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Strange suspected heterotopic/ectopic pregnancy, anyone experience this?

This is kind if confusing but I'll be as clear as possible. I had a period December 25th of 2015, three day before my next period I had watery pink discharge for a day, a day of heavy bleeding, and two days of spotting. I usually have a really heavy 6 day period. I haven't bled since. I was convinced I was pregnant and went and got a blood test a week later and it was negative with an hcg of 2. I decided to take a pee test every week until my next period just because in my head there was still a chance, the bleeding was so strange. My partner and I havent been trying too hard just letting things happen so we continued to have unprotected sex but I haven't been tracking ovulation at all. I know usually my periods are 28 days apart. At 21 days after what I thought was implantation bleeding i got a positive pregnancy test but it didn't seem possible to have a positive test a week before my missed period. I knew in ectopic pregnancy the hormones usually rose really slowly so I went to the ER. I had mild cramping that seemed mostly on my right side so that's what I told them. I had no other pain or bleeding. In the ER they found a mass in my left tube that looked like an empty gestational sac at 6 weeks or so. My hcg was at 60 when I got to the hospital and at 76 a few hours later. Everything was stable. They admitted Me to the hospital to monitor me and said we'd decided on surgery in the morning. My hcg continued to rise, blood levels stayed good, no pain, no bleeding. After a couple of Sonos the doctor decided to see if my hcg would rise enough to determine if there was a sac in the uterus.they sent me home. Two days later my hcg was at 243, four days after that it was at 900 (it was also the first day of my next missed period) and they saw a tiny sac that had developed. They said they were 80% sure it was the baby. The mass on the left was still there and hadn't grown at all. The doctor seemed hopeful but also confused. I know that nothing is certain until there is a yolk in the sac in my uterus and I think I must be barely 5 weeks along today. I go for more bloodwork and another sono in the morning. The doctors are just confused about if there is an ectopic going on as well and IUP then why are they so far apart in age? Why are my levels rising so well if it is an ectopic from the implantation bleeding before? Why did I ovulate early enough to get a positive test 7 days before my period? I still have no pain or bleeding. My boobs are sore, slight morning sickness, fatigue, good blood levels. But if the mass isn't an ectopic pregnancy what is it? It doesn't look like the pictures of cysts I've seen. At the last sono they said it might not even be in my tube but it was unclear. Is it possible that it was ectopic and it just stopped growing? Will my body absorb it? Has anyone ever had this issue? How can it be possible to get pregnant then get pregnant again? Or maybe the sac in my uterus is a pseudosac? Why did it take so long to form? And why haven't I had a positive test until now and then have normally rising levels? The size of the mass on the left is too big to have been from my most recent cycle. I'm going crazy here. Any suggestions? Experience?
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You have many questions....

There are also many possibilities.

Some twins have been shown to have been the result of two pregnancies, one right after the other. The women may have ovulated late and implanation took longer so ovulation occurred again and was fertilized as well.

Another could be that the mass is a fibroid or something else besides an ectopic pregnancy which may have occurred as well.

You stated your levels themselves were very low, so yeah, the hpt is not going to pick it up until it is high enough. Depending on what that mass is that could have caused your situation.

All you can do is just wait and see and do your own research to see what could've happened

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