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Quitting Smoking

I just currently starting smoking again as of a month ago due to a number of reasons, I am currently 25 weeks and had quit smoking before for 5 months while pregnant, I am gradually starting to cut down and quit again as I know the effects it has on an unborn child, but was wondering if its already too late and damage has been done to my unborn child????
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Yes, you have affected your child.  The most common fetal association with smoking is poor growth.  There is no exact dose response so it is hard to predict how your baby will be affected.  I'd simply encourage you to quit during the pregnancy and after.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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Don't worry.  You should cut down and quit when you can..,My Doctor told me to wein myself as you can put your baby and body into shock, which is worse.
You are probaby fine.  Remeber....for years and years, mothers smoked through preganacy before medical research showed the harms....I am sure you are fine...Do NOT STRESS!
Good luck
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Thanks for the reassurance, as if that doc said that to me??!!?!?!
I mean if nothing comes out wrong with my baby, him making me stress out that their might have been might be worse for my baby!!
I am currently trying my best to cut down gradually, I have one in the morning and then I go to work all day which is for 9 hours before I have another one, and then I'll usually have a couple more throughout the night, but I'm trying, it's pretty hard though....and for people who dont smoke they clearly wouldn't understand, and I wouldn't expect them too, their biased, as they dont know the effects and withdrawls it puts a person through, now imagine being pregnant and having all those extra hormones running through your body and trying to quit.....NOT easy!!!!
Get back to me on your input on this as soon as possible!!!
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I just wanna say your so right unless you've smoked you have no idea how hard it is to quit. Least bit of stress and you think of smoking.
I also think doc was to harsh saying you've def done damage, he cant 100% see that. I am preg now but have quit pretty much, not easy but u can do it, 4me i try remember the preg i've lost and that helps me, but when i was preg with my son i suffered pre-natal depression, my partner left me and i was smoking near 40 a day 3months in. I know the smoke affects blood cells and your baby gets less oxygen and less oxygen is no way good but my son is fine. I smoked 4months in with my first shes fine. My mum smoked with us, were fine. I think there is a 5 a day guidline if you desperately cant quit. No way am i encouraging you but i think they exagerate because at the end of the day its not good.
You will be fine, keep trying. :-)
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Thanks hun!!!
I did quit for the first 5 months as the smell of it made me sick because of the morning sickness, but as the sickness went away my cravings came back, and as I have been under a bit of stress lately I gave in to the cravings, I know I shouldnt have but it was hard not too!! My boyfriend smokes too, so that was one of the reasons it was hard not to give in, watching him smoke REALLY made me want one!
But I've cut down to under 5 a day, so hopefully soon I'll be down to none!!!
Anyways keep in touch, you seem nice, and I enjoy talking to you!!
Take care hun!
P.S How far along are you now???
I'm 26w and 3d, going on 27w on Friday!!!
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Thats ok. Yr welcome. Glad i could help. Don't think that Doc has any sympathy or varied advice, its one road and i dont like that. I know how hard it is...would be good if your boyfriend could help like not smoke in front of you or go outside. Us women have to make all the sacrifices, get him on board..lol
I'm only 7 weeks, today actually, been trying for year long story, not straight as it seems. Been preg few times so symptoms not too bad just sore breasts.
Your well on your way? is it your first? boy or girl?
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