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Saw ob/gyn about my meds This is what he said

Well, it was my first visit to Dr. Lott, he is new in town and has practiced in Illinois and Vegas. He wants to put me on lexapro, because I stopped taking my luvox.... but the side effects are the same with the lexapro as with the luvox... so why start a new medication???? Right??? Well, I was themost worried about the ativan because it can "slow everything down" Like I said in the previous posts, I was on 3 mg a day and now I am down to 1. I just dont feel that I should take such a high dose... and the 1 mg is hard, I wont lie... but I HAVE to ween myself off to a lowe dose, and basically he agreed. He said to just take very low doses, so I am just going to take the 1mg and try to get down to half an mg. He said that the only thing he really sees in his books is the possibility of a cleft pallete, which just totally freaks me out, but for the first 6 weeks (I didnt k now I was pregnant) I was on 50mg of luvox 3 times a day and 1mg of ativan 3 times a day... now I am just on 1 mg on ativan. Its hard... so hard, but it seems to take the edge off... I am worried that any damage has already been done. See, we tried for 3 and a half years to concieve with no luck... then we just stopped... because we thought we werent ever going to concieve...God said something different. Anyway... I have started on my prenatals, and just1mg of the ativan... I pray that God will make everything ok with this baby. He knows that my body needs this. I keep telling myslef that "It's not like I am shooting heroin or smoking meth" (There are so many girls here in this small town that are addicted to meth, its just rampid here... horrible) I am not doing it to get "high" I am taking it to cope and live with my disorders.... then Itell myslef I am making excuses. I am afraid that damage has already been done.. Ugh!!! He also wants me to see a high risk doctor when I am farther along. He said that he has had patients like me and he hasnt seen anything come from benzo's and pregnancy. God, lets keep it that way. Also, one of my very best friends is pregnant and had seizers the other day and they gave her injections of ativan and valuim. She is just a few weeks more than I am.... So.. Please keep the comments and prayers coming!!!

