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Slow rising HcG with normal ultrasound

My husband and I had a missed miscarriage in December at 8 weeks (no bleeding, cramping, etc). Under the advice of our doctor, we waited one cycle and began trying again. We got pregnant again our first try!  At just over 4 weeks I noticed some brown spotting that would come and go. I immediately made an appt to see my doctor and he sent me out for hcg testing to determine my levels. The first test was pulled at exactly 5 weeks and was 12,269, however after 48 hours it only went up by about 1500 points - nowhere near doubling! The spotting was on of for about 5 days (always brown - no red or pink and no cramping). After my hcg results the midwife had me come in for an early ultrasound at 6w1d. I was prepared to see nothing at all, however I was surprised when I measured exactly 6w1d and saw a perfectly normal embryo with a heartbeat. I have also gotten a prescription for progesterone suppositories since the dr said they couldn't hurt.

I have another ultrasound scheduled at 9 weeks, but I know so much could happen between now and then. I have read many things about the viability of pregnancies with slow rising hcg levels and am very concerned that we are still at high risk for miscarriage. Any insight into the prognosis of going on to have a healthy pregnancy?
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If they saw a heartbeat on the ultrasound your chances are about 90+% that things will go better this time.  The follow up ultrasound at 9 weeks will of course be definitive.  I would be inclined to do it a bit sooner just to put my/and your mind at ease, but not for any medical reason.
Also, if the bleeding stops, that is of course, a good sign.
Take your vitamins, this time around things will probably be better!
Good luck!
Dr B
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