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Symptoms but negative HPT

Is it at all possible to be getting some symptoms of pregnancy and yet get negative HPT results??  My reasoning is that if you are pregnant enough to get symptoms then the test would be positive, wouldn't it??
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Most women experience some signs or symptoms of pregnancy as early as three weeks after conception. The most common symptoms of early pregnancy are:

Nausea with or without vomiting
Breast tenderness
Increased frequency of urination

Yes, depending on the sensitivity (how well and how early the test detects a pregnancy) of the pregnancy test a woman could have symptoms of pregnancy and still not test positive.

Best regards,

Dr. Downing
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Well, some pregnancy symptoms as same as PMS... so maybe you're just about to get your period.  Or maybe you're so early on (only days) in your pregnancy and so it will still come out negative.  I suggest you either wait to see if you get your period and if not then take a pregnancy test and you'll be sure... good luck!
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That's exactly my question... can you possibly get the actual symptoms early on and yet test negative??  If the symptoms are already there then shouldn't I test positive???
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I am going through the same thing right now, and my tests are negative too.  I am feeling so queasy and tired...  I hope I get a positive I can't wait to MISS my period!  
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i 3 days late negative tests....my sister in law said her tests always came back negative until like a week late
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i am two months later and have taken 2 blood test and both have come out negative but that happen with my little girl i found out wwhen i was 12 week.
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I realized that I was imagining the symptoms even though I wasn't pg.  It also doesn't help that I was suffering with migraines, which tends to have the same symptoms as pg.
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I had symptoms and just "knew" I was pregnant, but I got negative HPTs for almost two whole weeks!  I was beginning to think I was crazy, lol.  Good luck to you:)
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I have taken 3 test in the last 4 days!  I am currently three days late, and very very anxious to find out...If you can try (I cant) to wait a couple days maybe a week before you test again, that might be alittle more helpful!  Good luck to you!
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I had the same problem when i first got pregnany, I had symptoms of pregnancy and had no possitive test. then one day it came up possitive for a week then suddenly went back to neg. i went to the hospital and got it checked,they said i was not pregnant, then another week later i had a possitive again...lol and i still had 1 weeks before my period. i was so confused,i thought well maybe i had a miscarry but then my husband was thinking and said to me "hun we havent had sex since you went to the hospital.." haha so then i knew that i was pregnant,but when i went to the hospital i just wasnt pregnant enough to show anything, i went to an OBGYN and found out i was actually only 5 weeks, now im in my 37th week, so YES! i think its very possible to have pregnancy symptoms with no poss. test. heck i did. just keep testing until you find out for sure. but i had symptoms like: nausea,vomiting,headaches,cramping,flu symptoms,dizziness,and i was super tired. Good Luck!
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hey  i was on iud for 4 mts but it come out about 6 weeks ago and then on around feb 20 i started my .  and then on the sun after that i started my new pill am do one in 2 days but i think i might be pregnant i have all the sign's sore BB's sick to me belly speelpy all the time and i never am haedace relly bad and heart burn, emotional
and i had some relly light spotting this moning just that once when i went to the bathroom and wipe  i got 2 kids and i had all the thing's with my 1st one and i had relly bad spotting with it to but i thou i was geting my .  but i found out that i was pregnat but i dont know i wish some one out there can help   could i be  ppppppppppppllllllllllllllllzzzzzzzz help me
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I have had two negative pregnancy test and I've been to an OBGYN yet nothing. I feel pregnant and I've had no sign of my period. Advice please!!
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ye me to i went to the dr today and they said that they was going to do a quanatative blood test i get the reslt in 1 - 3 days she said  i hope ya find some thing out kept me posted ok i hope you are if thats what ya want  ttyl
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My last period was Jan 3rd. It has been 82 days since my last period. I have had 3 preg tests all negative. I have been getting headaches and back aches. In the past 2 weeks my stomach above my belly button has been getting hard after I eat.I can't eat the amount of food I used to. I get this unfortable full/bloated feeling.   i am very overweight and my dr says it's probably due to that. I lost my insurance the end of Feb and I wont be getting new ins with my new job for a few months. I can go to planned parenthood and get an exam but they wont do blood work or anything. I have also been having cramps like AF cramps. They were worse a few weeks ago but they seem to be happening less often.
Has anyone ever tested positive this late after testing neg? has anyone ever had their period stop due to obesity?
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i am over wight to and my . has not stop cause for that    

i would retest will the doc said that my test come back with some hcgs in it but it was not egoung to say that i was preo so she said to want til the frist week of apirl and test agin but i dont know i thank i am  i waen my belly is growning to but i havein gain any wight i cant fit in my pants no morw and am still haveing syom.  so what do ya guy think out there plz let me know some thing am going cazsy
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