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Smoking During Pregnancy?!

Ive heard from plenty of mothers that they have smoked throughout they're pregnancy and my cousin actually smoked cigarettes and marijuana threw her full pregnancy and the baby came out fine... my friends who have had babies actually have smoked cigarettes during they're pregnancy and the babies came out fine .. whats up with that? i hear that smoking is really bad and shouldnt be done during pregnancy .. what do you think about it?!?! have you smoked during your pregnancy?!?! do you think its ok?!?! i would feel really guilty smoking during my pregnancy but sometimes i feel really stressed that i crave one
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well, i voted that i wasn't sure only because i did smoke with my son but i cut back to only 3 a day during the last 3 months.........i gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing in at 5 1/2 lbs. and 19 1/2 inches long........doc. told me he was perfectly healthy and we came home 1 1/2 days later we didn't even have to stay the whole 3 days!!!! i am also smoking with this one but i am trying to quit......i dont recommend smoking during pregnancy but every one is different! my mom had 6 kids and smoked with all of us except for me and i was the one who was born early and had all the breathing problems as a baby! the cravings will go away with time if you just stick with it! best of luck!!
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Well obviously it's bad, but some people get lucky and end up having a healthy baby, there are tons of things that can happen to babies when they're mother smokes, a baby can be born completely healthy but smoking give an increase of SIDS, and tonnnnns of other things, it's best if you try to quit, but if you can't, try to limit yourself, it's better for you as well! Good luck.
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I voted "no way" only because I'm not a smoker.  However, my husband is ... I was around him most of the time when he would smoke and our son came out a whopping 9lbs 4.8oz ... no lower birth weight there!  Now that Jaiden is out of my tummy tho, hubby has restricted his smoking to outside or in our utility room in the basement on the *really* freezing days.

Hubby's ex-wife smoked cigarettes and marijuana when she was pregnant with their son.  He was born healthy.

I'm not advocating smoking *anything* while pregnant, but I understand that smoking is an addiction and it's not easy to quit.  Hubby has tried multiple times to quit and it's a very difficult thing to do.  I feel that as long as a smoking mother at least attempts to lessen the amount she's smoking, she is at least *trying* to give more protection to her child.  To lessen your daily cigarettes is a feat in itself and I applaud all mothers who have gone thru this for their perseverance.
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My cousin's girlfriend smoked cigs and marijuana throughout all 4 of her pregnancies.. it caused problems in 3 out of 4 of her children. 3 have bad asthma and were born extremely unhealthy babies... also 2 out of 4 of her children have learning disabilities.

I definitely am against smoking anything while pregnant. The risks are too high.
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It can be serious to a baby's health. Even if they're born healthy it doesn't mean they won't have health concerns later (like asthma, allergies, and risks for cancers).

My mom smoked while pregnant with me and while I was a child. I am a healthy adult but recently found out I have fertility problems. I also had heart problems in middle school and had to wear a heart-rate monitor for a couple of weeks to monitor my heart.

Smoking kills and while I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad because I understand quitting is hard, I commend those who at least TRY to quit and make an effort.
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i was a chain smoker (cigarettes) before i got prego w/ my first.  after the initial shock of finding out i was pregnant, i quit cold turkey.  it was soooooo hard and got soooooo sick...  but it was the best thing i've ever done!  i know quiting like that doesn't work for everyone, but it did me...  and i haven't had one since!!!  :)
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