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Smoking During Pregnancy?!

Ive heard from plenty of mothers that they have smoked throughout they're pregnancy and my cousin actually smoked cigarettes and marijuana threw her full pregnancy and the baby came out fine... my friends who have had babies actually have smoked cigarettes during they're pregnancy and the babies came out fine .. whats up with that? i hear that smoking is really bad and shouldnt be done during pregnancy .. what do you think about it?!?! have you smoked during your pregnancy?!?! do you think its ok?!?! i would feel really guilty smoking during my pregnancy but sometimes i feel really stressed that i crave one
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well, i voted that i wasn't sure only because i did smoke with my son but i cut back to only 3 a day during the last 3 months.........i gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing in at 5 1/2 lbs. and 19 1/2 inches long........doc. told me he was perfectly healthy and we came home 1 1/2 days later we didn't even have to stay the whole 3 days!!!! i am also smoking with this one but i am trying to quit......i dont recommend smoking during pregnancy but every one is different! my mom had 6 kids and smoked with all of us except for me and i was the one who was born early and had all the breathing problems as a baby! the cravings will go away with time if you just stick with it! best of luck!!
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Well obviously it's bad, but some people get lucky and end up having a healthy baby, there are tons of things that can happen to babies when they're mother smokes, a baby can be born completely healthy but smoking give an increase of SIDS, and tonnnnns of other things, it's best if you try to quit, but if you can't, try to limit yourself, it's better for you as well! Good luck.
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I voted "no way" only because I'm not a smoker.  However, my husband is ... I was around him most of the time when he would smoke and our son came out a whopping 9lbs 4.8oz ... no lower birth weight there!  Now that Jaiden is out of my tummy tho, hubby has restricted his smoking to outside or in our utility room in the basement on the *really* freezing days.

Hubby's ex-wife smoked cigarettes and marijuana when she was pregnant with their son.  He was born healthy.

I'm not advocating smoking *anything* while pregnant, but I understand that smoking is an addiction and it's not easy to quit.  Hubby has tried multiple times to quit and it's a very difficult thing to do.  I feel that as long as a smoking mother at least attempts to lessen the amount she's smoking, she is at least *trying* to give more protection to her child.  To lessen your daily cigarettes is a feat in itself and I applaud all mothers who have gone thru this for their perseverance.
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My cousin's girlfriend smoked cigs and marijuana throughout all 4 of her pregnancies.. it caused problems in 3 out of 4 of her children. 3 have bad asthma and were born extremely unhealthy babies... also 2 out of 4 of her children have learning disabilities.

I definitely am against smoking anything while pregnant. The risks are too high.
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It can be serious to a baby's health. Even if they're born healthy it doesn't mean they won't have health concerns later (like asthma, allergies, and risks for cancers).

My mom smoked while pregnant with me and while I was a child. I am a healthy adult but recently found out I have fertility problems. I also had heart problems in middle school and had to wear a heart-rate monitor for a couple of weeks to monitor my heart.

Smoking kills and while I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad because I understand quitting is hard, I commend those who at least TRY to quit and make an effort.
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i was a chain smoker (cigarettes) before i got prego w/ my first.  after the initial shock of finding out i was pregnant, i quit cold turkey.  it was soooooo hard and got soooooo sick...  but it was the best thing i've ever done!  i know quiting like that doesn't work for everyone, but it did me...  and i haven't had one since!!!  :)
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I have known three women who smoked all the way through a pregnancy. All three had babies that were born with a low birth weight. One ended up being developmently slow and didn't start talking until he was 3 and another had severe digestive/colic issues. I don't know if it was related to the smoking, but hey why chance it.
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My mom smoked with my older brother...and he was born healthy and at a good weight, except he was growing 2 extra fingers!! One on each pinky finger! The one was a fully formed finger and the other was just starting. They had to tie them off and now he has two little nubs on his fingers from where they were. I am not  100% sure that smoking caused that, but she never smoked with the rest of us and we came out just fine. Thankfully, my brother had no other ill effects from it, he is brilliant, tall, and handsome! =) (Just has little nubs on his fingers.) So I say smoking is no good! Sometimes things can happen, not always, but they can happen. I mean as long as you are trying to quit, then that's a great thing! I understand though that it's a nasty habit that you can't just stop overnight, but cutting back is better than nothing at all.  
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i know smoking is really bad when pregnant but i haveto be honest i have done it with all my kids im not proud of it but im addicted and i do cut down while im pregnant but i havent gave up i know alot of babies are fine when they are born but problems with their health could happen later on thats why i have cut down i was told the less i smoke the healthier my baby will be i have been checked to see how bad my smoking is and my midwife is very pleased with my i have cut down to 3 a day maybe sometimes 4 but everything is fine but i would say if you can get off cigarettes while pregnant do it or if your cant cut down the less you smoke the less affected the baby will be later on.
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i'm a smoker, but your question was is it ok to smoke in pregnancy and the answer is of course no way. ideally, you should give up completely whilst pregnant and if you can't manage that cut down as much as possible.
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Just because some peoples babies have turned out fine doesn't mean that all babies will turn out fine after being exposed to all of those chemicals.
I too was a smoker when I fell pregnant with my first son, I had been smoking about a pack a day for 6 years. I quit the day I found out. Was it hard as hell? Yes, but I knew I was doing the best thing for my baby. When you think about it, wouldn't you do anything for the health of your baby?
I know I am going to upset a lot of people but I think it is pure selfishness when women say "it is too hard to quit".
My Grandma smoked with all 4 of her kids and ALL of them were under 5 pounds at full term, that doesn't sound "fine" to me
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My opinion is that it having a child is a blessing and a big responsibility. When a woman is not willing to give up smoking, then I am in the opinion that she is too selfish and also unfit to have a child. I'm sorry it sounds harsh but I work in the medical field and have seen babies born to mothers who smoked throughout pregnancy. I'm really appalled. My sister-in-law smoked as well during her pregnancy. Her latest child is too small and underdeveloped, he's 26 months old and when someone asks her how old he is, she answers with one year old!

