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Seriously??? Ugh someone advice plz. 2nd trimester spotting

I'm just about 21wks and I've had bleeding twice with this pregnancy already....but today when I wiped there was a bright red spot of blood on the tp. I've had braxton hicks today, but not bad, and not increasing or regular...and I've had back pain, but I'm 99% sure it's in my kidneys.  They just checked my cervix on u/s on friday and said it was closed and firm.....not sure what's going on. I've got a call in to my OB but i'm so frustrated...I never had any scares with my daughter, so I guess I was just spoiled to expect this one to go smoothly too...

Idk but I can't figure out where the blood came from, because it was just the one spot...gonna try peeing again and see if I can identify the source, but in the meantime....anyone else have a problem like this??

Grey's been moving around and kicking like normal, so i'm not TOO worried, but preterm labor and stuff like that do worry me...hope the doctor calls me back soon :(.
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Everything will be fine! *HUGS*
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thanks hon, lol....this pregnancy is giving me so much gray hair!!! the doctor said not to worry...I think we finally found out why I spotted at 12wks, and it's the same reason I spotted today most likely....both times, the spot occurred about 30 mins after my daughter jumped on my belly (not literally jumped, but like flung herself onto me and put pressure on my belly)...the doctor said that since I had the infection at 7wks most likely my cervix suffered a little damage (nothing to worry about) and that enough pressure on the cervix can irritate it to bleeding, but it most likely won't cause incompetence or early dilation...

thanks for the support though it means so much to me :D

on the down side, he wants me to get my kidneys monitored this week he thinks I'm having some early symptoms of either another stone or positional hydronephrosis....oh boy!

that I can handle though..now that I know the baby's most likely ok, lol...and he's still kicking.
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Well that's good. I don't know what getting your kidneys monitored entails, but it's better than something going wrong with the pregnancy! :)
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yeah turns out I do have a kidney stone...I have to see the urologist either this afternoon or first thing tomorrow...I don't have a lot of pain right now, but they said there were 2 stones in my right kidney and 3 in my left and they'll probably pass pretty soon because they both looked like they were about to get stones entering the ureter...oh well. I was hoping to escape this pregnancy with no stones, but no dice I guess.

i'm not really in pain right now but I know it's gonna all go to heck soon, lol. heard Grey's heartbeat again last night and they said he sounded and looked great on u/s, so that's all good...the bleeding was definitely urinary and not from my uterus or cervix...

it's gonna be a long week!!
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wow if we both get through our pregnancys full term or over due i guess we can count our lucky stars girll!! lol Im sorry you have kidney stones thats going to be like having two labour while your pregnant when you pass them,..if you get in alot of pain when your passing them make sure you go in because they can put you in labour!! ( im sure you already knew that!) hehe well im glad everything is good with the cervix..i keep being scared that im dialating i just have a weird feeling,.im getting less and less scared these days about going into labour myself 27 weeks on wed!! Woop woop at least i got this far...im hoping to make it to 37 weeks! :) Im sure i will haha Hope everything is else is going ok with you..hugs
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Lol thanks girl and seriously both of us have run the gamut on stress with these pregnancies...27wks wow you're getting there...it's all happening so fast. although with both of us it's probably feeling like eternity because all this crap keeps coming up, lol. I'm so tempted to go buy a speculum so my husband can peek and tell me if i'm dilating or bleeding sometimes so I don't freak myself out for nothing even though I know that's a bad idea LOL....but my MIL is an OB nurse who will happily check my cervix for me whenever I ask....I just never ask, it's awkward. she checked me when I was about to deliver with DD and I kept wondering how awkward SHE felt it was LOL.

don't worry you'll make it to 37 and then be SO ready to pop i'm sure you remember it all too well...your youngest is even younger than my DD right? DD is about to turn 18 months...not sure how i'm gonna handle a 22-month-old and a newborn, i must be crazy.

I see the urologist tomorrow afternoon...hoping they'll give me something for the pain to take and let me pass them at home...i can't afford to be in the hospital for a few days this time. :-/ when pregnant with DD it was easy b/c I was a housewife and there was nothing that couldn't keep for a few days....but DH has to work/school 12 hours a day and no one else to watch DD....so gonna do whatever it takes to stay out of the hospital this time.

Sigh, on another note...if DD throws one more "i'm not getting my way" tantrum I'm going to cry, lol. she's currently folded her arms on the door, cradling her head, and crying in a dramatic fashion because I won't let her wedge herself in between the couch and the footrest. normally i don't mind but today she keeps getting herself stuck and then screaming and throwing a fit....hoping the stones don't pick today to send me into agony, this would NOT be a good day to be hurting like crazy and dealing with a screaming toddler. plz plz plz God let me make it until I see the urologist before they start to pass, lol.
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