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Sore Breasts

I know sore breasts are a common sign of pregnancy.  But what exactly is "sore."  Mine aren't sore like before a period.  They are sharp stabbing pains.  Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts.   Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
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It varies for all women.... As for me it felt just completely like I had been lifting weights all of the time and I was terribly sore. I had the sharp pains with my boys though! I have my fingers crossed for you!
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It's so different for each woman, and each pregnancy. I'm possibly pregnant now, and never get sore boobs at all in the luteal phase, and since 1 dpo they have been very achey on the sides, and it's now spread to the nipples. It was really bad like if someone brushed up against me I'd scream, literally! Now, they've calmed down a bit and I have to poke them to feel the pain. With my youngest I clearly remember my chest really aching, like my chest bones and all! If you feel something out of the norm, that's when I'd call it a sign! =) Hope this is your month!!!! =)
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There is definitely no concrete answer to this question as it is so different for every woman, each pregnancy, and can even vary day to day.  For example, when I first found out I was pregnant my breasts were so sore it felt like they were burning.  It hurt to even have a light-weight shirt on.  Now, a couple weeks later, they don't "burn" anymore but are just really sore to the touch and if I try to sleep on my stomach.  SometimesI get the quick, stabbing pain and other times I get tingles.  I know this doesn't help you answer your question but if it seems out of the norm for you then perhaps it is a good sign!!  No one knows your body better than you!!  :)
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mine arn't sore but just sensitive. Like ive been sleeping on them all night.
Yesterday I hugged the bf and the pressure on them was unformfortable but not painful. Mine feel more like a stiff workout.  
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Mine reminded me of when I was 12 and they were just starting to grow. I couldn't/can't lie on my stomach to sleep or hug people tightly because it hurts so much. It's thankfully starting to diminish but it's still so annoying.
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Well, I went to my doc friday and asked him.  He said it was all hormonal. So that could be because I was due for my period already or I'm pregnant.  Although all my tests say BFN so I'm guessing it's just AF playing tricks on me.  The stabbing finally subsided and it's super sore like growing pains maybe, or like a bruise.  Although they aren't bruised it's just hormones.   Thanks for all the response!!
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