Having a baby is a gift and a big responsibility that we women have. There are women who can't have children who would do anything to be in the position of pregnant women. It is pure selfishness.
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i had two boys smokedwith both, yes they were born small 5 and 6 pds but very healthy no problems they are 30-27 with no health problems, would i smoke again if pg sure i would if i was still smoking, but i have quit myself and very happy , now both my boys smoke and am trying to get them to stop. hum i was not a good example. so if you want your children not to smoke and have a very good chance of, cancer lung problems,asthma best to stop so they not follow you .
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Like anything else in the world choosing to smoke during pg is a personal choice. I chose not to and never would but more power to those who do. I don't judge it doesn't affect me or my baby. You know the affects that smoking has on a baby.

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smoking has been known to cause low borth weights and pre-term labour. yes there are dr's out there who may say its better to smoke than quit b/c you will stress out but i think its the first responsible decision a mother can make. if you cant give up smoking for a healthy baby than in my opinion you are pretty selfish, sorry if i sound harsh....
my mother smoked with me, ( i dont agree with it, however back then it wasnt as researched as it is now) and my dr believes I have asthma b/c of it.
yes there are children born to mothers who smoke who are "healthy" but how can you really ever know forsure? there are sooooooo many things out there that we dont know could they have been caused my a mother who smoked? such as behavioral problems, learning disabilites, ASTHMA> the list could go on.
in my opinion it is our responsiblty as mothers to do whatever we can to ensure our babies are as healthy as possible. you dont drink so why smoke??? if you dont want to quit dont get pregnant.

Pregnancy is a state where one has to be very particular about certain habits, including smoking. You might have your reasons to smoke, but the effects of smoking during pregnancy not only seen on our health but also on your baby to a large extent.

Everybody loves to have a healthy baby. First and foremost thing you should do is that quit smoking if you are planning to have a baby. Do not play around with your and your child’s health.

Dangerous Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy:
You may have a look into the effects of smoking during pregnancy. Nicotine and carbon monoxide are poisonous ingredients of cigarette that can cause a lot of harm inside the body.

Carbon Monoxide and Nicotine
Smoking leads to increase in the levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in the mother’s bloodstream during pregnancy. Carbon monoxide and nicotine have terrifying effects on the mother’s body, as the blood vessels are constricted and limited, showing an effect on the supply of oxygen and nutrients.

The growth of the baby is hampered as the baby is denied its full share of nutrients and oxygen. The whole situation is like to you are being hungry and being offered an insufficient amount of food with poisonous substances. When you smoke, this is what exactly your baby is going to experience.

Premature Babies
One of the dangerous effects of smoking during pregnancy is that babies are likely to be born premature and is they are born in correct time the baby may be underweight and small. Such babies need special care under medical supervision, which extends their stay in hospital.

Other Dangerous Effects of Smoking during Pregnancy
Smoking during pregnancy leads to denial proper oxygen supply to baby, which in turn may lead to miscarriages or fetal brain damage. According to certain studies smoking during pregnancy may even lead to Sudden infant death syndrome.

Another effect of smoking during pregnancy is found on the blood pressure of the developing baby. This adversely affects its development and the child’s learning ability, like attention deficit disorder retarded mental growth. When young the child may also develop respiratory problems like asthma.

Effects of Smoking after Pregnancy
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Once your baby is born, still there is need to protect the child from smoking. Smoking leads to reduction in milk supply, and can hinder breastfeeding. Moreover, the baby gets a fair dose of nicotine through breast milk.

