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Smoking while pregnant

I'm 19 weeks pregnant as of today, and I don't know what to do. I'm a smoker and have been for the past 6 months or so. My husband smokes too, so just getting rid of the cigarettes isn't an option. We've switched to a brand that I find disgusting, but out of habit I just keep smoking and washing it down with a soda later. I feel horrible about it. I'm worried that I'm hurting my baby (my first, and we had a hell of a time getting this far). I heard that the patch is unsafe with pregnancy, since it puts nicotine more directly to the baby than smoking, and often in higher doses. I'm wondering what other women have done. How can I quit? I told my husband I will stop smoking by our next doctor's appointment (2 weeks from now) and I'm having a really hard time saying no to the cigarettes. And they don't even taste good! Please help me. Any suggestions, tips, advice, or stories from mothers who've been there would be very much appreciated.

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I smoked for about 2 years and when I found out I was pregnant, I finished my pack of cigarettes and haven't picked one up since. But with morning sickness and a heightened sense of smell I found it hard to even make myself smoke. I quit for a few months before I got pregnant. I picked up another habit, running. I would run 2-3miles a day or every other day after work and when I was finished I just didn't want to smoke. Once you completely quit smoking for about a week or two, you will find that it is easier to breathe, your allergies lessen, you smell better and you just feel cleaner over all. I am also 19 weeks pregnant, and my boyfriend still smokes, and I can't stand it. I don't allow him to smoke in the car and I can't stand the smell/taste when he kisses me afterward. He has been pretty good about it though, even if we are outside, he will stand away from me so the smoke doesn't blow on me. Any time you get a craving you can try chewing gum, or sucking on candy, take a walk, etc. And just keep telling yourself, "It is harmful to both myself and my baby." Good luck.
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I quit all three times cold turkey no problem... With each one I had my last smoke before my preg test.... I don't even see it as an option to smoke while pregnant I find it very selfish... My sister inlaw smoked and she had a very under weight baby and then she tells me she has no idea why he was so small well duh you smoked the whole pregnancy which is proven to cause low birth weight... If you want a baby you should want a healthy baby and you should be able to make the right choices for that baby considering that the baby does not have any say at all
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I really hope no one comments and says smoking during pregnancy is ok. There are TOO MANY studies out there that prove otherwise! Even if some fluke baby has no breathing problems- WHY RISK A LIFE!? Imagine yourself right now stranded on a couch hooked up to a breathing treatment because you don't have the oxygen flow to move! (True story- I had to take care of my stinky-couldn't-get-to-a-shower-ex for weeks)
I'm sorry to be so frank, but the thing that helped me quit smoking was my baby and her life. I smoked until 8 weeks when I had a threatened miscarriage! Every time you think about a cigarette, imagine the absolute panic as you are rushing to the hospital praying your baby is still alive inside of you!
I truly, truly believe smoking was the reason for this threatened miscarriage. It was not worth the feelings I went through. It was worth quitting to have the beautiful healthy little girl I have now though!
It sounds like you have an addiction to the motions, try pretending with a stick. Or if it comes to it, wean yourself off with the smokeless cigs. Look up all the ways to quit without the patch, like snapping a rubber band on your wrist every time you think of smoking.
Bottom line, you MUST quit.
Good luck!!!
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I smoked for 2 years and when i met my b/f he said he wouldnt date a smoker so i quit cold turkey what helped is i moved in with him a few weeks later and he dosnt smoke so i wasnt around it wich made it very easy to quit im 16 weeks pregnant and its been 6 months im not saying when i see or smell some one smoking i dont want it but i just walk away just try not to be around it at all find a new hobby for me smoking was something to kill time you know when you have those moments like waiting for a table at restaurants to kill time i would smoke but just out of being bored to kill time
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My partner stopped smoking around me the day that he found out we were expecting.  I never stay inside when we are visiting where people smoke.  However, most people, if educated, are kind enough to not smoke inside with an expectant mother.  We are also committed to keeping our daughter away from tobacco smoke.  A child should never have to compromise their health or comfort for an adult's addiction or habits.  We will not be taking her to visit anyone, where smoking is permitted inside.  Loved ones that cannot abide by this will have to come visit us at the park or somewhere else, where she can breathe comfortably.  There are just too many health issues associated with smoking during pregnancy and smoking around children.  Find a physician or group that can support you during this transition.  If loved ones aren't supportive, find people who will be.  Find strength in knowing that you are doing the right thing for your child and that they will grow up healthier and happier for it.  
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can i say i smoked with both of mine, and they were born 4 weeks eary their weight was good 5-6 pds but my youngest had asthma when he was little  i think it was from me smoking , he has out grown it now, but they say  later in life they could get cancer from you smoking , so try and quit if you can. i know a lot that smoke when pg but its true you made that choice they baby cant .
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I was a smoker up until the day i found out i was pregnant, im 33 weeks now. I feel that i have a choice but my baby dont, My baby is the most important person here! Im not gonna say it easy but if you want to do it you will. The first couple of weeks are horrid, just like you my partner smokes too but he has to smoke at the bottom of the gargen( that way he dont smoke as much) The only thing that help me quit was thinking how i wanted a healthy sooo much. Good luck. Kelly x
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well i think the best thing would be for u both to give, u should remind ur husband that passive smoking is harmful as well and it would be good to bring ur baby home to smoke free home.
if he refuses i think u should do it cold turkey, u have to think of ur childs health, u wouldnt stand over a baby and blow smoke in its face so why do it in pregnancy.  everythime ur baby kicks is a reason not to smoke another ciggarette.
i know it will be difficult but it really couldnt be for a better reason, the best of luck and i hope u succeed.
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