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Spotting after heavy lifting?

Earlier today I was trying to bring in the groceries and every time I went out to the car my daughter would run outside and I'd end up grabbing her under one arm and a bunch of bags with the other arm. It's was probably about 45 ish pounds each time. I've had some cramping on and off since then with just a little bit of red in my cm when I went to the bathroom.

I used my doppler and the hb is just fine, but has anyone ever had this happen??? Should I worry or just take it easy for awhile?
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This has never happened to me but I get really bad cramps after doing things that strain my stomach muscles. Like I have 6 pitbulls that I care for each day and 2 pit puppies inside. I have one that is very stubborn and likes to dig out of her kennel. So after I put her back in and fill in the hole my stomach starts cramping really bad.mostly at the bottom. Did you get that pain to??
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I've never had the spotting but had the cramping/contractions.  My last pregnancy was my 6th that went full term and during the whole time I had a 30 lb toddler plus I did all the shopping and carrying stuff myself.  In my 8th month I had to do a TON of heavy lifting going through my mothers things when she was diagnosed with cancer and passed away 3 weeks later.  

Becuase of the spotting, I would call your doc just to see if thye want you to come in and get checked to be safe.

It's probably nothing but better safe than sorry.
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I had this problem after carrying groceries as well, but mine wasn't until between 20-22 weeks.  After that I continued to spot for almost 8 weeks, but my OB could never find the exact cause of it.  I would go ahead and call just to be on the safe side.
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After a warm bath last night the cramping did stop and I haven't seen any additional spotting so I'm feeling better today. I'll check the hb again and if all is ok I think I'll try to wait it out until my next appt and bring it up then. I think this was a good reality check for me because I am pregnant and have to limit myself for the safety of the baby. I don't think about that I think about the screaming toddler right infont of me.

For now on I'm doing the grocery store unless someone is home to unload the car for me. Between my husband and son I'm sure we can figure it out.
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It is actually pretty normal. Your cervics is more sensitive and you have alot more blood vessels in that area. Sometimes lifting heavy things can cause slight spotting. It happened to me yesterday after lifting my daughter's wooden doll house on Mon. If if were to get heavy enough to need a pad then you should call your dr, other than that if it starts just stop what you are doing and put your feet up and rest until it stops. I hope this is helpful. I am pregnant with my 5th and this has happened to me with 3 of my perfectly healthy pregnancies.
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Here's a tip for the future in case you have to unload the car by yourself.  If you have a garage and can safely leave your toddler strapped in her carseat until you are unloaded...do that.  If not..take her in and put her in her high chair (if she uses one) and strap her in.  OR if you think she would be excited about it...have her help you...give her the lighter bags to tote in while you get some of the other stuff.  This might help keep her occupied.

Having 5 kids ages (almost) 7 months, 2, 6, 7 and 14 I've had to get pretty creative :)
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Those are great ideas! I never even thought about leaving her in the car or putting her in the high chair.
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My toddler is roughly 30 lbs and I am 6 months pregnant and this spotting happened to me yesterday for the first time.  I went to the maternity section of my hospital and got checked out - they said everything was fine.  It happened again in the evening so I was thinking back to all the questions they were asking me while trying to determine what caused it and the heavy lifting question came to mind.  I'm now pretty sure lifting my toddler is what caused the spotting.  I've decided to try to lift her a bit less, and be more conscious of it - I figured my body is trying to tell me something and I should probably listen.  The doctor said unless its dark red blood, there is likely nothing to seriously worry about.
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I have just seen pink blood after lifting a small but pretty heavy luggage last night.
that's always scary. Pregnancy is not supposed to be so fragile that we can't life things though.  Unless we have a reason, in general, women can live like they always have while pregnant until the last part of pregnancy.  I do an exercise class and half the class is about 7 months pregnant and we run, lift weights, etc.  

Spotting during pregnancy can happen.  Did you have sex recently?  That can cause spotting.  And the cervix is very vascular during pregnancy and that can cause bleeding or spotting.  In general though, you can check in with your doctor.  Take it a bit easier today and baby yourself a little.  That never hurts.  :>)  If it increases at all or you have cramping, do call your doctor right away.  Let us know how you are doing, I'll be thinking of you!
Thank you for your  reply! (: i did a scan at almost 6 weeks. We got a heartbeat so all is good (: but yes about 2-3 days ago was when intimacy was last there. We’ve been hesitant to be that active. So yes i’ll be taking better care of myself from now on because I don’t exercise heavily in general but i did lift a pretty heavy luggage just a couple of days ago. That could be it. I had a major scare.
You should be fine.  And again, pregnancy is not supposed to be super fragile.  You should be able to be intimate with your partner. I had spotting after sex while pregnant.  Usually brown spotting but spotting none the less.  My doctor said it was harmless.  Mention it to your own though!  Anyway, hang in there and check back in with questions and updates on your pregnancy!!
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