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Really BAD diaper rash..any remedies for that?

My 13 month old has a really bad red rash in her diaper...i feel so bad! i bathe her every night , i use vaseline(gel) and vaseline (the cream)..ive also tried the new creams for diaper rashes etc.. and none work!!! its so frustrating!!! we change her diapers as often as we can,,,,and the rash keep on coming back!!!
she has   been teething, some people say its because of that , what are your thought ladies?
thank you for your help
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My son has had horrible diaper rashes on and off since he was a couple weeks old, he's 18 months now. The best thing I could tell you is to let her run around naked for a little bit and dry off completely and use a TON of desitin creamy the blue one NOT purple. Or try A&D...and make sure you change her often so she's not sitting in a wet diaper. If there are red dots I'd talk to your doctor because my son also gets yeast rashes and they won't go away with just regular cream, he has a prescription cream. Also try an oatmeal bath. Grind up the oatmeal until it's almost powder and put it in her bath water stir it around until it's dissolved. Good luck!
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Burnt flour! LOL i know it sounds funny but it really does work..i used it on both my kiddies and its au natural...mind you it does smell but totally worth it! She will be cleared up prob by the next time you change her! Or at least most of it will be! Good luck i hope her lil bottom gets better soon!!
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Tinactin, the cream not the spray, it's the only thing that works on my daughter! I know it sounds crazy, but she is prone to diaper rash (sensitive skin like her mommy) and use that when I change her (not tons but enough to cover) and within a day or 2 she's all cleared up. Let me know if this works
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You may needs to take her to the doctor. It may actually be a yeast infection and not diaper rash. They will probly give you Nystatin which will clear it up almost the first time you put it on. But get that poor little girl to the docs. Yeast infections are common in babys even boys. They say if nothing over the counter will get rid of it then it is a yeast infection.
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I think you have received some great advice. I would try the home remedies first before rushing to the doctor. My son gets horrible diaper rash while he is teething. I use the blue desitin as well, or butt paste and they work well. I also change my son's diaper about every hour.. I keep him pretty dry and that seems to keep the diaper rashes at bay. Good luck!
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My doctor said to use a mixture of aquaphor and liquid mylanta it works great and helps soothe some of the acid on their bottom from the poo. My DD also gets them so bad that they are yeast infection on her skin. In that case use anti-fungal cream twice a day with the aquaphor mixture in between. Good luck hun
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Thank you all for your advise, i did go to the doctor and he recommend to use an over the counter cream for yeast infection!!! its all going away now! thank God for that , the poor thing was miserable!

Thanks a million everyone
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I would check the ingredients on your wipes and even some of the ingredients for your diapers (harder, but look online).  Many shampoos, lotions, and body cleaners have sugars in them which feed the yeast.   Find cleansers that do not have them otherwise the yeast problem will continue over and over again.

Buy some lanolin to protect her little butt.  I used to warm it in hot water to liquify it to 1 - use less and 2 - make it easier to spread.  Make sure you get 100% lanolin not something like A & D that is mixed with clogging oils that can make things worse.  If you can lay baby naked out in the sun for a few minutes a day.  Just lay her on a diaper that isn't pulled over her butt.

A diaper rash should never be linked to teething!!  Its a myth that the 2 are connected and can cause you to steer away from the real cause.
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