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Smoking and babys BPM

I am almost 7 weeks pregnant. I do smoke. Of course before anyone say anything negative I am fully aware of the affects. This reason being why I have cut back. Went from 10 cigs a day to 2 a day now. I have not fully quit due to Dr's suggestions. Quitting cold Turkey can be more harmful to your baby. But other then that. I have heard that if your a smoker it lowers your baby's heart rate. Is this true? At excatly 6 weeks and 1 day I heard my baby's heart beat and it was 104 BPM. I was told this wasn't normal, but that is the week the baby's heart developed. So anyone else know?
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I've smoked all through my pregnancy, and my little one is fine. His heart rate was normal, but couldn't be heard until I was 11 weeks. Before then they could never find it. Maybe it's because you are so early still, just go back in a week or so and have it checked again. X
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I too smoked throughout my pregnancies. Both babies came out perfectly healthy. No asthma, no withdrawal, perfect weight. :)
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I'm actually scared to quit because I did in my last pregnancy and seriously a week later I miscarried.. Now I'm 15 weeks and five days, and bubs is doing fine!!
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I had the same, my first 2 pregnancies I quit smoking, and miscarried both times. This time I didn't even know it was pregnant. I'm not blaming the quitting for the miscarriage because I was told I'd never have kids, but this time I carried on as I normally would and he is perfect. :)
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I don't know for sure, as my clinic here wouldn't see me until I was 10 weeks, and at that time, my baby's heart beat was 160 bpm at exactly 10 weeks. I did some research and got back pretty much similar results and numbers from different sources...
5 Weeks starts at 80 and ends at 103 bpm
6 Weeks starts at 103 and ends at 126 bpm
7 Weeks starts at 126 and ends at 149 bpm
8 Weeks starts at 149 and ends at 172 bpm
9 Weeks 155-195 bpm
12 Weeks 120-180 bpm

So sounds to me that your baby's heart rate Is where It should be. I'm glad your tryin' to cut down for the sake of your baby's health. =-]


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Ugh...the bleeped out Is: a m e r i c a n p r e g n a n c y
Without the spaces
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Your babies heart rate would have been slower because it is just developing, your next app. they may check it again to make sure. I know everytime I go in (I'm in Canada) they use the doppler to listen to his heart to make sure he is doing fine everytime I go in at both my normal dr. And now my OB
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Oh and my babies heart rate was 140 - 145 until I was six months it wnt down to 130 - 135 and the dr. Said it was fine he is growing right. And I am a smoker too.
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