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Severe itching

I have been getting severe itching all over my body. The worst is on my legs and back. My arms and stomach also itch. My skin has red blotchy dots on it too. I have tried cocoa butter lotion baby oil nothing is working. I'm going to call my Dr tomorrow morning.
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Welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy.  I have it too.  Had it with my last one as well...also with the previous 2 but not as bad.  It drives me nuts.  I get these itchy bumps on my stomach and back that itch like crazy and then my arms and legs are so dry it drives me nuts.  My boobs (esp. the nipples) have been really itchy as well.  My back is the worst because it mostly itches where I can't reach it, figures, eh? I use cocoa butter body wash and lotion, doesn't help much.  Hydrocortisone helps when it gets REALLY bad but becuase it's a topical steroid I try not to use it too much becuase it can thin out the skin.  Doc told me last time it's just severe dry skin...not sure if he's right or not...but it went away several weeks after I gave birth.  Let me know what YOUR doc says when you talk to him about it.  I know there is a condition that cuases severe itchiness during pregnancy (forget what it's called) but last i checked i didn't fit the key characteristics.
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my stomach itches here and there but my back is def itchy....i think its because our skin is dry...the belly itching is normal...our bellies are growing and stretching....i started using lotion to help my stomach
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I know the belly itching is normal but all over is driving me nuts! I took some benadryl last night to see if that would help. Everything online I've read scares me. It could be one of four things dry skin, liver problem, or two other skin problems. I don't have any lesions with red bumps so the last two don't fit. But I do have red blotchy patches of little red bumps. I called the Dr and am still waiting to hear back from the nurse.
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It sounds like heat rash.
When i was 28 weeks pregnant i got it really bad.
I found Aqueous calamine lotion helped.
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I'm sure it's not heat rash it's cold out and I haven't been sweaty.

The nurse called and I ended up having to go into see the Dr. I have a rash and he doesn't know why but gave me an RX for a cream. The only new product I have been using is Palmers Tummy Butter. He said stop using it.

I also found out that I can't use any of my face products since I'm pregnant so he called in an Rx for acne too. I guess Benzol Peroxide that is in every over the counter acne treatment can't be used. I can't use my retinol cream either.

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benzoyl peroxide is labeled category c so it depends on the doctor that you ask..i use it though in my face wash but i dont wash my face everyday.
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Sounds like you have PUPPS. I am not sure when it can show up during pregnancy but I got mine around 35 weeks. It itches like crazy (so bad I couldn't even sleep). I got it all over my stomach and a but on my arms. Since it was so late in my pregnancy I just miserably stuck it out. I did however try an oatmeal pack on my stomach...not much help. I think the benedryl did the most but I hated taking medications. When my doc saw that I had it we did a quick blood test to make sure it wasn't something that had to do with my liver. She said it was a rare issue but we tested just to be safe. It is good to call your doc, he/she should be able to tell you what is going on. Hang in there.
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