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SO STRESSED OUT (long rant)

Just found out the other day that we only have about $700 left in the bank. And our rent for where we're living is $425 we don't even have enough money for two more months. The only income that we have is my boyfriend's grandmas social security which is only $250 a month. Which is not enough for the rent. So basically if we dont figure out something soon we're going to be homeless. So I'm freaking out and I cried for a long time yesterday cause the stress just got to be too much. I'm really stressed and frustrated about so many things and I just don't know what we're going to do. My boyfriends grandma is smoking again more than last time. We stopped buying her cigarettes so now she walks to the store herself to buy cigarettes.  I'm going to go to the DSHS office that we have and ask about their going to be homeless program and see if they can help get us get a place. Only problem is though is that I don't know what we're going to do about my boyfriend's grandma because I don't want her smoking around me or my boyfriend or our baby when he/she is born. Our baby is already being exposed to second hand smoke because I'm around it. So when we move I don't really want her moving in with us. I know that sounds terrible but I'm not going to put my family's health at risk just for the sake of being nice. And I know its going to be really hard for my boyfriend because thats his grandma and his grandpa just died in march of this year and they raised him. But I know that second hand smoke is deadly and I don't want our growing baby around it. I just don't. So its going to be really hard figuring this situation out. I don't even know if DSHS will help us but I would hope so considering the circumstances. But my boyfriend and I can't afford to live on our own (at least not at the moment) so would DSHS's housing program pay for the rent and help out while he found a job? Would they be ok with my boyfriend and I getting our own place and having his grandma get her own place? Or would they be like why dont you live together and if we dont live together would they not help us? And the reason why I'm going to go to DSHS for help is because we don't have the money to apply to rent another place or pay a deposit and rent thats even more expensive (we can't even afford the rent have now and its $425!) and I DO not want to rent anything cheaper because I want to live in a healthy decent environment for our family to grow in. And where we're living right now is not healthy. Sorry that this is so long I just wanted to get it off my chest and was looking for some support. Thanks for reading this :)
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Where I live the dhs office has a program for people 19 and older and you have to work 60 hours a month and they give you $200 a month and they help you find a job. You can also check with your local housing authority, some apartments are based on income. Here we also have a program called DOORS and they help people get a job and a place to live. Do some research and check out the programs locally. You could also ask a church for help.
I dont blame you about the smoking. You could make a very firm rule of no smokin in your house or vehicle if you have to let her stay with you.
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You could also check with th er local womens shelter and see if they can help you or help you find programs to help you
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I did call around about the housing programs for my area and since the economy is suffering there was major budget cuts so NO one is offering help and the ones that are are not going to help for another couple of months and one of the housing programs waiting list is literally over a year long! crazy. We do have income based housing which has wonderful places that are SO MUCH better than where we're living right now. But the only problems that we have with that is we don't have enough money coming in to qualify for it. Your income has to be at least double the rent so at least $1200-1600 I believe. Plus I don't know if they'll allow my boyfriend's grandma to live there cause she smokes and those places are pretty nice and nice places typically don't allow smoking cause of the damage it causes to the house/place. Apparently my boyfriend's grandma is going to be receiving more in social security in may but she doesn't know how much more. But even though she'll be getting more I still don't want to depend on her anymore since shes continuing to smoke. So I guess my boyfriend and I are just going to look for jobs and hope for the best because we can't live like this. I really appreciate your reply. I just need some comfort and support because this whole situation is really making me feel so hopeless and feel depressed.
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I am a single mom and don't have help or anyone i could move in with. I know how you feel and its scary. I have been close to homeless many times. One thing that helps its trusting god. He never fails me. Keep your head up, you guys will find jobs as long as you don't give up trying. My state has programs to help people find work. Call your department of family services to see what help you can find. Good luck, saying a prayer for you and your family tonight
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Yeah it is really scary :( I want to trust in God but (in my opinion) I think that you also have to take steps on your own and then trust that God will open the doors for you and help but you have to take action first. I really appreciate your kind words they gave me more hope and made me feel a little bit better :) Thanks for the prayers because we need all we can get right now :)
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Any time momma, yes that is just what i meant with trusting. :) there have been times i have had to work three jobs, and times with none. Just got a new job and promoting fast there. Still behind in bills just deal with one at a time, and i try and get help when i can till I'm back on my feet stable again. Being pregnant makes it that much harder, but my kids told me i am the strongest woman like a super hero. Knowing they see and appreciate what i do makes these hard times worth it. Being a mom is the best :)
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Yeah I dont think that this situation would be as scary if I wasn't pregnant but I am and I think that adds to it for sure since there is now someone else depending on me. We just gotta update our resumes and apply at as many places as we can and follow up on them and hope for the best. Theres gotta be at least ONE place that will hire us. At least thats what I think and hope for.
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When trying to get a job, don't tell them your pregnant, in past learned that the hard way. No one wants to hire someone prego. And good luck. You guys will find something. Just keep your head up.  Hugs
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For me I'm going to apply to sort cherries from the orchards (its in a factory) I don't think it takes much to get hired there and it pays a decent amount and its seasonal so I wouldn't have to worry about quitting when the baby comes. (I want to be a stay at home mom). So all the money I would make from that job would go completely to buying things for the baby. And then my boyfriend would get a steady job somewhere. Hes at technical school to be a mechanic but atm he would probably work at a store or something. In the event I got a steady job when would I tell them that I'm pregnant? Thanks so much for the encouragement I really need it right now :)
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