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Severe cervical pain & bleeding,,, is this normal?

I'm 26 wks pregnant and FTM.
I am a high risk pregnancy and at risk for preterm labor due to my rare muscle disease.
For the last two weeks, I have been experience severe cervical pain (feels like someone is ripping my cervix open). I went to my obgyn and he did a pelvic exam and swab. I cried out in severe pain because it felt like someone was knifing me in my genitals and piercing my cervix. I couldn't even handle a q-tip and asked him to please stop. I have no infection or any STD. My maternity blood test appeared normal (although my dr told me I didn't need to fast even though the report said I did fast). Dr told me my cervix is long and thick. However, I'm having a watery like fluid leak and I to make sure it wasn't urine I smelled it but it smelled bitter sweet. Two days ago I started having spotting. I didn't have any blood (not even implantation bleeding) in my pregnancy thus far. My other symptom is urinating every 15 minutes, sometimes I urinate three minutes apart. The cervix pain is so intense I'm on the floor and it happens every hour every day now. Doctors are not telling me anything other than the baby is okay but I hardly feel him move anymore. Before the pain I felt him kick and move 5-10 times an hour, now if I'm lucky I feel him kick once a day.

Is this a warning sign of premature labor to start in the days or weeks to come? Has anyone experience this pain and range of symptoms?
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Dont know what that can be,l hope its not a premature birth coz its way too early
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hopefully not :/ even though I am 26 weeks, my baby will still have a chance of survival but still I want him growing as much as he can.
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I haven't experienced this and it is not normal. Demand further testing/answers from your doctor. Go to the hospital if necessary, don't want the baby to be at risk; you can never be too careful.
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I went four times already and said that they'll deal with it after baby is born :/ they say my baby boy is great but they won't do further testing...
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Did they check if your leaking amniotic fluid? I know if you were feeling babies movements and now you are not it could be placement of the baby or there's not enough fluid for him to move around freely
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I asked for them to but they refuse to do it. I went through three different doctors and asked if they could test it. All they say is, "Don't worry about it."
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If 3 doctors have confirmed that everything is fine then I think you should rest and be positive. All will be well.
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Where do you live? If you demand testing they can't refuse it. I'd go to the hospital, tell them your situation and tell them you'd like the test done immediately. Also, if 3 doctors have said you're fine... You most likely are, but definitely keep trying! I leaked ALOT during my pregnancy, it never smelt like urine and it was very watery and lots of it but it was always just discharge.
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The refusal is going against "patient bill of rights" if you live in the U.S. I work in a healthcare facility and we are taught very in detail about these rights. When you sign paperwork going into a clinic for the first time or even sometimes receiving special cares such as OB care, in the fine print it states that you understand their terms... INCLUDING the patient bill of rights.  
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That's what I told them too...
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They refused to check if I was leaking ambiotic fluid :/
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actually they didn't confirm anything... they refused to do a sample to see if I am leaking amniotic fluid and now I am having new symptoms. They're refusing to check my cervix.
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You need to find another new doctor or go back to your other doctor and raise hell.
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