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Stuffy Nose won't go away 13 weeks preggo w/twins

Anyone else get a stuffy nose as one of their first pregnancy symptoms? Mine just won't go away! My doc called it pregnancy rhinitis. ugh. I am trying my best to use a little warm washcloth, strong peppermint altoid candies and anything else that may help like tea etc. I have not used any meds and am trying to avoid it if possible. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Tonight I may try non medicated breathe right strips....wish me luck!
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Thanks for your responses. I am just wondering how to tell the difference between sinus infection and pregnancy rhinitis...where do you draw the line? I've got all the symptoms of rhinits stuffy sometimes runny nose, clogged sinus feeling etc. but i've also got some rather colorful secretions coming from the nose, to avoid the gross factor i will leave out the colors lol. I have also had on and off headaches. I am currently taking an antibiotic for a uti...will that antibiotic kill a sinus infection too if i have one????
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i had it from 6 weeks on and it lasted untill she was born.   then around 20ish weeks my nose started to bleed, just a spot here and there and i have never had a bloody nose in my life. it was crazy
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Treatment for Pregnancy Rhinitis
Unfortunately, treatment for pregnancy rhinitis is not all that effective. Nevertheless, there are some medications that you can use to relieve your symptoms. Be sure you talk to your health care provider before taking any type of medication during pregnancy.

Nasal Saline Irrigation: This type of treatment uses a saline wash to help remove mucus from the nasal passageways, improving comfort and breathing. Saline washes also help to lubricate the mucosa in the nostrils, allowing them to work more effectively in the future. All you need to do is flush each nostril out with the saline solution. Sterile saline washes are available at your local pharmacy or drugstore.
Antihistamines: Antihistamines help to relieve congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. The antihistamine chlorpheniramine is safe for use during pregnancy, although you may want to discuss its use with your health care provider beforehand just to be on the safe side.
Oral Decongestants: Oral decongestants were once avoided during pregnancy for fear that they would cause birth defects in baby. Yet, a new study performed in Sweden suggests that oral decongestants are completely safe, and possibly even beneficial, for moms with pregnancy rhinitis. In the study, women who took oral decongestants throughout pregnancy had children with similar birth defect rates as the general population. However, these women also had significantly reduced rates of preterm birth. You may still want to discuss the use of oral decongestants with your doctor first before using them.

Self Care for Pregnancy Rhinitis
The best treatment for pregnancy rhinitis symptoms is often self care. Here are some things that you can do at home to relieve your discomfort:

Drink lots of fluids, especially water. Avoid caffeinated beverages, as these can be dehydrating.
Increase the humidity levels in your home. This will prevent your nose from drying out.
Avoid environmental irritants, like cigarette smoke.
Sleep with your head propped up on a pillow.
Exercise in moderation. Easy exercise can actually help to reduce nasal congestion.
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What is Pregnancy Rhinitis?
Pregnancy rhinitis occurs when your nasal passageways become irritated and inflamed during pregnancy. As a result, you experience nasal congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose. It is very similar to allergic rhinitis, except that it does not appear to be caused by any environmental allergens or toxins. Pregnancy rhinitis lasts for at least six weeks, and can occur at anytime throughout your pregnancy, although it commonly occurs in the first trimester. Symptoms of pregnancy rhinitis usually resolve on their own within two weeks of labor and delivery.
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I got a sinus infection at around 12weeks, my dr. told me I could take Tylenol cold and sinus, I did for like 2 days, then tried to tough it out, after 3 weeks I took antibiotics b/c it wasn't getting better, and it gave me really BAD headaches, but it finally went away after about 4 days of the antibiotics,( PS. I'm a nurse and try to avoid use of antibiotics) if its just a cold bug (virus)antibiotics won't help, but if it is persistant you may have a bacterial infection not viral and need them. Good luck.
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