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Sharing My Experience - TTC

Hi, I am fairly new to this site..

Last month I decided I wanted to try to conceive with my husband. I was on birth control for about 9 months (Nuvaring). I stopped taking birth control in January. I have a 9 year old son. So here are the events. Last menstrual Cycle was March 27th. I have a 31-32 cycle. I ovulated on the 14th. I had sex with my hubby on the 2nd, 7th. I had some bleeding on the 8th that lasted for 2 days. I have no idea what that was about. never happened before. We had sex again in the 14th and the 16th. I had some spotting only when I wiped on the 19th. I believe this may have been implantation bleeding. So right now I am doing the 2 week wait. My period is supposed to start on April 28th. I am driving myself crazy. lol. I know I am testing to early. I took an EPT test yesterday with was a BFN. Hoping it was just that I tested to early! Some symptoms but I don't know if to call them symptoms because it's very close to pms symptoms. My lower back is in pain. But yesterday I noticed my nipples are extremely sore. normally it's the breast itself that is sore. my boobs aren't tender to touch just the nipples. A few days ago I felt a tingle on my nipple and when i squeezed it a clear liquid came out.

So ladies I am going to keep u posted on what is going on and I hope I get a positive pregnancy test in a few days. I have 1 more test and refuse to buy anymore. So i'm going to wait at least until thursday to test! Unless AF decides to show up then and there! I hope and pray not!
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Not boring, esp to someone ttc themselves lol... I really hope you get ur BFP! I'm in the same boat, I od between 18th and 22nd bd on 17th and 21st ( my husband and I work opposite shifts and have a 7 year old) but on 24th we were at it again and afterwards I noticed I had three very small spots of blood on my tp, since then I've had a full feeling in uterus and sore nipples and one side of my boob is extremely sore but still I won't know until may 6th when af does or doesn't show :/ keep me posted good luck
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I guess i bored u all since no one commented! lol.
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Good luck on you ttc. I will definitely pray for u and hope u get a positive soon. I will definitely keep u posted. I have to keep myself busy because all I want to do is test to see if i get a BCP. but i really need to calm down and just wait.

my uterus feels very bloated and full and i am very gasy! tmi. but it's true... and my nipples are super sore also. i don't even want to wear a bra!

u keep m posted on how u are feeling and how everything is going. we can do the wait together. keep one another motivated.

talk to u soon! and nice to meet u. thanks for commenting. I don't feel alone anymore
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I'm sorry if you felt like you were being ignored!!! :( I wish I had more to say, but I'm not actively TTC, or anything so I can't relate too much. I do hope that you get your positive soon though. Keep us updated!
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So how far away are you from expected af I noticed our dates are pretty close
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So how far away are you from expected af I noticed our dates are pretty close
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hey Brooke.

I went to cook and wash clothes. My AF is due on THURSDAY! this 2ww was torturous...When is ur AF due?
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Oh wow I wish mine was that soon I still have 9 dreadful days left before I'm due... Ugggh its terrible for a poas addict! today my boobs aren't nearly as sore and my uterus doesn't seem as heavy still having mild cramps but I'm sure that it will show up right on time, however my nose seems to be runny and stuffy at the same time ? Don't know if that has anything to do with it or not but how r you today
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yes tomorrow is when it's expected! but I took a pregnancy test yesterday morning and it was BFN! hoping i just took it to early and my HGC haven't built up enough to show in a pregnancy test. My nipples are super sore. i have alot of gas. it's not even cute! lol. and I am having mild cramping.. but it's so close to how i feel when expecting my AF so it's hard to tell the difference. when I was pregnant with my son i was sooo sleepy! but I had no idea I was pregnant because i had an irregular period..so i wasnt' clocking my AF like that. i just felt off. took a test and it was positive. but this time I am ttc so i am clocking every little thing going on with my body

how are u doing today? I'll wait it out with u.. 9 days and counting! hope we both get BCP.
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I have been pretty tired but when I found out I was pregnant this past jan I was super sleepy and gassy my boobs felt sort of how they do now but for three staright weeks then I had a very sharp burning sensation in one boob happened three times before I tested that was how I knew. But I haven't had that yet so I'm really doubting it! My mc was 4 months ago but I feel like its never going to happen!!  
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Hey I have just seen this discussion and can completely relate to both of you! I am due my AF in about 5days and I can't wait to test... I want to now but I'm scared to get a negative. I've only had stomache cramps since the last week really and there's been a bug going round so I don't want to get my hopes up! I really hope we all get the results we want ASAP! Let's help each other through this hey!? Good luck and keep in touch :)
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yes we definitely need to help eavh other get through this. it's torture waiting. Period is due TOMORROW! already got a bfn but i may have tested to early. I hope i am pregnant and u and brooks also!
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Yeah I really hope u all do too!! This is just insane torture I'm surrounded by pregnant people soon as all my family and friends had theirs early this year I thought I would be ok then now more of them r finding out they are expecting too hope we all get our turns asap!! My left boob started burning and throbbing just a few minutes ago so I hope that's a good sign!!,
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yes! I feel like the whole world is pregnant but me! every time i turn someone else is announcing their pregnancy. ugh! my stomach is cramping. and it feels like AF is coming but I HOPE NOT!
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Hi Ladies,

