any doctors. I hope that all ladies here get their BFP very soon.
SSBD to all of us....

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