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Stationary Bike?!

Can you ride on a stationary bike while pregnant? I know you can do moderate exercise and I know that regular biking is out of the question because of all the bumps and jostling. But I would think stationary bike would be fine? I want to keep my thighs toned (NOT trying to lose weight but just stay healthy and in shape). Any thoughts?
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i would think yes sence theres no way you can hurt yourself...the only reason they tell you not to ride a regular bike is becuase you are at risk of falling but i would think that there would be no problem trying to stay in shape...id say as long as your comfortable doing it then theres no harm....when you start to feel like you cant do it anymore then i think you would have to stop because thats what your body is telling you to do!! How are you feeling these days hun!?
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I'm 7 weeks today according to my LMP! I started feeling a tiny bit nauseous after breakfast but doing okay now. I was paying bills online and hanging out in here but I have to get off and go eat lunch and entertain my daughters before they really make a mess! Ha!

Thanks for your thoughts! I think it might be fine. I plan to ask my doctor but he's pretty laid-back. I think he'll be all for it.
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I think you would be fine since there is no risk of falling off, unless of course, you are a huge clutz lol
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You should be fine on a stationary bike.  You just don't want to let your heart rate go over 140 bpm.  You might want to call your doctors office just to make sure it is okay, especially if you aren't used to exercising regularly.  If you already exercise before your pregnancy, it should be fine.
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They say that if it something that you did before getting pregnant that it is okay, as your body is used to the movements. However they do say to tone the regiment down a bit.
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Don't laugh, I've totally fallen off a stationary bike before... And I SWEAR I'm not usually a clutz! LoL (I'm even worse on a treadmill :P )
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I just read in my pregnancy book yesterday that it is fine to ride a stationary bike.  They said that alot of people ride stationary bikes when they get farther along in their pregnancys.
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Thanks very much! I just needed some reassurance it was alright. My husband doesn't want me to ride it even though I was doing 30 minutes a day for a couple months before getting pregnant.

I'll still have to talk to the doc but hopefully my hubby will calm down. After 2 miscarriages he freaks when I do anything.
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I checked with my ob on exercise when I found out I was pregnant since I'm a bit overweight to start with. Stationary bikes are ok because you most likley won't fall off. Then again I've noticed pregnancy makes me a huge clutz.

I use the treadmill because it's easier on my knees than running on pavement and a stationary bike because it's safer than riding my real bike. Plus you can read a good magazine or watch tv while on the bike. I say go for it!
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I think it is probably fine...you can double check with your ob though.  I didn't exercise for my first trimester because I exercised last time and I had a miscarriage...I also drank a cup of coffee a day last time and didn't do that this time around...I did have three sips of caffeinated coffee today though!  Someone brought a box of joe and munchkins to work...had to have a few sips and two munchkins!!  I was a worrier so I didn't do anything that could be questionable!
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Crysi- LOL :)
I am a HUGE clutz so it is definitely something I would do.
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i don't know about a stationary bike but i used the treadmill every day until i was put on bed rest at 24 weeks. i walked (not a slow walk and not a jog) for 2-3 miles. i went crazy when i was on bedrest. i couldn't stand just laying there all day....
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