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hey ladies! i was just wondering if any of you knew of any good pregnancy books to read while your on the 9 month journey. i already have a couple...i just think its fun to read them and learn new things/ absorb the information. im looking for something also semi entertaining besides just informative. id also be interested in any fictional books about someone going through pregnancy or something that might be a pleasant heart warming read to please my hormones lol. Alrighty, thanks in advance i hope someone has something good! i love to read so im sure anything will appeal to me! id just like to be as prepared as i can be for this little pumpkin! although im sure no book can prepare me for the joys of motherhood its still fun to do some research.. so to speak : )
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Well the two big ones that come to mind are Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy and Belly Laughs- for funny books.

I gleaned this off of nursingbirth's blog:

Best Childbirth Preparation Book*

- Birthing from Within: An Extra-Ordinary Guide to Childbirth Preparation by Pam England & Rob Horowitz

*Best “How To” Guide to Helping a Woman Through Childbirth*

- The Birth Partner, Third Edition: A Complete Guide to Childbirth for Dads, Doulas, and All Other Labor Companions  by Penny Simkin

*Most Inspiring/Positive/Empowering “What To Expect” Book*

            - Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth  by Ina May Gaskin

*Best Practical Guide to Breastfeeding*

            - So That’s What They’re for: Breastfeeding Basics by Janet Tamaro

*Best “Research that Doesn’t Read Like Research” Book*

            - The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth by Henci Goer

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wow, thanks joy! now i see why they put u in charge! lol jp! but thank you...im thinking of starting a book club with our april/may mommies group...i thought it might be fun for us to read our pregnancy guides together so we could help eachother figure it all out...might be fun?
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That sounds like a LOVELY idea! I wish I had thought of it but everyone in my birth group is already about to have their babies. You should do it!!! I'm eager to hear how it turns out and we can pass this info along to new groups (you'd get credit of course). MedHelp loves these types of suggestions.
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cool, yeah.. well i made a post on the april forum so ill copy paste onto the may one and see how people like the idea! im not sure how many members their will actually be that are interested becuz as of yet there arent very many "regulars" on the april or may forums. but it may get people to log on more frequently to discuss the books! im hoping people like it because im looking forward to the idea. it would be nice to know i have people to talk to about the book if im unsure of an idea being portrayed or what not. thanks for your support im glad you like the idea!
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I really liked Belly Laughs, its not as informative as others, but it is funny and most people can relate!
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Yeah, to the Belly Laughs--- I just read your post about having to pee all the time and you seriously would love this book. It's written by Jenny McCarthy if you don't know it or have it already. I got a copy on Ebay I think for super cheap. You can check amazon too!
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awesome! thanks guys lol i do love humorous books...sounds just like what im looking for..maybe somebody else hasnt read it yet in my birthing groups and would enjoy reading that one with me as our first book!
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if you want something heartwarming but a real tearjeker as well try chicken soup for the pregnant soul.  its amazing as all the chicken soup books are but have some kleenex beside you.  lol.
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i read
*pregnancy week by week
*what to expect while expecting (but really dont read into this one to much as i have read false stuff as well in this book)
*chicken soup for the expectant soul (i love this it makes me laugh and cry)
and then my favorite one is
**pregnancy ***** (its more like a book then a information one but i can really relate to this one and she relates to you on a pregnancy level not what dr's tell ya)
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the happiest baby on the block and what to expect the first year.
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"First Time Mom" by Wendy Beahn.
I love this book. It's very entertaining but also has lots of useful advises and information with a sense of humor, will make you laugh. Very easy to read as well. Definitely recommended if you get bored from reading the official pregnancy guides. My husband also reads few chapters occasionally and he enjoys it!
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thanks guys!
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I hate reading. lol
I LOVE the Green Mile by Stephen King though.
I keep reading it over and over again. hahaha I'm so LAME.
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Expecting Adam: A True Story about Birth, Rebirth and Everyday Magic by Martha Beck.  It is such a great book.
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I love Baby Catcher; Chronicles of a Modern Midwife by Peggy Vincent.   I read it the last three times i was pregnant, and really enjoy it.  It describes a midwife's experiences from hospital to home births, births in an elevator, water births...anything you can think of, she has experienced.  It is well-written, interesting, warm, and entertaining and informative as well.
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I love that book!  It was a little upsetting to read while preggo, though,  I became *convinced* that my baby was going to be born with Down's.....But such a beautiful story.
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LOL I bet.  It was a beautiful story.  I would cry and then laugh and be back to crying.
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wow, u guys are really coming through for me! thanks! i think im gonna take my list over to the library to see how many i can find to borrow and then purchase the ones i like!!
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I just got Chicken soup for .01 at amazon you should also look there.
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