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Stopping Birth Control Mid Pack

I was asked to stop taking birth control (Loestrin Fe) for at least 4 weeks prior to some blood work that needs to be preformed for kidney, adrenal, pituitary, thyroid and other things.  I stopped it immediately after the blood tests were ordered so I could get the test done quickly.  I quit the pack with 8 active pills left in the pack.  Typically I start my period on the 4th day of inactive pills then begin a new pack the next day.  

Since I ended the pask with 8 actives left, I expected my cycle to be thrown off some.  I had some dark spotting about 4 days after I stopped which lasted about 1 day.  Since starting the birth control I have been very regular and very light periods... very similar to the dark spotting.  Even before the pill I was very regular.  

My question is... for most people with regular cycles... would that dark spotting after stopping the pack be the beginning of my newly timed cycle and ovulation fall into the normal time line or will it be a long time before I am regular?  How often do people get pregnant right after stopping their birth control pill?  

PS.  I don't really mind if I get pregnant.  My husband and I have been talking about it.  We were using a condom for the first week, but it was causing irritation to me, so we stopped.  
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It does not matter how heavy or light, or how dark (I'm assuming you mean it was black/brown/dark red) or how light (pink)---it's a period. But when you will ovulate is a mystery at this point. You need to chart your cycles and find out if you're going to be regular. And in the meantime, of course you can TTC.

Ovulation is not based on your last period. I know everyone says that you ovulate 2 weeks after your period starts, but that's a myth. Every body is different. Your next period is based on when you last ovulated is the truth, which you can find on almost every fertility charting site.

So how can you better predict ovulation? Obviously use a method like BBT (basal body temping), CM (cervical mucous), and/or OPKs (ovulation predictor kits). And once you find out how long your cycles are, subtract 14 from that number. That is an estimation of which cycle day you will ovulate.

The average woman gets her period within 14 days AFTER ovulation. I hope this helps. Please ask for clarification or more information if you want it. I know a ton about checking CM for ovulation but I don't know about the other methods.
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To answer your question about getting pregnant after BC, I stopped my OrthoEvra patch at the end of October (when my prescription ran out), and got pregnant a few weeks later.  Truthfully I thought (after what I'd read) that it would take a couple months or so ...but I guess hubby and I were just that fertile.  >.>  And remember, there are even women who get pregnant *while taking* the pill!  I guess it just depends on your body and how the medicine affects it.

As for figuring out your ovulation cycles, Joy has some great advice.  =D  They also have a lot of books at the library (or bookstores) about how to chart your cycles.  Hope you can figure it all out!
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I had always gone by the 12-14 days after the start of my period (especially since I have always been 28 days regular cycle).  With my son, I tracked my ovulation by period dates and CM for several months before "trying" and I got pregnant with two attempts during the week my ovulation was "charted" for.  

Thanks for your input.  I just have no idea what to expect with this pill nonsense. LOL.  
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With my experience, I was on Loestrin FE, for 6 years and decided after taking 9 pills of a new pack that hubby and I wanted to start trying for kids.  So, December 1 i stopped and within a week I began to spot (withdrawal bleeding) for a couple of days, then December 31 I had my first period off birth control.  I got pregnant with that cycle, just because the condoms didn't work for us that well.  I had a m/c, but I've been regular 29 day cycle ever since.  I tried the OPK this cycle to help TTC and I had my surge on 6/29, which would put it right at 15 days after my period, but according to the OPK you ovulate between 24-36 hours after your surge, so I assume I ovulated on 7/1...so I am 8DPO and waiting to test this weekend as AF is due Monday, 7/14.  I think the best way to determine ovulation is BBT.
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Oh, well I can't help with the BC part! Sounds like krushing gave you some awesome info.
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But let's remember...everyone is different!  
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Just to add my 2 cents.  When I stopped my birth control, I too stopped in the middle of a pack and I started my period right away.  I then got my period on time (because I too was clock work when on the pill), then the next period was 1 week later, following period 3 weeks late and then I got pg (but m/c).  What everyone said about ovulation is correct, but I know for me, when on the pill I never for EWCM (egg white cervical mucus) but I did once I got off.  That's when I knew I was ovulating and I always got my period 14 days after the last time it appeared (trust me, you'll know what I'm talking about when you get it).  So I don't know if it will happen for you, but that's my experience.  
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With my personal experience after quitting birth control, I started my cycle EXACTLY 28 days after I took my last pill.  The blood started as dark and light (which indicates old blood), then it was heavy for 2 days and light red for the following 3 days.  I wouldn't count the withdrawal pill bleed as a period but count 28 days (a normal cycle) from the day you took your last pill to see if AF comes on that day.  Oh and I've never been pregnant and this is the first time since i started birth control 12 years ago that i've quit.  Sorry i couldn't be more help.
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Ok so I just wanted to say I took b/c for one month to help control the growth of an ovarian cyst. Cyst burst and I was told to finish up the b/c ... I stopped it early cause I was having some weird hormone reactions ... had 12 pills left 10 active. I waited till my period should normally start...no cramps...no period. Took a test...negative. A week later ...still no period took another test...positive...I'm pregnant and completely ok with it...been trying for. three yrs before the cyst. Went to the dr today..everything's ok...can't believe quitting birth control got me pregnant!
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Lol-- I feel like a moron. You used so many acronyms, I don't know what any of them mean... Words please?
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Hi - this thread is quite old and it is unlikely that most of the members are posting here right now.  If you have a question, best to start your own thread.
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