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by the way... I saw the heartbeat yesterday for the very first time .... :)
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anyone reading this post???
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Everything will be fine.  You sound like you really need to have some sort of medication controlling your anxiety attacks.  I didn't take it daily, but I took ativan and vistoral several times during my last pregnancy to prevent and treat my panic attacks (before I was on steady medication) and my daughter is just fine.  She had no problems and has only been sick twice in her 15 months of life.  I know exactly how major panic attacks feel.  I was having 1 or more daily for years and I would think that the constant rush of adreneline and the exhaustion of dealing with the anxiety would be harder on your baby than your meds.  Trust your doctor.  He sounds like he is weighing the risk versus the benefit.  Don't feel like damage has already been done.  Your baby will be fine and healthy and they will keep a good eye on you.  I really think you should consider taking the lexapro.  You will have a happier pregnancy if you are not plaqued with your anixiety.  I have had a pregnancy both ways and I am so much happier this time around because I am not panicking all the time and every little thing does not bother me so much.  I can really enjoy it and I hope the same for you.  Keep us posted and good luck!
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Thank you very much for your comment. It is veryyy hard to not panic. I had two of my best friends over at my house last night while I broke down worried again. My husband works nights and it bothers me a great deal being here at home at night with  nothing but racing thoughts. I try really hard, and I know exersize will make it better... I am just so tired... ugh. I am really scared to take the lexapro. The side effects of the drug are scary.
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I take lexapro! Actually I started on 50 mg of Zoloft and it started to not work so I went to 100mg. That became too much so I went to another dr and got switched to 10mg of lexapro. The side effects arent that bad, but of course it differs from person to person. Going from zoloft to lexapro made lexapro seem like nothing at all. It makes you feel antsy and you'll continue with your attacks for a couple weeks until full effect, but then itll go away and everything will feel better then normal. I had a bit of a hard time eating, but i knew I needed to. Its all in our heads! My friend also takes the same dosage of it and shes had horrible side effects, but this is the first time she's taken that kind of drug, so shes not knowing what to expect. She's grossed out by food, but its gotten better. Just hang in there! Everything's going to be fine. Just don't dwell on the bad stuff! Relax and so will the baby
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I have had no side effects personally from the Lexapro.  I take 10mg per day.  I think a lot of your fear is related to your anxiety. Like I say, I know exactly how you feel.  With your husband gone at night, I am sure it just multiplies your attacks.  I used to have a horrible time if I was alone.  If I didn't feel well just a little, I was sure I was dying.  Now that I am on the Lexapro, I have only had approx 5 panic attacks in nearly 6 months.  An absolute miracle.  If this eases your fear any, Lexapro is suppposed to be one of the mildest anxiety/depression medications.  It was orginally manufactured for the elderly and because the side effects are so mild compared to other meds, doctors started recommending it to others.  Like I say, I am pregnant and I am taking it.  My ob/gyn and my perinatologist both feel that the baby will be fine and I am not taking a large risk.  Have you worked on self talk?  Counting back from 10, talking yourself out of the attack?  I use it in combo with my meds and I have really started to gain control if I do feel like I am going to panic.  Keep thinking about your options, but please don't be afraid to take the meds because you worry it will hurt the baby.  It will be better for both of you if you feel in control and have your anxiety under wraps.  Keep your chin up!
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You know,,,,, I think I have just fallen in love with you guys!!!!! YOuhelp me sooooooo much!!! Does anyone have myspace or yahoo messenger???
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I don't have either, but I am on the boards alot.  I am not trying to push the lexapro, but I know the night and day difference in your life, when you don't have that constant anxiety.  Like I said before, I couldn't drive anywhere alone or I would be guaranteed a panic attack.  I had to always have my cell phone and call my husband or my mom to talk me down with it.  Now just a couple months ago, I made a 500 mile cross state trip, just my 14 month old and me and I did awesome!  Its like you have your life back you know.  You aren't prisoner to those anxiety attacks.  I too lived in a small community and was in a women's bible study in which I spoke of my problems and meds.  I was so worried about what others would think, but everyone was so supportive.  Fear is such a friend to anxiety!
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I do have a myspace page, I'm on here a lot more often but my myspace is myspace.com/jamejame1. I know its so hard to deal with anxiety. When I was in high school I diagnosed myself in my psychology class because we were talking about disorders like these. When I started wondering I went into a panic attack, thinking I was having a heart attack I went to the nurse. She said I was fine which stopped the attack but I went to my Dr. and he put me on Zoloft. I had it pretty severely for about 2 years. I'll never forget that day at school. I couldn't even go back for about a week because as soon as I stepped foot on campus i'd feel ill and go right back home and as soon as I got home I was fine. Its crazy how it works and the only ones that really understand are the ones that have it. I can't tell you how many times people are just like "THINK ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE!" and my answer would always be, tried that, didn't work. It's not something we want to go through, if it were that easy then we would be fine obviously. The whole counting thing doesn't always help me, but most of the time I can get myself to calm down by talking to myself in my head or thinking about my boyfriend(cliche i know). When I was on zoloft (before I had to be switched) it was like a miracle, because after starting it and getting used to it, all the anxiety pretty much went away. I was like yay Im back to normal!

As for the whole being at home alone at night, gosh that must be so horrible. I've noticed that I only get panic attacks really when I don't have someone around distracting me. I hated driving to work alot too, It was only 20 minutes but thats enough time. Its funny how our minds love to trick us into thinking were going to die or something bads going to happen. I used to be so bad to where someone around me would say "death" and i'd start to think. One thought always lead to another. Its harsh
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Isnt it though!!! I have suffered with anxiety for most of my life. I also have ocd, which makes the anxiety worse. I was on luvox for that, like I said Ijust stopped once I found out I was pregnant. Its scary.. thinking that you could harm the child inside of you. We have tried for this baby for 3and a half years..... I just want to do it all right. I am so glad I found this board!!!
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