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Scared- Possible Ectopic Pregnancy

Hello friends,

This seems like a nice a supportive community, and it's my first time posting online.  I am concerned I might have an ectopic pregnancy because I have a subtle feeling on my right side of my lower abdomen, and have had that same feeling since I found out I was pregnant. I'm at six weeks now, and just found out last week.  The feeling on my right side is not painful, it's just there all the time, even when I'm just sitting.  It just feels uneven.  Could this be normal?  I'm just very concerned from what I read about Ectopic.  Also I don't have any nausea, but do have breast soreness and fatigue, and a heightened sense of smell.

Anyone with any similar experience- what ectopic or normal pregnancy feels like (this is my first!), please post.  I plan to try and go to a doctor tomorrow, I just haven't even had my first appointment yet.  But you know when you are worried it's hard to get through the weekend...

Thank you and good luck to you!
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Hello! And Welcome to medhelp!! I am sure that you will find a lot of support here... the women here are wonderful!
I have never personally had an eptopic pregnancy, but I can tell you that the symptoms that you are describing sound perfectly normal to me. Lots of women have pain and discomfort in their abdomen from the uterus stretching... and also a lot of times after you ovulate (and conceive) there will be a small but harmless luteal cyst that could be causing you to feel this way on one side. As far as your symptoms, and lack of symptoms, that all seems normal to me as well. If you look at some of the posts on here you will see that some women have ALL the pregnancy symptoms, while some have none at all, and still others have them that come and go.
That said, I definitely still recommend that you go see your Dr tomorrow (sooner if your pain gets bad or you have any bleeding). When in doubt it is always better to be checked. Until then, try not to stress mama!! Congrats on your pregnancy!! And keep us posted on how your doing!
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Just writing to give you a little bit of encouragment!!
Being pregnant you will find so much support here, glad you joined.
I am 6 weeks pregnant as well.  Before I found out I was having stabbing pain on my left side below my belly button.  I thought my pregnancy was eptopic as soon as I saw my positive result.  This pain was sharp, sudden, and kept me awake a full night.  I called the doc as soon as I got a positive on my test.  They did an ultrasound, and found out it was just a cyst (which is perfectly normal for you have to have) on my left ovary.  It did eventually rupture as well, and it was so painful.  But, there was no fluid that would be harmful and my baby is fine.  I got to see the heartbeat on Friday :)
Try not to panic it is more than likely that you and the baby are fine.  Good luck and let us know what the doc says.
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Thanks very much to you both, your comments are helpful!  I appreciate hearing what you had to say and do feel a little more relaxed.  I will post as soon as I find out more information from the doctor.

@Niki-beth are you expecting as well at the moment?  
@HeatherLF16, I'm glad to hear your situation was figured out and that you and the baby are fine!

Best to you!
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With an ectopic pregnancy the pain will become increasingly bothersome and painful. I remember having a dull achy feeling predominantly on one side while pregnant during those early weeks and it freaked me out, too! But I ended up being fine. If you're concerned you can call your doctor tomorrow and speak with someone about your fear and see what they have to say.
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yep! I am currently almost 29 weeks with my second little boy. My first little boy is 23 months, and I also have a daughter who is 12!
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