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So tired of ppl asking if they're pregnant or not!

Nobody cab answer that question!!! If you're sexually active it's possible! Pee on a stick or get a blood test! Everyone knows the symptoms, but plenty of other things could cause them! If you are concerned take a test! Gets old!!
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BAHAHAHA!!! Looks like another member cracked!!! *HIGH FIVE*
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We're all cracked. :) Some of us more so than others.
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Isn't there an am I pregnant forum?

Lol, I'm not sure I was ever completely sane in the first place.
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Why yes Nicole there is. :) Me and Ashelen CL it.
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I thought I'd seen it. It seems like we always get a lot of questions like that over here. idk this forum is pretty huge, an I've posted off topic before too.
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I have too, but that's only because this forum has ladies who have been there before and have good answers. I trust their opinions the best.

But yes, this forum does get a lot of am I pregnant questions. If you guys see any you can report them as miscategorized and it'll be relocated to the proper location.
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OMG it drives me nuts!
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Well , as I remember I had a chubby belly always in my life, I was getting this question everywhere in the elevator in grocery store, that are u pregnant , first I was getting upset  and I was telling them are u telling me that I am fat. But after while I started to say yeah I am and laugh.  I learned that u can close the door but u cannot shut people mouth.
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There IS an "am I pregnant" forum, there is also a health page that lists many of the early pregnancy symptoms and answers to questions that we frequently get on here.  If you ladies see one of these "am I pregnant" questions, just click the report button on the right side and choose "miscategorized" and one of the mods will move it to the correct forum.  You could also just simply reply to the question and give them this link for the am I pregnant forum :)

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Well, like it or not, just like abortion, "Am I Pregnant?" questions are legitimately related to pregnancy, so they not only belong here they are welcome here.

But, like Clysta said, she and I CL the "Am I Pregnant?" forum and since we don't answer a billion questions like that every day or anything, send more over!LOL - sarcasm there.

But seriously. Any and all questions are welcome here. Let's not make any members feel unwelcome just because 20 different people from 20 different parts of the world have a similar question. EVERYONE and EVERY question is welcome here! If it bothers you that much, click "miscategorized" and they'll send it off to the proper forum.

Best wishes for a good day everyone, but remember to be kind. Too much "Cracking" and cruel words to new members can get you banned. Not that this was out of line, but it's a very very fine line.
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i know these posts are frustrating to us members who have been on this forum for quite awhile....we have to remember that there are members (new) that are not as educated as us and are just excited about the possiblity of being preg for the first (or maybe second, third) time....no matter how frustrating these posts can be they will continue to happen

we as veteran members should remember that we once were in their shoes and people choose to sign up on these forums for support not to be critisized

its just like in real life: if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all
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HAHA I have seen this post many a time! In fact I have even written one once upon a time. Fact is the questions will always be posted on this forum. I've been here 4 1/2 years and it has yet to stop. Just don't read them if you are annoyed or have one of the monitors relocate it.
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yes, this postS are making me crazyyyyy.. IM I CRAZY??

can anybody tell me?
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