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Sad, we had to have our 11 y/o rotty Coco put down today due to severe arthritis/hip displasia

Today is a sad day. We have a rottweiler named Coco who's about 11yrs old and she's had arthritis in her hips for a while. In the last week it's progressed to we think hip displasia. She's gotten so bad that today she couldn't even get up and stand enough to use the bathroom. All she could do was work herself in a circle w/her front legs. She's been hurting so bad she howls so we finally made the decision to have her put down.

My mom is completely heartbroken over it. Coco was my aunt Tina's dog and my mom had taken her promising to take care of her. I think my mom feels she failed because due to her back and my brother's laziness coco wasn't being taken on enough long walks and began to get overweight. She was never actually obese but I'm sure it didn't help the situation.  Money was an issue because we couldn't afford $300 to get her to the vet for a workup, however her problem was so obvious that we doubt they'd do more than either offer VERY strong pain killers or to put her down.

ALSO the last time we had an animal put down, our dog Shorty who we'd had since I was in 1st grade my stepdad died the next day of an accidental OD on prescription pain killers and muscle relaxers.   Of course I know that the two events had NOTHING to do with eachother but my mother keeps talking about how she's expecting something else bad to happen.

I HATE stress....

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So sorry about your dog:( We had a rott/sharpie (sp?) mix and she had problems with hip displasai too. We put her down about a year ago because she had cancer that was eating away at her. We adopted her 11 years ago and she was 12.5 years old when she died. I know Rotts have been known to have hip problems, it too bad:( Our Vada will welcome Coco:)
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awe! this is so sad im on the verge of tears! darn hormones! losing a pet is sooo hard! when i was in my freshman year in highschool we had to get our family dog, a minature Dachsund named dahlia to sleep because she slipped a disc in her back when she was 9 years old and the surgery was a very risky one that she most likely wouldnt make it through because she was so tiny (8 pounds) not to mention the risky surgery also would cost us 5,000 dollars and the vet told us she most likely would not pull through. So, one day it got so painful for her that she couldnt get up without screaming so we were forced to make the tuffest family decision we ever had to make and get our beloved family dog who we bought when she was a puppy put to sleep. it still makes me tear up to think of her...we all loved her so much but shes in a better place now and so is coco! i'll be thinking of you and your family and praying that coco finds her happy place : )
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Aww I'm sorry!
It ***** to lose a pet.
My kitty ran away in I think it was March, and he was the best cat I ever had. I loved him like my kid!
I was devistated when he never came back.
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I am so sorry to hear about Coco.  dealing with the loss of a pet can be extremely tough.
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Im so sorry i know exactly what ur goin through. Last summer we had to put our rotty to sleep because he had diabetes. He was very overweight but lost loads when he developed diabetes. We managed it with insulin for about a year but after that he developed a tumor and there was nothing the vet could do. All of this happened while my sister and I were on holiday. My mom had to make the decision herself and we weren't there to be with her or to say goodbye. His name was Bruno and he was only 9 years old.

My mom suffered with depression for weeks and weeks after it happened. She hasnt been the same since it happened. He was such a big part of our family and so loving. We all miss him loads. I still get sad when i think about him now even after a year (getting a bit teary now lol) but when u know that it was for the best it makes it a little bit easier.

Im so sorry for ur loss! xxx
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My in-laws recently put their rottweiler down (for an abscess/tumor thing). They're notorious for having hip issues and they don't live as long as other breeds, so tell your mom not to fret or blame herself. Rotts usually live around 8-10 years so Coco definitely lived many, many good years for their breed!

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