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Stretch Mark Cream

Hi Everyone
I just found out I was pregnant today. I am a freak about getting stretch marks.. What is the best cream, oils or lotions I can buy to help prevent?? Any help would be appreciated.. Thanks
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I use Tummy Honey Butter by Bella B.. Idk if it "works" but I like it and it smells yummy too.
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i just use my regular fave scent of body "butter" from B&BW.....i tried palers, and that stuff stinks, and it's thick( to me ), so it just "sits" on my belly instead of being "soaked up" by my skin.....my mom used "udder cream" from walmart, and aside from her breasts and on the back of her hips she has no marks, and only a few in those places....and they're light!
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you should keeep ur skin really mostuired all the time . with any body  cream or lotion.
i used regular body lotion twice in a day . i have very light strech marks.
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I used to use palmers tummy butter but I didn't like the greasy feeling of it so I switched to Skin-so-Soft gelled body oil (I get it from an avon rep) and I LOVE it.  With my first child I used lotions and butters and ended up with a lot of stretch marks (later got a prescription to lighten them and you can't really see them now) but now I am bigger than when I gave birth to my first and haven't gotten a single one yet.  I think it kinda runs in your family, if your mom has bad marks then you might want to prepare yourself.  But you can get this cream from your doctor that will lighten them up and make them less noticable after the baby is born.  At least it worked for me.
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First off, CONGRATS on your pregnancy!! That's very exciting! :)

Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but nothing (litereally nothing) prevents stretch marks if you're destined to get them. I went 29 weeks without a single mark - I used Palmers Stretch Mark concentrated cream every morning and night religiously & really thought I was defeating the dreaded stretch marks. Then one morning in my 29th week I woke up and my lower belly was covered. :*( It was really depressing. I'm over it now, I've come to terms w/the fact that it is a part of pregnancy for the majority of women and that they will fade over time. I still use the cream to keep my skin hydrated, and my hubby loves to rub it on my belly.... but it's pretty much a lost cause at this point. Again, sorry to be depressing but it is true what they say - it's all in the genes!! If you're prone to get them, theres nothing you can do to stop them, and you most likely won't know if you are until far into your pregnancy. Darn those genetics!!!! ENJOY your pretty smooth belly while you've got it! I wish you the very, very best that you don't get any stretch marks at all.

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Sorry to say this but there is no cream that will either prevent, diminish, or get rid of stretch marks.  Stretch marks occur deep within the skin and not on the outer layers so any topical ointment will not be effective.  Stretch marks occur because of rapid expansion of skin and there is not much you can do to prevent that.
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opps - sorry to repeat what Babydreams just said (I didnt read all the replies).  And yes, genetics does play a role and you cant control that!  I think something like 30% of pregnant women dont get stretch marks - I was one of them and put on 38 Ibs.
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hahaha..yeah good luck on this one. no lotion in the world can actually PREVENT them. its mostly genetics and also depending on how much weight you gain, how much elasticity is in your skin, things like that. with my first i didnt get any until about 7 months along, this one i havent gotten any new ones thankfully. my two best friends just had babies, one no stretch marks at all, the other one no stretch marks until week 38 then she got hammered with them. they do have creams to help lighten them up afterwards though, avon has a good one. at least they used to. and if you do get them, they are just an awesome reminder of what you went through. they are battlewounds of love :)
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The ladies have it! IF your gonna going to get stretchmarks there's nothing you can do. Just consider them "battle scars" or "baby prints" :)
And enjoy the end product of your body's hard work.... that baby!

I had no stretchmarks til about week 25, then I popped up with like 2-3 and by a week later I had about 12. :)
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Like the ladies above said there is no way to prevent strechmarks from coming. I've use Palmers coco butter and bio oil and still got a lot of strechmarks. But you might be a luck one and not get any at all but you won't know that until later. I first got my strechmarks at around 25 weeks. My mother had no strechmarks and I got them :(
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