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Ready for my baby
My doctor checked my cervix two days ago, im due on  friday nov.21st and he said my cervix was really soft and open. we discussed induction and i go back tomorrow, so can i still be induced if my cervix is the same? what would they have to do to get it in favorable condition? and is my cervix considered favorable?
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Happy Thanksgiving baby! Hope some one else is cooking the turkey at your house!
One thing I should mention is that inducing labor in first time moms puts them at higher risk for c-sections.  Not so for "multiparous"  2nd or 3rd etc time moms.  I don't know if this is your first.

Also, there is something called a Bishop score that we use to decide if your cervix is "favorable"  and it counts the dilation, effacement, consistency and position of your cervix.  From the information I have, I can't say whether your cervix is favorable or not, but if your doctor has been around very long, he wouldn't have discussed induction with you if your cervix is not favorable--he would have given you the "speech".!

If your cervix is not favorable, the technique is to use cytotech--or another type of prostaglandin to ripen it--these are usually given intra-vaginally and take 4-8-12 hours or so to work.  This is probably best done only when medically necessary (like high blood pressure, etc).

So, if you were my patient and if you were a first time mom, even if you were miserable and had really wonderful plans for Thanksgiving, I would probably give you the "speech" about waiting.

You can try softening your own cervix at home by having lots of sex! ;}
There are prostaglandins in the semen that are just the same as the ones at the hospital..  I'll bet your other half would be willing to pitch in and help you out!

Good luck!

Dr B
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