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Should I Be Worried

turns out i'm not pregnant i have PCOS the DRs prescribed me a kick starting pill to start my period (i started it) my DRs know i'm trying to get pregnant and said nothing about waiting till next month to see if i start my period before trying again should i wait or would it be safe to try again ALSO this is making me bruise easy should i be worried
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hey, i have pcos and i am on metformin to regulate my periods and help me conceive by lowering my insulin resistance. is this the same as u?
it can make you sick at the start but stick to it coz in most cases a woman with pcos who is actively trying while taking metformin get pregnant within 3-6months. if it is the pill u are taking then you can try as much as you want and once it kicks in you will start to regulate. let me know if this is the pill you have been prescribed and if you have any questions just ask :)
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You know, whether your pregnant our not you can sill have sex. :) I'd say keep trying just in case. I have pcos and been on met formin almost 2 years, they upped my perscription in july and was able to conceive in september.. My dh and I did not keep track of ovulation as my cycles are super wacky just had sex. . . It'll happen. :) sending baby dust your way!
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i only was prescribed 10 pills and was told to take one a day and it was no refills the meds are called medroxyprogesterone i don't have all the signs for PCOS tho the DR. just looked at my chart and told me I have it and if that was the case my mother would have it to and no1 in my family has had this problem b4  so i think i was misdiagnose bcuz my periods weren't out of wack until i started taking birth control  i had 2 periods the month of december none yet this month i'm supposed to start the 22 so keeping my fingers crossed ^^
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Your mother doesn't have to have PCOS for you to have it. You can be the only one in your family to have it. If you do have it however, it would make your children more likely to have it. If you don't trust your doctors opinion, seek a different one. There is no one test for it - they use ultrasound, blood work, symptoms as well as medical history.
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I have PCOS and trust me.... No one has the same signs of it. When I was younger I over bled. When I was older, I skipped periods. Birth control can cause cysts. If you are prone to cysts, birth control ups your chances. My mother doesn't have PCOS. It can be hereditary and also not. Good luck with this. Try asking your doc to try you on metformin. Metformin really helps. I started it in October and got pregnant in December.
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she just looked at me and said your over weight and you haven't had a period i called another dr and they said the best way to see if you have pcos is to do testing and i dnt go to her anymore i drive 45 mins to see a dr thats even half way good :( not happy about that lol but i dnt think i have it bcuz i'm working out now and the pounds are just slipping off my body like butter on the side of a hot pan and my periods aren't regular yet but the first on i in december weird the second one normal and i haven't had one yet hopefully not until the 22 my ovulation time ends the 7th so if i dnt start in this time i'll be happy and that means its starting to smooth out right?
i hope so ^^ the thing is that makes me think i dnt have PCOS is simply bcuz of the 2 reasons above and i've never had a problem with my period b4 the weight thing i would put them on easy and lose them easy so yeah and i dnt have dark spots hair growth in a weird place or hair loss
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