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Second pregnancy...will I have hyperemesis again?

I am 39...I have one daughter who is now two.  I have had 2 miscarriages (one which required a DNC) and one ectopic pregnancy that was 2 months along before it was discovered.  My successful pregnancy was HORRIBLE!  At week 7, I developed hyperemesis so badly that I was hospitalized for weeks.  My gallbladder began to malfunction due to inactivity.  My docs opted to wait to remove it until the pregnancy was over but once I was past week 14, everything got back on track.  In the first 3 weeks of my illness I lost 21 pounds.  I eventually gained nearly 60 pounds back by the delivery date.  I'm terrified that I may have HG again if I am currently pregnant.  Is there anything I can do to help prevent the severity of it this time?  Oh, and I resent that the topics "morning sickness" and HG are even in the same category.  They are way different situations.  HG was all day, every day and night time too.  Morning sickness can be relieved with some crackers or a doughnut before rising in the morning.

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I'm sorry you went through all that! I watched a show on Dr. Phil a year or so ago and he had women on stage who had dealt with hyperemesis....he also had a doctor on there and if i remember correctly...the doc said that there is not a correlation b/w women who have it once and then again...meaning that the odds of getting it again are 50/50 just like the odds of you getting it the first time aren't predictiable...

i hope you have a much better pregnancy this time....
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I appreciate your information and support.  I think I watched something similar a while back but really didn't get much info from it.  I did find a book that might help so "IF" I'm pregnant, I'll see if I can find it.  It was titled "Beyond Morning Sickness: Battling Hyperemesis Gravidarum."  The reviews were positive in case any of you are interested as well.  I'm also scheduled to see an herbalist in July.  His plan is to help me balance my body.  If he can get the levels of B6, blah, blah, blah straightened out, maybe it won't be so bad this time...if there IS a this time.
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Hi there - I had hyperemsis gravidarum from week 6-18, and it was a truly traumatic and life-changing experience. I have never been so miserable in my entire life. I lost 15 pounds and was hospitalized as well, and had to take 8 weeks off of work. I eventually had to have an IV placed in my arm 24 hours a day (PICC line) for 5 weeks to provide nutrition/vitamins/lipids to gain weight. Finally around 18 weeks I started feeling an improvement. I'm 24 weeks now and still taking medication (Anzemet, one of about 10 drugs I tried during the worst stages of my HG) for the nausea because I still have that constant queasy feeling. I am in 100% agreement w/you that HG and "morning sickness" should never be placed in the same category. It doesn't validate the severity of the condition and makes people less sensitive to it. I'm so sorry you had to go through the same thing, and while it is unfortunate I always find comfort in knowing I wasn't the only one.

From what I've heard, there's like a 50/50 chance of having HG again. I am TERRIFIED of being pregnant again because of the hell I went through this time. I completely understand your anxiety about it. I read somewhere that the best way to handle HG and maybe shorten the duration is by "treating it early"... perhaps going to the ER as SOON as dehydration signs begin (that was the biggest issue for me, since I couldn't even drink water or ice cubes without barfing) to get hydrated again, and starting on medication early. Have you visited the HG website?? hypermesis.org... it has some helpful info and stories. And of course discuss options for how to deal w/HG early on w/your doctor too, if he/she has any.

I wish you the very, very best for this pregnancy (if you are in fact pregnant; sounds like you havent tested yet??) Try to stay positive and I will keep you in my prayers. Best wishes!
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Your post was very encouraging.  I have tested but tomorrow will be day 28 so I'll test again then.  I'm pretty sure I had a miscarriage (my 3rd) back in October and my cycles haven't been the same since.  It was a very early pregnancy so docs think mother nature handled it for me.  I've had 21, 23, 25 day cycles but some of them have lasted for weeks.  So, for this one to suddenly get back on track seems strange.

I spoke with the nurse at a new OB/GYN today.  My last one said things to me like, "Well, you did this to yourself!"  As I was VERY hormonal and hadn't had anything to eat in weeks, that did NOT set too well with me.  I found out later that his wife was dying at the same time so I'm sure he was tired, depressed and sad.  That doesn't, however, mean that he couldn't be a little more supportive given my situation.  So, I'll move on this time and see if a bit younger doctor with a reputation for being attentive might be a better fit.

My last bout with HG started at week 7 and lasted through week 14.  I too was given a PICC line in my arm to be fed, medicated and to have blood taken.  Not before they stuck me nearly 30 times in 2 weeks though.  Blood work, IVs, shots, etc...  I was so sore.

It is comforting to know that others know what you are going through even though I wouldn't wish HG on my worst enemy!  My husband took photos of me in the hospital.  I looked like a stick after losing so much weight so quickly.  You can literally see the misery in my face.  I still cry when I see that photo because I remember how it felt.  I just knew all of the drugs I was being given and the lack of food was destroying my baby.  They gave me Reglan & Protonix.  3 nights at the hospital they allowed me an Ambien for sleep.  All waking hours were throwing up or trying to think about not throwing up.  I couldn't even brush my teeth without gagging.  Peoples' lotions, hair care products, perfumes, etc. sent me into a vomiting frenzy.

I'm glad you are getting back on track with your illness.  Maybe you have turned the corner.  Don't rip anybody's head off and try not to eat everything in sight.  When I found out I was pregnant last time I weighed 132.  I lost 21 lbs. of that in 3 weeks and then weighed a honking 186 when my daughter was born (severe water retention - my ankles looked like tree trunks).  I'm very happy to say that my sweet little girl seems healthy, happy, smart and beautiful.  I hope that will be a source of encouragement to anyone with HG who feels that they are starving their child or that the meds may stunt the child's growth etc.  That was some of the worst of it for me.  I felt like I was letting my baby down because I couldn't feed it.

I'll post a result from the test in another day or so and thanks again for being so kind.
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i was 20 when i first got pregnant. and let me tell you HYPEREMESIS WAS MY WORST NIGHTMARE!..i lost no joke around 50 lbs.. i weighed 175 and dropped to 114...i think thats more than 50 but yeah. i had to get IV treatment like three times... now.. three years later im pregnant again just found out yesterday.... which makes me around 3-4 weeks... hopefully that doesnt come with this pregnancy.... good luck!
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I had the same experience with my daughter.  I was wondering if the women that have posted had the same problem again at all.  Or is it really fifty/fifty and was this first pregnancy for any one?
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