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Strep B

hi, I'm a first time mum 28 weeks pregnant tomorrow! I want to be tested for Strep B as things I've read about it have really worried me.
I saw my midwife on Tuesday and when I asked her if they test for it she said that they don't routinely test for it unless the woman shows signs of infection such as lots of vaginal discharge, she said that's the only reason they'll test for it and other than that they don't.
However the things I've read about it have concerned me and I want to be tested.
Does anyone know if I can be tested? Who I can ask to be tested? Or what to do?
I'm from the UK by the way :)
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They test everyone
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They test you at around 35 weeks.
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They should test you around 35 weeks because its one of those things that can come and go. If they test too early and it comes negative there's still a chance it could be positive later. Not sure who to ask to test you if your midwife won't but she really should.
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Where I'm from its not a routine test they only tested me for it because I said I had an increase in discharge and thought I had bv but it turns out I was group b strep! It does come and go but as long as they know when you are in labour they give you some anti biotic and as long as you have these before you give birth the chances of baby having any problems because of group b strep are like 5000/1
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Yeah I'm from the UK and it's not routine to be tested here because of our free NHS they won't test everyone. My midwife told me that unless I show signs of infection at some point like increased discharge then they won't test me.
Should I say that I have had increased discharge so I get tested?
I really want to be tested as things I've read about strep B have really worried me
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Hey I'm from Ireland and we have free medical services too! I would just say it and she will give you the swab to swab yourself and then they get results within a few days! But if you are negative this time it doesn't mean that it wouldn't show up because it comes and it goes!
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It's a routine test done around 35 weeks.
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thanks, I will ask about it again at my next midwife appointment :)
Kenna2013 where are you from? Cause it isn't routinely tested everywhere, I'm from the UK and it's not routine to be tested here. They only test people if they show signs of infection etc...
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I'm frm Colorado and it's routinely checked here. I wld asked to be checked. I was positive for strep B wit my first but I really didn't have any symptoms especially not a change in my discharge so we wld have never know if i wasn't tested. My midwife was jus explaining to me how you can be positive for strep B and not be symptomatic. Wen I had my son in 2014 the rule was I had to be on IV antibiotics during labor but now the rules have changed and if someone is positive for strep B they only need IV antibiotics if they are symptomatic. I'm sure it doesn't hurt to ask again if it wld give you a piece of mind:)
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I think it's pretty standard procedure to be tested for GBS around 35w here in the US.
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It must be only routine in America cause it's not in Ireland or UK! Only reason I got tested was because of an increase in discharge! And I have to be on anti biotics in labour because they won't have time to test to see if it's there or if it's dormant! Anyway just say you have had an increase in discharge and there is an odour and they should swab you and send off to lab! Best of luck with rest of your pregnancy ❤
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Thanks AshFirstTimeMammy! I will just say that when I'm closer to 35 weeks so that they test me :) good luck with the rest of your pregnancy too! ❤️
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Bump ! I hadn't even heard of strep b until a few weeks ago and now I do it terrifies me ! I'm from the UK also and want to be tested closer to the time , it baffales me that they don't even offer there test for an extra charge especially for something so dangerous! , I wonder if there is a way of doing it privately ? Or if there is a foundation that could help and point us in the right direction. I want testing wether I show symptoms or not, there is no way I'm taking that risk .

Looking forward to reading a solution on this post !!
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I have found a site called medisave that will send you a test for free and then you pay for the laboratory processing .

I haven't fully read into it yet but sounds promising !
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I know I hadn't heard of it until last week and that's why I created this post straight away as I think it's ridiculous that they won't test everyone in the UK regardless of whether you show symptoms or not.

I've decided that I'm just going to say at my midwife appointment around 35 weeks that my discharge has increased and then they should test me for it. There's no way I'm taking any risks.

Hopefully one day it will be routine for everyone to be tested as I'm as concerned as you are about it!
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Yeh it used to be routine , but you know what our countries like for cuts ! And I suppose this is just one of the things that got it
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I would definitely ask! Every women carries group B strep at some point since its naturally made it our bodies, but an infection from group B strep to either you or the baby can be dangerous. I actually had a friend that passed away from group b strep in her blood (sepsis) and sometimes you don't show signs of having it. And usually if you request a medical test, they can't deny you
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