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Some answers to your questions

1.is sex okay during pregnancy
A)Unless your doctor tells you otherwise it is perfectly okay.
2. It hurts to have sex
A)Don't have sex
3.when can you know the sex
A)As early as 16 weeks but it might not be ss accurate as your 20 week ultrasound
4.how many ultrasounds do you get
A)it depends on your insurance and doctor, if baby is fine usually you will get two, three tops.. some people need more for medical reason, you can also schedule your own but you will have to pay for it.
5. Are you pregnant?
A)We don't know, take a test          
6.when will you start to show
A)its different for everyone, I started at 17 weeks some people don't until 20 something weeks, if you're not showing at 8 weeks dont flip its okay
7.if you are showing at 8 weeks or sooner
A) you're just bloated, its fine
8.is a cup of coffee okay sometimes
A) yes, just dont over do it momma
9.old wive tales
A)are just for fun and should not really be taken seriously, its a 50/50 chance. Just wait for an ultrasound like we all did.
10) who is the dad
A) we dont know, have a dna test done after your baby arrives, consider telling all possible fathers ASAP as it is their right to know, good luck!
11. Why are you so lonely
A)you don't have to be, were here for ya
12.when to announce your pregnancy
A)you usually wait until the second trimester but if you really can't wait then go ahead its wonderful news!
13.things to help get labor going
A)sex, walk, take a bath ir go in the pool, more sex
14. Is it bad to smoke while pregnant
A) for your and everyones sake on this app, don't go there, just ask your doctor.
15.is spotting bad in the beginning
A) not as long as its not heavy bleeding like your period and with cramps, you should still call your doctor to make sure

if I missed anything, feel free to add it on the comment section. Good luck mommas!

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Increased discharge is normal! As long as its not foul smelling or itching you are okay
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Q) does pineapple help labor?
A) from personally experience it doesn't, it gave me preclampsia and I had to be induced because of it.

Lol just had to put that one out there about the pineapple
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Also if you think your water broke or that youre going into labor, PLEASE call your doctor or go in, most of us can only help you from experience and everyones experience is different. Good luck :)
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Q. When will I feel baby move?
A. Everyone is different. As long as the heart best can be found and your care provider doesn't express any concern you have nothing to stress over.
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Q. When will I feel baby move?
A. Everyone is different. As long as the heart best can be found and your care provider doesn't express any concern you have nothing to stress over.
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I LOVE THIS!!! You couldn't have answered those.questions any better, I also love how you weren't rude :))

Q:.is He Cheating?
A: We Don't Know just Sit Down And talk To your partner.
Q:Do All Women Lose Their Mucus Plug?
A: No not every pregnancy is the same so if you have contractions but didnt lose your plug Go To Labor and Delivery.
Q:I Fell What Should I Do?
A:'Go to labor and delivery.
Q:I Havent felt my baby Move in days?
A: If.your past 28 weeks baby is supposed to move regularly dont wait.a few days go.immediately to labor and delivery.
Q:when will I feel my baby move?
A: we dont really know since every pregnancy is different.
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Thank God you posted that lol I was about to make my husband buy me a pineapple
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Technically it did help get the baby out quicker.. just not in the healthiest way! Glad everything worked out though(:

And i agree, i see the same questions on here. And i wanna tell them to scroll down a couple questions and im sure they will find the same one.. i know being a ftm is scary, but i see the same questions, allll the time.

Thank you for this list! And everyone commenting other common questions.
(I have a feeling it wont be long before we see one of these though) but at least if some people see this they will have their answer(:
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I think we should keep bumping this
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9961264 tn?1410876929
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I'm glad I helped !
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BUMP!!! Haha. I thought about posting something similar, didn't because I thought there would be backlash.
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Thank you! Hopefully this will help clear up many of the questions asked several times a day.
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Bump.. lol
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And we don't know if your baby daddy is cheating.
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Bump ♡
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kellyxo, I'm wondering how pineapple gave you preeclampsia...? Lol. I don't think food causes preeclampsia.
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Q) when to test for pregnancy?
A) I would suggest about a week after you missed your period or if you are concerned go to ER to get testes since their tests are more accurate than a home pregnancy test.
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Q) when to wash baby clothes?
A) everyone goes through a nesting stage, so whenever you want to. If you have the energy to rearrange nursery or wash clothes. Go for it!
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With the spotting one i would like to suggest that you have all spotting assessed buy a dr. I had spotting and was ignored buy a doctor and told it is normal turned out my pregnancy was ectopic and nearly killed me if you have spotting see a doctor asap and ask for a viability scan or to have your hcg levels closely monitored don't let them not even examine you and just say " spotting is normal its probably just implantation spotting "  
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Thanks ^ :)
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