This can cause diseases in the form of nausea, colic, diarrhea etc. Second hand smoke is not good for the baby, since it affects the lungs through the nicotine it inhales. You would not like your baby to develop breathing disorders.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
Experts found babies whose mothers smoked during pregnancy were born with smaller airways - making them more vulnerable to breathing problems after birth. These breathing problems can put your baby at increased risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Smoking has been linked to various health problems in babies, including prematurity and low birth weight. Mothers who smoke are at increased risk of having a stillbirth, miscarriage or premature infant. Smoking while pregnant will lower the amount of oxygen available to you and your growing baby and increase your baby's heart rate.

These health factors also contribute to raising the SIDS risk for your infant, and in your child’s decreased ability to breathe correctly or take in enough oxygen for a restful, restorative sleep at night.

Babies born to mothers who smoke are significantly lighter and shorter than those born to non smokers. Children who are exposed to tobacco smoke before birth or in the home are far more likely to suffer from respiratory illnesses and infections, which can also contribute to a decrease in quality of nighttime sleep for your baby.

The more cigarettes you or your baby’s caregiver smoke per day, the greater your baby's chances of developing these and other health problems. Studies show that a baby's risk of SIDS rises with each additional smoker in the household, with the number of cigarettes smoked a day, and with the length of exposure to cigarette smoke.

So give your baby and yourself the best chance at a restful night’s sleep and keep your home and your baby’s sleeping environment smoke-free. Your baby will thank you and you’ll sleep better knowing your baby’s risk for SIDS is greatly diminished and that your baby is breathing clean air with each breath he takes at night.

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I was a huge smoker before pregnancy. I would smoke about a pack a day. When I thought I could be pregnant, I went down to a pack a week. Once I saw the BFP, I quit cold turkey. It is hard and sometimes I still crave it, but this little one deserves the best life she could ever hope for and thats what I plan to give her. She doesn't need to be around all those fumes if it is not necessary. I don't plan on picking smoking back up after she is born either. I, personally, feel that you should not smoke during pregnancy, but yes, I have a few friends whose parents smoked while pregnant and they came out fine but it is just something that I'd rather not risk.
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Besides the low birth weight and all of the other stuff that you hear every day, here is what you dont hear every day.  this is where the parents that say "I did it and my baby was fine" cant really say that.  When you smoke, the chemicals cause mutations in the genes (mutated cells = cancer).  when genes mutate, it changes so much.  We cant see most of what happens.  It changes things that will happen to them 50 years down the road.  Mutated genes can cause things as small as your looks (to some of us that is not a small thing)  or as big as your bodys suceptability to cancer later in life.  So just because a baby came out with no abnormalities at birth doesnt mean that the smoking will not harm it in other ways.  Now I will say the people who put their heads in their shirts and cover with a jacket to walk past a lit cigarette...probably not so necessary, but that is just my opinion.
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I voted no way. Even though some babies may come out fine, problems can easily develop later on in their lives such as asthma etc.  
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I  voted no way. I don't smoke, and don't intend to start, but there are just way too many complications that could arise from smoking. There are plenty of women that will tell you that they did and things were fine, but I do not want to be the one parent whose child wasn't alright.

I would say quit, or reduce the amount you smoke if you are pregnant.
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Thanxx everyone for your opinions, i think about this everyday and i dont think that i have the guts to pick up a cigarette and smoke it! i would feel too guilty for my baby and knowing that im the one that makes decisions for my baby and i wouldnt want to make the wrong ones, yes i do crave one but i can hold out at least until the baby is born!.
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If you quit during your entire pregnancy there is no reason to start back up, actually, after being a non-smoker for so long you may actually be repulsed by them, I am now.
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I am also a smoker.but as soon as i found out i was pregnant i just stopped for 9 months.i am pregnant again and i am doing the same thing ,i will never put my unborn child at risk.
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I was a smoker and quit b/c pregnant. Only I have taken up a nice little caffeine habit instead and to my amazement, I just read a study that says that caffeine IS WORSE than smoking because the baby actually begins to CRAVE the CAFFEINE - crazy HUH!?! nice, oh well, Im trying to do whats best, its not always easy. Good luck to you!
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I was a smoker (1 pak every other day) and stopped once I found out I was preggo. I still crave it like you wouldn't believe. My BF smokes and occasionaly I pick up one of his cigs to just take a pull and I just feel so guilty I put it down. I also don't drink caffeniated drinks anymore. My BF's sister has two kids (perfectly healthy) and she smoked a pack a day, drank espresso and actually craved coffee grounds. This had no affect on her kids. I personally don't ever want to take that chance. Everyone is different though.
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