Thought id join in :-)

Well iv been ttc again since my M/C in Nov my HCG went to 2 end of Jan.
My AF is due today, Iv had stomach cramps now for about 10days, and my boobs are super super sore normally only happens a few days before AF, Iv been tired aswell but its lovely weather over here at the mo so think that may be the reason for that one.
Couldnt resist the urge to test this morning but was BFN i was literally willing that 2nd line to appear but it never did :-( so now im awaiting my temp drop and AF.

Im totally in the same boat as far as pregnancys concerened my brothers GF is about 7weeks,DHs brothers GF is about 21weeks and DHs sister is about 9 weeks then to top it off iv got 3 close friends who are PG too its a bloody nitemare!

I dont know if any of you have read a post quite a few of us that are TTC have wrote on its title is something like WHOS DUE AF IN NEXT FEW DAYS AND HOPING SHE DOESNT SHOW. theres 100s of comments just thought you might a read through. Theres some great ladies on that post and are all holding eachother up through this very stressful journey!!

Wish you all the best of luck girls and SSBD****
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Wow I didn't realize there were so many of good to know tho! Last night we spent the night in a storm shelter and I started getting the worst cramps belly and back so I'm sure the stress of these tornados will bring on evil aunt flow sooner than expected I never get cramps pre af tho? Uggh this tww is driving me nuts how r u all today
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Hey Amy.

Thanks for joining in! I am terrified to test today. I didn't test. 2 days ago I got a BFN and I think maybe i'll wait until the weekend to really make sure I am in the clear. my i am getting lower cramping like my AF is about to start. ugh! I hope it doesn't come! I want to be PREGNANT! lol. I've had the stomach cramps for days now and the sore nipples. normally when i am getting AF my entire breasts are sore vs now. only the nipple is super sore. I don't want anything near them. Maybe i'll test at lunch time even though they say first urine is best but I woke up about 2 times to pee while I was sleeping. so I don't think it'll matter. I don't want to buy anymore pregnancy test though! i've gone thru TONS! it's almost pathetic. lol
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this may be a good sign. if u never get pre cramps before AF then that means ur body may be reacting to something else. lets pray it doesn't show up! i'll take the test in a few hours and let u know what the outcome is. I think it's gonna sa BFN :( I hope not. but i feel real crampy and sleepy, my whole body is sore actually
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took the test andddddddddddddddd BFN BFN! BOOOO! :(
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@ angelicbaby-

Well AF came about half an hr after id wrote on this post this morning :-( Think my themometres dodgy because i havnt had a temp drop lol.
Im actually glad in a way atleast i know where i stand. Starting the Clomid again this month cd2-6 and also keepig taking Maca & folic acid every little helps!!
Funnily enough i said to DH this morning im not buying anymore HPTs until im atleast a week late lol when i have them there they are wayyyy too tempting im sure im keeping them in business and everytime i order some they have a great laugh at my expense lol Some people are addicted to drugs or alcohol mine is PG tests haha!!

When i was preg in Nov i kept feeling like AF was coming the cramping was horrible i only did a test because it was a routine one before i started IVF treatment when i got a BFP, unfortuatly i had a m/c (nothing at all to do with cramping) but was told the cramping is due to the uterous expanding.

Well ladies im out for this month but i do hope you get your BFPs!! & im throwing truck loads of SSBD your way

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Still no AF though! I am pissed off! :( I wanted a BFP.. I can feel AF coming though. i wish it was a false negative. but i used a EPT test and those are pretty accurate. 99% from when menstrual is due! and it was due today! booo.. and i have no more PG tests and I refuse to buy anymore. just gonna wait it out now

Sorry u are out this month! lets keep talking. cuz i am out too! boo. i wanted a january baby! lol.  
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Don't get discouraged yet.... Wait a few more days see if that hussy shows her face lol but try not to stress hard as that is... That too will dlay your cycle.. I feel like crap today came home took a 2 hour nap after I got off work at 12 cramps are gone but I feel so sore all over they were very mild cramps but continuous, like af : / keep me updated!
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Thanks brook. So happy I have u to keep me company. I feel like someone beat me up. my whole body is sore also and i've felt like this for a few days now. trying not to stress.. I normally wake up in the morning to see my period there. I hope it doesn't come!
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How is everyone this morning? I'm still sore feeling face is broke out like crazy in spots it never breaks out in few twinges very low and a lot of clear cm feels like I have started my period but I've not... Have 7 days left ladies keep your fingers crossed for us!!
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